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Subway Fucker Part 1

Sex game: Subway Fucker Part 1

Sex game: Subway Fucker Part 1 Sex game: Subway Fucker Part 1 Sex game: Subway Fucker Part 1

Today we'll watch young pair of lovers who look for a new sexual experience. James and Megan just adore different role games and tonight they're going to an abandoned subway line to play "the rapist" and "the victim". It will be a hot night filled of wild sex action!

Filed under: 3D, Hentai, Our games
Game Size: 9.4 MB
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290 Responses to “Subway Fucker Part 1”

  1. pierwszy

  2. balalalalal labla im #1 wooooH! balalalalal labla im #1 wooooH!balalalalal labla im #1 wooooH!

  3. numbha 2

  4. fiiiiirst

  5. I'm fourth !!!!!!!

  6. common chicks wanna play

  7. IL PRIMO...

  8. AWESOME! so much cum......

  9. hey becky if u want cum come with me

  10. what the game is it??? i want to play full version))

  11. maaaan this was awesome i can't wait for the next part^^


  13. long ass load

  14. long ass load

  15. IM 14# WOOOOOOT :)

  16. nice long load time though

  17. Stop ripping off movies and adding shitty action bars and make some fucking Meet and Fuck 0/5

  18. from the makers of the hospital scene another long-loading awesome game

  19. long ass load

  20. obviusly, is a new game, is normal, it takes long loading: thousand peolple playing with it! i just hope is nice...

  21. what the!!!!loading so slow...zzzz

  22. lol, I could not have guessed! Another ripoff! Make meet and fuck plox!

  23. it take to long to load

  24. it take to long to load

  25. it takes too long to watch because of the loading...

  26. Complete waste of fucking time its not a game clicking on prompts and watching a little movie is not a game you might as well watch a dvd and pause it now and then retard fucking programmers

  27. Saw the video from which they use the image and animation. Quite something weird, paranormal.

  28. to long load if this is going again like this i become angry. but also the game is it worth

  29. that was really weird....

  30. long ass load

  31. what the name of the movie

  32. Great game, but the load is insane. I was hoping for at least some sound this time. Either way, still entertaining.

  33. i need Sound

  34. tath game is WOW

  35. it took way to long to load

  36. awsome but long load as for the people who want M n F go fucking play one

  37. Sooo hot, makes me wanna fuck!

  38. Hey. how about actually play the game before you make a comment. faggots

  39. i really wanna fux now

  40. #5636364456363536

  41. nice but not like meet n fuck

  42. damn... to be continued???

  43. wtf longest load

  44. I'm all hard & worked up

  45. too long download

  46. it looks much like Lucky Patient. with sound it would be better

  47. it won't load buuug :'(

  48. It's long to load but What A Nice Game =P

  49. for loading that long that was worthles :(

  50. it wont load

  51. are there sound? i dont hear...

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  53. add voice, music pl

  54. paxxongoon message me baby

  55. Wows. Long load.

  56. u all sux...

  57. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........

  58. Long load and not worth it

  59. Damn... now i hunger for the next part...

  60. very good but a bit short.....

  61. aaaaaaaaaannnddd.. Ofcourse the rapist is a blackguy

  62. nice-- but needs some sound

  63. muito lento de baixa

  64. What is the name of the original animation? is a Umemaro's?

  65. This as ok, but boring, and it could have used some audio, all in one I give this 2 stars


  67. Good game...long load...

  68. 45345345465g

  69. Long ass load

  70. guys listen this is the most important info ever if the video takes to long to load eitehr something is up with ur computer / internet OR it can also mean the game is big which is prob longer then other games and better and this is both

  71. I wnat to fuck all the time

  72. this game wasnt very good. but the good news is thers more :)

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  74. Nice game rly sexy....If any girls are horny or looking for friends then add me on msn and on yahoo just look at my profile !!!! So you will find out what the adress is. I will be wait for you

  75. If any girls are horny or looking for friends then add me on msn and on yahoo just look at my profile !!!! So you will find out what the adress is. I will be wait for you

  76. yeah new stuff. lol

  77. i want to fuck a girl ! is there any horny girls who want to fuck them ???

  78. i fucked my boyfriend to this :D

  79. gawa kau ng meet n fuck

  80. man that made me have an urge to play meet n' fuck again



  83. i wanna fuk a gal

  84. long ass load

  85. this one suck

  86. yes huge dick beven bigger ego put up a different pic plz

  87. now i have to find someone for good fuck

  88. daria i wait:P add me

  89. The anime it taken from the game Suima J made by doublesoftcream

  90. man it takes too long too load

  91. man it takes too long too load

  92. i won't meet and fuck totelly spies or with spider man this is sound good

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  95. treat colds and mild hypertension.

  96. Needs sound. Really strange way to fuck tit.

  97. Hay Beckey I want to fuck you so bad! ooh and very awsome game.

  98. Damn 5 minutes and only 30 load mark shit

  99. that was REALLY HOT!!! though it's censored and no sound

  100. sucky game real fake! way too long load

  101. Long load... Hmm, not bad, but i still hope other parts will be better.

  102. chikahouhoua

  103. could have been even better with sound

  104. we want more mnf

  105. im your daddy fuck off!! you wish you had a dick like mine if you dont wanna see it dont look at it lots of girls seem to enjoy it am i right girls???

  106. Huge Dick even bigger ego

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  109. pwz suck my cock

  110. Why I'm Fast to load this game

  111. This is Rapelay right?

  112. story was confusing but overall good i wish i had someone to fuck

  113. aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  114. fucking hot! i hope she liked it

  115. girls who want to have hot cam to cam

  116. Love rape role playing. MMMMMMMM

  117. I love this game it is so hot

  118. Ripoff from Suima by Double Soft Cream. What a disappointing piece of crap...instead of trying to make original games they come up with a way to rip someone else's work off

  119. U guys r stupid about ur position!!!!!!!!

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  121. damn he just about blew the back of her head off

  122. finally got to play it, fucked up myself, im fucked with some wine and horny as hell, just msg me if you wanna cyber me out.

  123. where part 2 at

  124. good game but HA! do you idiots really think thats beckys real picture XD HA idiots

  125. fucking good fucker)))

  126. mmmmm i loved this game i can't wait for part 2

  127. Very bad game.I want Meet N Fuck not all these non-sense................

  128. ffs ppl if you want M n F so much MAKE ONE YOUR FUCKING SELF the maker of the MnF series said unless ppl stop demanding MnF instead of games then hed stop making them

  129. wtf is with the tit fuck

  130. stop stealing these 3D BSfests and start working on more origional shit (MnFs for example)

  131. Lmao. That was hot, but I was a little confused by the tit fuck part. 0.o

  132. add music


  134. not very good

  135. i want to meet that fucker

  136. any one know where 2 download Suima by Double Soft Cream??

  137. numer 1..

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  139. damn that wuz so much cum i canr wait for the next part to come!!!!

  140. he's fucking like crazy!

  141. the chick had nice tits

  142. DIVA MIZUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. MNF is also pretty much stolen and just edited.

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  149. Some of these comments makes me wonder how old some of you guys actually are. The loading takes a long time due to the filesize of 9.4 Mb. The Meet & Fuck games are by far one of the most consistently entertaining flash based game series on the internet. It is a shame that the development team doesn't focus solely on creating new games for the series.

  150. Este juego esta que aarde, lastima el tiempo de carga

  151. needs more like a sexy striptease


  153. mmmm....I'm so horny...

  154. while i was watching the game, i can feel my pussy getting wet by the minute i really want to get fucked by my boyfriend now and it will be a totally hot night

  155. do u have one??? :-)))))

  156. fuck me please.........

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  158. lame. no one fucks a tit like that.

  159. f******ing long load time

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  161. haha subway fucker ^^ funny name man~~

  162. verry good labermanilor

  163. very very good you mean

  164. all of the posters for this game are dumb....

  165. I mean ALL OF YOU...

  166. i'm waiting for part 2 impatiently

  167. Just needs sound and it will be awsome

  168. awesome game

  169. cutie u r very cute

  170. long load indeed, i'm still single i could need a lestining earan id can listen too girls

  171. bring out part 2

  172. worth the load fuckuall

  173. What a way to end.. Damnit!!

  174. i wish he cummed all over my face


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  177. this game is bad ass.. i want to play the sequel right now

  178. that sucksssss

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  181. his cock is so HUGE! mmmmm

  182. Nice Game ... So Hard

  183. just awesome please upload part 2 very quick

  184. those fuckin basards it was just gettin good 2

  185. hurry up and upload part 2

  186. good game

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  191. WTF its censored!! Bad rating

  192. What is its real name? Where can i find this movie?


  194. Compress the fuckin mb next time you make agame it'll load faster

  195. hope pt 2 is gud

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  197. my panties getting wet.....

  198. fuckin gd,, but must have had sound

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  202. when does part 2 arrive?


  204. Heyy, random question. my friend is self concience about his penis and he wants to know if its weird for it to be uncircumsized. do YOU think its weird?

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  210. total new meaning to tit fuck

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  212. kind of like mixture of M 'n' F n lucky patient. From same person?

  213. i wanna taste his cum... i hope its yammy

  214. i don't understand bondage or ruff sex, but it was a fun game

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  230. long ass load

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  239. lol if u put it fast speed the full thing is fast forward

  240. i know thats nerds play this shit

  241. What movie is this ?

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  244. damn! that was really hot

  245. It brought ma cum out of me...

  246. If any of you people are wondering what the video they used for this is called, it's Suima by Double Soft Cream. Just google the name and you can download it from a fileshare website.

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  248. It it had sound id be some much more wetter

  249. Fuck that was hot. I love all the subway fucker games. Shame they blur out bits but still hot as hell

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  257. it took way to long to load

  258. cool game but it would be better if there was sound

  259. WHAT THE HELL. Also old but good game

  260. i'm all for the sex but isn't werid that she DOESN'T FUCKING WAKE UP?!?!

  261. that tit fuck scene really got me off thats my fav forplay

  262. Nvm didn't watch before i said

  263. What is the animation names?? it is umemaro ???

  264. does anyone know the actual movie this was taken off?

  265. dis is fucking awesome I wanna cum now!

  266. the real movie is called suima

  267. takin to long to load still worth it and i need sex right now

  268. takin to long to load still worth it and i need sex right now

  269. takin to long to load still worth it and i need sex right now

  270. Sucks.No sound.It looks like a movie.

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