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A little hentai game in which you are going to fuck a cheerleader girl called Lena. There is no foreplay or sweet talk in the bedroom, you just get straight to the deed. During the game you can use a few interactive options which help you to fuck her hard and full up pleasure meter.

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103 Responses to “Cheerleader Fuck”

  1. good good

  2. mui caliente

  3. no sound:(

  4. Uhh, okay I guess. Not much to it. Check the profile.

  5. Quite nice

  6. press space bar :)

  7. hmmmm i could relate lol

  8. i fuckin love this game

  9. pretty good

  10. all u ppl wit ur small 2in diks who got no lifes get on here

  11. To bad you can't do a titi fuck. :P

  12. i cummed in my face

  13. Put some sound to this one!

  14. How is it that no matter how many times you cum on her, her breasts never get hit? Left it running for a while, she's a mess, but those tits are perfectly clear... o.O

  15. why did they disable the link in the corner? that just really seems like a d*ck move to me cause it's a great game an I think the creators deserve those extra hits for games of desire use using their game.

  16. @Eggplants; uh.....the one in the bottom left? Works fine for me....just can't understand a word of it. Can't read jap.. :P

  17. Why is the Games of desire logo in the preloader? This game has been around for months

  18. press space to cum press x to increase arousal and z to reduce :P

  19. damn, nice, pity there's no sound, and the censoring isnt very effective. so why bother censoring at all... but damn.... nice. i love the faces she makes when all she's all hot XD

  20. A girl from the anime Heroman quite nice game

  21. i love when girls are covered with cum...... oh im so horny i masturbate myself for the last 4 days and i dont cum yet.... any girl wants to help me??

  22. press space many times to see her covered with cum.....i wish i was her

  23. great... check my profile

  24. ets a little boring after a while maybe add another where your exploits with her ended up getting her pregnant and make a game where you can have sex with her and maybe have the option of being able to change what size her belly also maybe have a meter that tells if your fucking will cause her to give birth and maybe have a cut scene there but that's not the end of the game you can keep on going or make it so instead of a cut scene she giving birth and can maybe have some birthing sex also i think oral and breast fucking so have been an option also you should be able to cover her breasts wit...

  25. needs sound

  26. I liked it. I found the manual mode to be really sexy, since I could control his speed and depth. Sad that there was no sound, but good overall.

  27. I love a game where you can control everything. This was just sexy all around.

  28. what a lucky girl

  29. One of the best games I've played all year.

  30. decensored better

  31. what happen to posting games every day? Like Wtf

  32. um.... what is this coko haha but still its great i guess i am relly horney all this stuff iam seeing can some one help me?

  33. gay as hell ooh faced

  34. uhmmmmm cum all over my body

  35. How To download This Game.?

  36. mmm, all that cum all over her pretty face.. i love those roll plays, and cheerleader is just one of the many i love to do!

  37. not very good

  38. hey girls if you like to role play check out my profile and add my msn and we can have some fun;) im 17 male and im always on and horny;) girls only!

  39. She look so deliriously happy after a while. More games should have that.

  40. waaaaaaagoood

  41. Back from vacation. ! add me :) MSN ADD: Skype ADD: everyonewantsme

  42. it reminds me of my school days:)

  43. That was hot!!!

  44. I wish she was a guy

  45. how can I download it

  46. check my profile for my info ... im fucking horny here now ... :D

  47. check my profile for my info ... im fucking horny here now ... :D

  48. What is this?

  49. I don`t like this!

  50. Damm, I cum just over her sluty face

  51. At other locations this game is at, the link is much easier to read in the bottom left corner. pochi x fc2

  52. needs blowjob option

  53. How to download?

  54. Wow she has cum all over her after i was done playing.

  55. man i would LOVE to get fuck like that ! im from vegas! hahaha

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  58. good good

  59. i'd love to get fucked like that

  60. some good animation but not a very good game...

  61. This blondie is so cute ! I would like to fuck her in this position with my huge black cock ...

  62. check my profile

  63. damn, i need to fuck a girl just like that. any girls wanna listen tome jack off and cum? call me 559-309-4016. girls only

  64. mmmmm i wanna get my holes filled too


  66. So good of a game, Wish I could get fucked as hard as that.

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  68. if you need real pleasure on cam hit me up on my PROFILE

  69. it made me wet but needs sound

  70. heroman's never looked so good

  71. this is what i consider to be a GREAT game. no stupid story, not dumb puzzles. just sex:)

  72. Hello Girls,look at my Profile.

  73. Pretty limited, but it was okay, I guess.

  74. Eh this is from HeroMan o.o The guy fucking the girl is Joey and the girl is Lina

  75. real good game

  76. press space

  77. this is from an anime called Heroman, done by Stan Lee

  78. Wow I wish I could cum that much and keep going >.

  79. oh, man, this made me so wet...I want to get fucked like that...

  80. Oh hahaha. I kept doing her and instead of smiling, she was crying.

  81. this game is fucking sweet

  82. i want to be fucked like that.. many cum

  83. Damnit. Needs fucking sound. To much pussy to take the sound a way. I fucking cummed myself while is was playing the cheerleader sex. Its so goddamn funny to see the man cum all over her and she doesnt care. PEACE OUT LUCKY BASTERDS!

  84. God I love Heroman. Nice to know I'm not the only one here whos seen it :3

  85. wow that is so hot makes me so horny

  86. space bar

  87. Just needs sound....i get so horny to this even without it :)

  88. hey daria, wanna go in bed with me? add me on msn and we can meet somewhere private ;)

  89. Press Space

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  91. very nice games..!!i like a horny pussy...! :))

  92. I want to fuck her so bad. Needs Sound. This was the best game ive ever played

  93. Who wants to be fucked?

  94. who wants to be fucked?

  95. i pressed space and he cum more than 5 times in 10 sec ;)

  96. super fuck

  97. How many years is she?

  98. Oh yeah babes verry sex

  99. Let talking with me

  100. You wan to fuck with me

  101. much better if she is moaning

  102. I Love it

  103. This game gets a 10/10

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