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That's your first mass kidnaping. Today you'll get a famous russian pop group. These girls are real sex goddesses. When you've made your dirty business, then these beauties will be under your total control. Soon they'll know that your fantasy has no limits. Stip them down, enjoy the view of their sweet and defenseless bodies. Try out your favorite bondage toys and have a lot of fun with every babe.

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59 Responses to “Abduction”

  1. WOW, I would love to be fucked like that !!! Or fuck a gilr like that. I'm very into bondage and love it.

  2. mmmm..... i want to be fucked like that!!!

  3. any girl want a 10 in dick to suck on ??

  4. shit.... i'm pretty sure i couldnt handle that lmao.

  5. wtf, man?


  7. im so horny

  8. anybody want to fuck me u haved to be a girl though

  9. to all here who want to be fucked: are you really all girls or just some braincracked guys who think the can bullshit us???

  10. i em girl

  11. i_likepussy_lesbian@html(dot)com add me girls and boys

  12. jkhgglş

  13. 暘墂坑判火千竹竹芳卉另

  14. ok, anyone here know the name of the song? or are you guys too busy beeing fucking pervs :)

  15. Mmm. The whole torture thing seems so hot.

  16. who wants to fuck

  17. yeah.. im with you on that.. i've been trying to figure out the name of the song by looking through the sources, but still no luck... would be really appreciated if someone can tell me this song... its a really hot song.. -=)

  18. i want my boobs to b sucked

  19. yeah, i wanted to know the name of the song. can anyone help me, please?

  20. i have a big mouth & tongue, & also a 15"er.

  21. Anyone who know the song ?

  22. where can i find part 2 ?

  23. how do get past the van? serieusly im stuck as fuck

  24. anyone wanna get fucked

  25. Any girls add me up... ill do whatever u want. ladys_man_101@hotmail.co.uk

  26. This game is sick... I LOVE IT...

  27. i'm 13 but have nice coc want to suck it anyone

  28. Согласен естественно :) Для меня это точно очень актуально :)

  29. is there any bady want to be fucked hardly

  30. I loved the blonde rape

  31. how do i play this? it doesn't work

  32. i can see intro only

  33. yeah i dont get how to play it. i can only see the intro

  34. what do u do once she in the van?

  35. sex love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. very good!O yeah

  37. this game is cool

  38. this is fucking stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  40. i do not know what to do in the van i am stuck...

  41. I love this game the whole torture chamber, getting fucked till it hurts is SO hot!

  42. anyone know how to get it to start it's not working???

  43. anyone know how to get it to start it's not working???

  44. cant get the game to start im stuck on the wt pussy presents part

  45. cant get the game to start im stuck on the wt pussy presents part

  46. This is very wrong

  47. what to do in the van i am soo really stuck at that! please someone help

  48. how do you get past the intro? it wont work!!!!!!!!!

  49. when you are in the van just click on the window

  50. i clicked and nothing happened

  51. i clicked and nothing happened THE SAME PROBLEM

  52. Whats the name of this song!!! Its so wonderfully done! Please someone help us find out, who made this song and whats it called and whos the woman singing it! We'd love it ALOT if you could help! If it helps I am thinking the words are in russian so yea... Thanks! :-)

  53. This I don't know how to play? That woman tied after he don't know how to play, who can help me, I want to play until the last!

  54. how do you get past the undress part??

  55. my dick is 23 kg

  56. I wanna get fucked like that. lucky girls and boys

  57. loved the idea...but a i need to feel some cocks... lol

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  59. Awesome!!!

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