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The title of the game speaks for itself, so if you are interested in that kind of stuff then go ahead, nobody's gonna judge you ;)

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60 Responses to “Bleach Futa”

  1. i am first

  2. i am first

  3. Cool new porn game -

  4. this is old. good but old

  5. I want to be the girl

  6. Very sexy!

  7. As the raptor already mentioned, this has been out for a while. I guess its new to this site, though. Its definitely one of my all-time favorites.

  8. i am last

  9. Hey Guys, whose dat girl with a... crimson hair...?

  10. Potassium watch the Anime Bleach there are all 3 include. Btw. this game is rly old!

  11. who has bigger boobs

  12. I heard some sound like in League : arhi ? or fiora ?

  13. Fiora maybe?

  14. fuck very good

  15. Uhhh... I dont rly watch Bleach but... I rly need 2 know whose dat girl with a crimson hair... Dats all I ask 4.

  16. Potassium, It's Haineko, Matsumoto's Zanpakuto.

  17. Thnx 4 da answer, blank.

  18. well this is interesting

  19. i think i'll give this...uhhh...further investi---ah fuck it i fap to it

  20. Any lover porn this is my kik SonOfBlooD add me and lest enjoy bb

  21. his isn't a game... it's an animation. One that lacks a preloader, so it can start playing when this sites logo is still there. Very by the numbers "guy with mammaries" male genital worship at that :P (very well made as a whole though) So yeah, very standard cardboard "bucket" female character abuse, along with oversized male junk worship. Also, this site prolly has one of the worsts comment monitoring things I've ever seen. Gives 0 guidelines, blocks any 18+ words, despite being a 18+ site. Totally makes sense xD Overall nothing wrong with it. Just wish it wasn't the only thing done m...

  22. ...most the time. But yeah, it just has some girl being used by some dudes that happen to be selfish with oversized junk. With repetitive, high pitched voices.

  23. that was really hot

  24. damn even though they got dicks they still would be hot just like tila tequila if u remember dat !

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  26. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  28. It is not a game. But still hot

  29. GoooooD!!! More, More, More!!!

  30. They're as rough as men! (-:

  31. I swear I cum so hard everytime I c this!

  32. love this fuck

  33. I'd love to try one of them. Never saw a girl with a cock! It would be sweet if she had a pussy too.

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  36. So Sexyyyy!!

  37. wow hello

  38. mmm this was hot

  39. omg this so sexy ooooh fuck meeee

  40. I LOVEN IT

  41. It`s been almost a year since I watch this animation...

  42. Z you wanna touch my tits and bobbies or everybody just someone fuck me

  43. sex yeah....

  44. who wants sex?

  45. is the bottom of this comment section full of kids i swear to god no one else would do this

  46. Why is this best of all times on this website?

  47. sooooooo sexy

  48. its cool

  49. I wanna get fucked too!

  50. love it so much!

  51. i am gonna fuck this girl

  52. i am gonna fuck this girl

  53. This is so old....

  54. i fucking love this video

  55. ??????????

  56. i like it but it took for ever

  57. lol thats ahri's deathsound

  58. why the fuck is there background noises

  59. i would like to fuck like that

  60. very nice and sexy I like it

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