The Jungle Call Part 2

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Sex Game - The Jungle Call Part 2, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - The Jungle Call Part 2, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - The Jungle Call Part 2, picture 3 of 3

The chief warrior of Omoro tribe is allowed to fuck any girl he wants. And our sexy heroine Flor should not forget this rule during her search for the lost sister. In the second part of the game, Flor will be engaged into a private ceremony which more looks like an orgy.

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64 Responses to “The Jungle Call Part 2”

  1. Funny ending

  2. how do u get past the pussy rubbing part

  3. Type "river"

  4. very very very nice game :) and nice trik with the word "river"

  5. The main character is too stupid to even believe :p

  6. Good game

  7. how do u get past part where she is thinking his dick is a flower

  8. sext/text me GUYS ONLY im chololate fyi n horny!!

  9. *cough*river*cough*type it*cough*hint*cough*

  10. i liked when he put it in her ass ;)

  11. wtf the meter won't move when it's in the end

  12. I liked the game, I want someone to fuck me like that ;)

  13. I like it :)

  14. sharks games are always hot!

  15. i love these games i'd love to have naked girls like that..any offers. lol

  16. ohh nice !! i like this.. :))

  17. ima going to siek my diek in her pussy


  19. lupe ur are so hot and thats my favorate part too

  20. how to get past the scene where she finds her sister and kisses the chiefs son

  21. fuuuuunnnnnny end

  22. i'm so wet

  23. How can I pass when he puts her finger in her pussy

  24. How I enlarge my dick ?

  25. I'm wet and horny. Anybody want to fuck?

  26. im lost but ladies check my profile

  27. how do u get past part where she thinks his dick is a flower

  28. so horny.... i want some omoros to fuck me !!! and i want alice and zenza to be there aswell !!! lol

  29. again, pretty fun. loved the scenes

  30. Finally finished both parts. Shark games are difficult but worth it... and hot.

  31. I love these series!

  32. These games make me so horny. Check my profile and message me. ;)

  33. FUCK THIS GAME MAKES ME SOOO HORNEY find me on skype for free fun ladies

  34. very hot scenes!

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  36. How to beat tha part wen da women sleep n the boy playin wit here

  37. how do u get past the guy rubbin the blondes boobs?

  38. how do i get past the white guy with the native girls drinkin?

  39. i like this game >.< right aaaahh


  41. how to pass the part when the chief says dat to face towards the moon pliz answer.i couldnt cross to the end i want the ending,,, i want miss flor to get fucked,,,,plis answer how to cross

  42. i dont get it ._. >.< anyways messages? anyone (:

  43. not bad. use the hint word river

  44. I need a dildo pronto

  45. Love it !

  46. nice games!!any hottie here??

  47. Good one..

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  56. can't get passed the flower! help!!!!!!1

  57. i wanted her to get gang raped

  58. how do you get past the guy rubbing either breast or her arm? can't seem to find what is next

  59. if don't read what they say,it's hard to continue

  60. how to play

  61. loved game hmu 239 440 1261

  62. Where do i type "river"?

  63. If you get stuck on any part type RIVER anywhere on the screen

  64. i like this

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