Charm Point Part 1

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Porn Game - Charm Point Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Charm Point Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Charm Point Part 1, picture 3 of 3

Do you like huge juicy melons? Yeah... me too :) Our new girlfriend has really impressive breasts. Come on and touch them! She loves when men play with her heavy milk boobies. Squeeze them, Tease them, Grab them. And don't forget about her wet little pussy :)

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166 Responses to “Charm Point Part 1”

  1. fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirst

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  3. secoooond

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  7. seveeeeeeeeeenth

  8. this shit sucks hard.

  9. I've already played this game!!! It's not NEW!!!

  10. ULTRA LAME GAME. Just wasted 5 min of my life

  11. this game is NICE

  12. เราโหลดแปบเดียวเอง

  13. this game suks

  14. I've played at this game long time ago... -.-

  15. This game sucks....*yawn* (>

  16. This game is here because it is.

  17. What is she, a cow? That's disgusting, she's a fucking sieve...

  18. hmmm it`s ok but we need more MEET'N'FUCK

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  21. FUCK OFF

  22. that sucked

  23. part 1? oh cant wait to be disappointed for part 2

  24. not the worst, at least better than all this holio shit

  25. I've seen this before.....

  26. what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!how come at the end, it stops after you fuck her with the dildo and all that happens is the pussy is cumming??


  28. too much fuckin clicking

  29. this game is fucking shit

  30. nice graphics, but kind of lame game play

  31. music from m'n'f

  32. never seen a dildo need meet an fuck

  33. the chick wasn't hot enough to make this game good.

  34. you put up the 2 one now!!

  35. Dude wtf, this game is got off from one of the Japanese H-game, where you can play with 3 girls, she's just only one of it

  36. Problem is, Meet 'n' Fuck games are copying music from others.

  37. Boring but the titties rocked dude

  38. Gayest shit i ever seen

  39. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT no sounds yo and this is wierd

  40. no scream or mount man

  41. Its ok For next game, have some sound and less clicking. The graphics are good but ev'rytime I touch my girl's pussy, she doesn't cum. So next time have less wait time between clicks and less clicks. i feel like my finger ran a track meet.

  42. The grafics of this game combined with met'n'fuck gameplay would be the perfekt hentai game

  43. mmmm the sexy girl

  44. game was alright i guess....

  45. hmm i wonder what part 2 will b like lol

  46. Ive played this game before.......could have done it a bit better


  48. anyone want to get sucked off?

  49. k so this has been up before but with two other chicks but it never had text i don't think so u used the same thing but added text and took two of the girls out so i don't know if this was a mistake but these game has been on here before

  50. Game Good d na -*-

  51. She likes a caw. It was milk???????????????????????

  52. lamesauce

  53. This game is shit, big disgusting fuckuing game, for pigs and cows.

  54. gooodddd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. If you don't want these morons saying it's boring add some sound effects for the girl

  56. Looks like they are breaking this thing down into parts :/ If anyone wants to play the full game without the annoying MnF music its at hornygamer dot com /adult-games/college-sluts dot html

  57. SukS............. give me games web here email me !

  58. This was hot. Love her big tits. Too bad there was no sound. Other than that sweet!

  59. .....this sucks

  60. There was no sound but it was cool!

  61. this game is not bad the music is cool but from MnF

  62. awesome game!

  63. Nah this is just crap

  64. 14 yr old male add me ;)

  65. its ok -.-

  66. 안녕 하이 ㅋㅋ

  67. that was lame

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  70. to fuckin boring.... more games like college fuck

  71. this game suck

  72. great game

  73. AU TOP!!!!

  74. Why are there hookers danceing on my computer?!

  75. dis game is fucking shit

  76. kantutan tayo!!!

  77. ok who is not under 25 here lol

  78. well im guessing you, rico1212

  79. you idiot meet'n'fuck fans its an meet'n'fuck production you guys don't even know your own games?! :S if they change the name to meet'n'fuck charm point would that change your minds and get aroused?pathetic

  80. always the same body music bouncing tits same eyebrows same ah aaahh aaaahhh... very easy to create a new meet'n'fuck game thats why there is a new one around i'm not a meet'n'fuck fan still i admire the stories and answers you might answer very funny haha

  81. hentaikey games and zone-archive membership are the best i know that coz i'm a flash graphic designer myself they always change the shape the ass the pussy meet'n'fuck games are always the same thing such a lack of graphics but its your own style of game meet'n'fuck fans enjoy ( ^_^' ) lol

  82. What the F_cking Shet!

  83. Good for a distraction

  84. i got to go piss

  85. rip off of another game


  87. i want to suck th

  88. suck them tits

  89. quit fun

  90. takes... so... long... to... LOAD!!!

  91. i played it too but in jap and had more scence

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  95. I find it amazing that people still demand MnF when it has only been released a few days ago...

  96. stupid game

  97. you idiot meet'n'fuck fans its an meet'n'fuck production you guys don't even know your own games?! :S if they change the name to meet'n'fuck charm point would that change your minds and get aroused?pathetic again and again

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  99. Fucking game it stuck after you sinish with the dildo

  100. YAWN -_-

  101. the music is great.. where can i download it from ?

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  105. that was a nice game! I loved the music lol

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  107. I want the time I took to play this game BACK NOW!

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  110. it's just crad!!

  111. IT kinda takes a long time to load

  112. What the music

  113. its a bit like meet n fuck,, I love it

  114. boriiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!!! but i like meet 'n' fuck

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  134. when will the next 1 coming?

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