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Ahoroa is a young handsome girl who lives on the tropical island. On one of those hot days, she've met a small company of tourists. They asked her to show them a local waterfall... Play this game and you'll know what happened next :)

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92 Responses to “Whakawai”

  1. number 1

  2. numba 2 mo fos

  3. number 3 !!!!

  4. Any cheats for the game??

  5. wow if you learn to count higher numbers you would almost be considered a moron ... what does that make you all now

  6. the solution please??

  7. moi j'ai fait le 2... enorme !!!

  8. la solution, ne pas toucher la fille brune mais la main de la blonde..^^

  9. while she is mending the net what do you do?

  10. Type hiro for hints

  11. I like these games but sometimes they need to provide some hints.

  12. the secret word is hiro =) some thanks would be greatly appreciated :P

  13. when im supposed to get the bar up to max by rubbing her shoulder then her breast, the breast doesnt work =(

  14. what a nice story!

  15. Does anyone know how to not get the bad ending cos I don't have a clue

  16. With "hiro" you find the right ending ;). There are also two bad endings. Where you at the boat or at the water fall?

  17. At the boat,once the panties are off it's game over....again

  18. A walkthrough would be helpful too,and what's this about Hiro being the secret word? WTF

  19. If you type hiro you see where you have to click. At the boat don't strip off her panties, instead you have to click on the blonde's hand.

  20. how can I pass the boat scene? I jut can remove her panties and then, bad ending, some help please!

  21. i cant get past the part where she s mendin the net it says to click on the shoulder then boob but the boob doesnt work some help plz

  22. me too heeeeelp

  23. After the fall clothes, can only touch the shoulder? Can not continue it?

  24. How do i pass the part of te boat without getting panties off cause hiro bring me to panties off

  25. I'm horny...

  26. i click her boob aand nothing happens P_P

  27. there's no good ending anyways its a part-er DAMMIT

  28. I think i got a really nice dick. If u agree add me on Msn or Skype. MSN: everyonewantsme@hotmail.de Skype: everyonewantsme I'm waiting for you on webcam ;)

  29. LOL, every "thrill" (thrill doll, thrill fuck, thrill teen etc.) is on my screen right now! Every ad is for a thrill site! Are they really THAT popular now?

  30. Hiro for hints like others have said.

  31. when they are on the boat help please

  32. nice game... check my profile

  33. this games mage me sooooooooooooooooo horny now i want a good fuck but dont have someone 2 do it is there someone out there interested in a cute and sexy stripper like me??

  34. on the boat with the cream ???????????

  35. fucking hot game!!!

  36. exellent vivement la suite

  37. at the water where ahora is kissing phil penis wut do i do next?

  38. water fall

  39. successful on part 1 good ending --watch part 2 in shark lagoon

  40. How I can pass the scene of the waterfall?

  41. type hiro for help

  42. hmmmm it make me so hot, any girlz can add me on MSN : juicyjizz@hotmail.fr , only girlz with webcam please, to have fun hot cam2cam plz kissss

  43. Boob doesnt work... help

  44. boob doesn't work? My boobs work fine! hehehe

  45. any girls on here wanna skype?

  46. thanks thomas

  47. nice job sharks lagoon! as usual!

  48. this game is very good,i love it!

  49. type hiro if you don't know what to do

  50. i luv this game, much better then poker

  51. When on the boat and your laying down it tells you to click the same area 1 and 2 but it dosent work :/

  52. sexi game. it made me rally horny

  53. sexy game,

  54. i have no idea what to do

  55. i cant get past the boat scene, how can i get past that?

  56. Can't get past where he's rubbing her shoulder. I downloaded the walkthrough, and it shows the cursor reappearing while his hand is still on her shoulder, so you can click on her breast. However, the cursor doesn't reappear for me until his hand is off her shoulder, at which point clicking the breast doesn't work. I have the pleasure bar as high as it will go from shoulder-rubbing, across his thigh. I'm going to try updating/reinstalling Flash and see if that fixes it.

  57. A-ha! It's not a bug, it's a misunderstanding of the controls. You can't just click on her shoulder; you have to click AND HOLD the mouse button on her shoulder. Once the pleasure bar is high enough, THEN release the mouse button, and you'll have the cursor while his hand is still on her shoulder, and be able to click on her breast to continue. (I was thrown off, since you didn't have to hold on her hair; you just clicked once, and the pleasure kept rising as long as the text box was there.)

  58. so why has she such a big bulge in her pants?

  59. En el bote, que se hace???

  60. check my profile

  61. yar how to download this all

  62. eltiempo decarga es una mierda

  63. nice,so hot i'm very like JB

  64. What do you do when you get to the boat partafter she touches her vj?

  65. good but too long

  66. What do you do with the sun tan lotion?

  67. how do i save the game? keep having to start from the beginning

  68. when you get to the part where she has to kiss his cock just kiss it and then click on his hand instead of clicking on the others girl hand,and to stop the girl from taking off your panties just click on the blondes hand.

  69. hey is there some lady who wants it hard with a huge one? :-p

  70. war schonmal jemand am wasserfall??? ich kann machen was ich will... ich komme da nicht hin

  71. if you're stuck just type in 'hiro'

  72. where the fuck do you type hiro? its so annoying.

  73. i can't pass boat sense pls help me

  74. boys contact me...im horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  75. i can't pass the boat part boys pls help me :] :]:]:]:}

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  85. what to do on the boat

  86. So hot sexy boob 18 let's chat

  87. Je suis bloquer au 1 apres que je lui et toucher le genoux je fait quoi svp aider moi!!

  88. How do I not get a bad ending?

  89. so you win if you get cock block not funny

  90. a good fucking game

  91. i like this gamesofdesire :)) very horny right !!:))

  92. i like this gamesofdesire :)) very horny right !!:))

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