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Wonderful morning! Your neighbor has gone to the job and his sexy wife stayed home alone :) This bitch never tells him how's good to suck and ride your huge dick. She will keep silence, because she won't be disgraced. Use her beautiful body once again. And hurry up! Her husbie will cooming soon :)

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326 Responses to “Bang My Neighbor's Wife”

  1. Тупые америкосы хехехехе

  2. ХАХАХА....Жжешь MaD....

  3. 로딩긴거치곤 짧군

  4. Que Lixo!!!

  5. sucked like hell

  6. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  7. that game sucked

  8. This game is terrible, dammit.

  9. we want meet and fuck

  10. instead of complaining how bout giving them ideas for new meet n' fuck

  11. takes forever to load.....

  12. It's ok... I guess.

  13. kim i luv u

  14. kim ineed ur pussy

  15. I need pussy so bad right now

  16. ok this didn't made me wet

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  18. you should all go larping

  19. this game is shit loads to long and to lietel to do

  20. ако можеш да прочетеш това значи си българин или българка

  21. Where did blood heart go? wanted to play it again ....

  22. Shit, didn´t get me wet at all. This sucks. Damn I need a dick right now.

  23. takes so long to load and it was so stupid game :D

  24. u nigers

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  26. Хахаха, отжег!!

  27. takes hell long to load

  28. you guys are faggots go fucking suck some dicks....i wouldn't wanna bang any of you if the fate of the world was at stake

  29. need sounds

  30. oh you can have me if you want ;)

  31. shit!!!!

  32. ill fuck you right now kim

  33. ill fuck you right now kim

  34. To quickly improve the quality of a game...ADD SOUND!!! No interaction plus no sound equals no good.

  35. To easy game

  36. there should be a meet n fuck new neighbors

  37. this was shit

  38. takes 4ever 2 load

  39. Shut up about meet n fuck already. The reason you like them is because they're of good quality. It takes time to make them like that though, so deal with it.

  40. loading takes too long. its not ok

  41. Needs some audio

  42. `piece of shit

  43. ЛяЛяляЛяЛяЛяЛя!!!

  44. considering this game is offered for free........... count your blessings......... you can't expect them to be perfect!

  45. stupid gane but its ok a little

  46. disappointing

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  48. fucking stupid! this game is lame i want meet and fuck

  49. the new meet and fuck should be meet and fuck Best Friends Mom

  50. To the person who asked about Bloodheart, the admin of this site pulled it because they didn't have the author's permission to post it.

  51. the new meet and fuck should be ina water park

  52. this game sucks...............

  53. it's a nice game but too easy

  54. when could I play the new meet 'N' fuck game how long do they need for the new game

  55. Jesus you fucks. They made a new meet n fuck last week

  56. u guys are wasted


  58. qiere culiar

  59. Seriously, one of the worst games ever published by GoD. Takes forever to load, the girl is ugly and there is nothing new in the game, whatsoever... GoD, stop wasting time making these crap stories, when you have proved that you can do a lot better than this.

  60. lol... piece of crap

  61. im hungry for pussy

  62. y does it takes years to load

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  65. I speak now, This site is slow, please update to a new host...

  66. meh i have played better, didnt even turn me on

  67. fuckin long load!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. 1 million years later X_X (dead)

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  71. opet ja krvo sam procitao ipak je oblacna

  72. ZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzZZZZZ -_-

  73. I dunno but this was ok to me

  74. any lesbos wanna play with me?

  75. god this game takes so long to load they should really make a new meet n fuck game those are much beter

  76. dumb. sound?

  77. r u guys FUCKING RETARDED how many times do we have to tell you we want more meet n fuck

  78. you are amazing silvercloud

  79. need someone 2 fuck my wet pussy

  80. ill fuck u sexy

  81. they probably made this while making the new meet and fuck you know to keep us occupied ;]

  82. I think it's a laaaameeeee game ..........there is nothin in it............wasted my time for loading though......

  83. this game sucks like shit

  84. that was lame!!!!!! Like fucking lame!!!

  85. you should do a four some meet and fuck


  87. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That sucked alot of ass

  88. for all those whining bout meetn fuck games. if you really want things to speed up if you have nay helpful computer skills you have that would help them make them and fucking hep don't go i want a new meet n fuck game i want a new meet and fuck game! if you want something done do something about then don't whine or complain about it and doing nothing!

  89. This game fucking sucks this game just funcking sucks don't play this game guys it fucking sucks

  90. That was so fucking lame.

  91. long load 4 a short ass game

  92. sucks and the replay button doesn't work

  93. why i would want to replay is a mystery to even myself

  94. i say it should b in the hood and you fuck more than one person and at the end you get prizes like in hentai bliss on newgrounds now that was a good game

  95. yall no the guy who made this made meet n fuck

  96. anyone wanna fuck? i wouldnt mind doing something some time

  97. ur all complaining when some people goto sites where they pay for these games, and you no wat!, it takes ages to make these games, usually takes month and a half but these guys are fast, ur all really lucky!

  98. They should have put in different choices. That would have been easy to do and added a little interaction to the game.

  99. I would Katelyn!

  100. Next to comment has a short penis

  101. worst game ever

  102. This is an excellent site with remarkable talent and collaboration (or else there is only one developer covering many sites). Surely, for the plethora of detractors out there, there are other porn sites to keep your troglodydic fingers busy while you await another post-rennaisance creation from these good folk. To wit...Chill!

  103. Ok in responce to anonymous, How about we do one for the working man. That's right the new age old fantasy of doing the intern! "simple huh?' can you believe i never worked a day in my life lol. If you agree give me a Skidoosh

  104. melamin is taste good~~~!!! fuck you!! americans we are great chinese

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  106. how disapointing man it needs more 2 it

  107. how disapointing man it needs more 2 it

  108. Honestly, I don't see why everyone thinks this sucks. Sure, it wasn't really a 'game'. It was more of an 'at your own pace' hentai movie; If you like titfucks, you can focus on that part of it longer, or the blowjobs, or fingering her pussy and making her moan. Plus, I think the drawing was quite nice -- cute glasses and a nice body! The only extra I might have asked for was a choice between pussy and ass fucking. So stop whining about meet 'n fuck!

  109. This game sucks

  110. long load time but a ok game

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  120. fuck you!this game is a piece of shitty crap!

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  122. waste of fuckin time but im underage!!!

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  124. this is CRAP! didnt even get me a boner >:| bullshit!

  125. why not make a meet and fuck where you go to a gay bar and pick up a female waitress?

  126. somebody whant a slave im free..

  127. I whant !!!

  128. it not bad at all, good animation its just that there is only one to choose thats made it boring....... hoping that verygood game to come for XMAS....lolo

  129. We want Meet' and Fuck! Im not a pervert like u retards tho.

  130. This Game sucks its so boring. 0.1


  132. this shit sucks

  133. this sucks, you have no interaction at all.

  134. Well-animated, at least....

  135. fuck me..

  136. Who ever made this should rot in shithole.

  137. hot girls email me...

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  139. its a good start, animation was pretty good i thought

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  143. al you little faggots are probably in middle school...stop saying you need pussy because you probably haven't even gone through puberty yet...god damn

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  161. o my god takes forever to load! I WATNT MORE MEET N FUCK

  162. that game really sucked!!

  163. Really this game is not so bad but some critics are needed: 1)No sound 2)No real interaction 3)Ugly girl Anyway it is ok

  164. lmfao that ggame sucked

  165. this was so not worth the time it took to load it.

  166. is this what a rapest does wow this sucked

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  172. LAME. This is really boring, and no sound!

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  179. (Silenced)

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  185. play again button doesn't work!!!!!!!! too short

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  192. Animation is good at least... Not much of choice what to do or how.

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  212. Gets boring realllly quickly!

  213. Gets boring realllly quickly!

  214. That game REALLY SUCKS!!! Takes sooooooo long to load, and lasts for not even a your time for better games!

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  245. hate it wen ppl add comments and fuckin writin in a fuckin different language..... like write some fuckin english or dont fuckin comment at all MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  267. It Was Crapy

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  270. Even Meet N Fuck sucks because you can't lose. I haven't seen a good sex game yet.

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  289. the new meet and fuck should be about raping.. don't you think?

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  291. too short ,sucked

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  294. hey meet n fuck creators, love your work, what about a meet n fuck rape or meet n fuck voyeur game? Great games, make me wet every time, thanks!!!!

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  299. this is too boring

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  303. GOddamn long loading

  304. wow stfu about MnF its good but u guys are really anoying. -_-

  305. I have to admit, that game did suck....Anyone wanna play the reak game with a real girl? ;]

  306. i wish the game was much longer

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  312. can anyone tell me what animation this is from?

  313. I thumb up the animation in this game. The game it self is ok too I'm just -raises shoulders- about it.

  314. this game is awesome . it made me wet... but its too short... but fucking hot

  315. men ! it took ages to load ! >

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