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This small adult flash game is featured with Blossom of The PowerPuff Girls. There are two poses one a missionary the other a blowjob. Also you can choose where do you like to cum inside or outside. Enjoy!

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50 Responses to “Blossom's Bedroom”

  1. old game...kinda hot though

  2. Kinda funny since blossom is a child , they made her in to a cute adult though :) Sexy! !!! :P

  3. Kinda funny since blossom is a child , they made her in to a cute adult though :) Sexy! !!! :P

  4. booooringggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg, do you now where could i find porn images or good games

  5. Newgrounds Has Some Pretty Hot Sex Games Or Flash Movies :) just search porn images or adult images :)

  6. my god she's ugly my eyes burn when i see her face oh and this is not hot it's disturbing

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  8. Not soo good

  9. ouch... my childhood hurts :/

  10. Hey crazy jade.....your profile shows nothing but website links. you must be pretty desperate needing to put that shit up.

  11. ookamigirl looks like a desperate scammer too.

  12. girls hit me up

  13. this site gets lamer each fucking day, who the hell jackoffs to child porn, you fucking pedos go fuck a woman

  14. Considering Blossom (and all the powerpuff girls) are children, I think this one might need a flag. :/

  15. someone wants to fuck on webcam

  16. Im horny ... This Doesn't work for me though :L

  17. Hey girls check my profile

  18. this was pretty lame, didn't turn me on at all

  19. Lame... If you want real action check my profile

  20. well done! =)

  21. buuuuuuu !!!! lol

  22. so stupid


  24. ure childhood is broken but sort of not in a way for this game show that they grew up like any normal child would and are now having sexual intercourse and now make baby's. Which could mean they made little super heroes! cool huh? And this game should not be flagged or booed on this site for a game like this is one of the best than any of the other shit on it and they are grown up now. Plus you can customize who you want to fuck in the options plus there is a gallery which is a great add-on. So please stop arguing and just masturbate for fuck sake that's why we are all on this website anyways ...

  25. you can zoom in on this game to see her sucking closer!

  26. The music is very annoying :(

  27. Maybe you shouldnt do anything for awhile..maybe past -10


  29. nice cumshot:)

  30. i wanna fuck to @horny. maybe someone older tho

  31. old game but worth play please click link in my profile

  32. oh yum ive always thought PPGs are sexy. Lookin for a guy to pop ma cherry,and no im not a spam-ho

  33. Mmm blossom has hot hips and tits ;) love those

  34. what the fuck is this shit really you got to use a little kids show thats so pathetic

  35. its cool check my profile so we can play in real

  36. more positions would be nice

  37. did you know buttercup is a lesbian with trixy tang

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  39. It's and okay game not the best

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  41. Iam very uneasy,my love,at receiving no news of you.

  42. okay game

  43. thats hot

  44. thats hot

  45. good game music just annoying

  46. nice moaning:)

  47. check my profile and ill play on cam

  48. hit me up on my profile for pleasure

  49. don't do anything until she is at -10 lol hehe ;)

  50. alguiern de habla hispana

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