College Life Part 2

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Porn Game - College Life Part 2, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - College Life Part 2, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - College Life Part 2, picture 3 of 3

Another story of college life and hot sex. Help one lucky student to seduce his sexy classmate and get into her pants. Enjoy!

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109 Responses to “College Life Part 2”

  1. Oh look, part 2

  2. this is so good i love this SH*T

  3. so himla bra i like this

  4. awesome i love this game it tollally awesome

  5. She takes her clothes off only to put them back on to take them off again?

  6. Was alright, and yeah the getting naked, getting dressed, get naked was a little jarring. Either way, still looked good, and I liked the sound. Check my profile maybe we can re-enact it :P

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  10. suck, i dnt play this shit the read historical fact, i play it to pull my pork

  11. game was good, apart from the remembering history stuff :P check me out guys and gals

  12. wasnt Lincoln elcted in march of 1961?

  13. Woah, love this game. I love History and I love Hentai :P Perfect! :P

  14. the guy puts his penis in an inch wtf?

  15. I admire works of Japan. Hentai is AWSOME!!

  16. dreidz i love your ass

  17. Not bad. I wish instead of "Hard" they had a "Deep" option, but for what it was, I enjoyed it.

  18. this one was a little more promising than the previous game i played i look forward to that one game that leaves me stunned

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  24. too many historical scene was hot though

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  26. Any girl wanna help me with my studies?? :P

  27. Skip all the historical facts. You can Google the answers much quicker than reading it all.

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  30. Kinda laughed at the part, Undress her, then when your about to fuck her, she got cloths again?

  31. For everone who keeps asking "Why'd she get undressed then dressed again?" it is a clear answer. The guy has a school-girl fetish.

  32. Everyone*

  33. Sweet game I love that game it was so sweet move game like that plzs

  34. lol, i andwered all the questions right :p

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  36. good sound effects:)

  37. Very good games... beaty hentay....

  38. love the game...and the music when they fuck is good too:P


  40. i'm a newbie, and i gotta say this game is amazing, and this site is amazing.

  41. i like the music at the end and they always say knowledge is power

  42. FAck yous

  43. ugh, too much thinking, i got all soft trying to remember all the facts.. thank goodness for notepad!! ladies send me an email for some history free fun (on profile)

  44. I'm Korean korea 4ever~!!

  45. history sucks:)

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  52. mmm, turned me on really bad.. nice graphics, test wasn't that easy, but worth paying attention.. really liked the position they fucked in

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  54. wow whoever made this last question was wrong. they think president lincoln was elected on november 6, 1860. He was sworn in March duh

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  56. I like. This. Fucking. Game

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  60. hot stuff- questions were a bit annoying, but all in all, not bad. any girls wanna listen to me jack off and cum? call me 559-309-4016, girls only.

  61. the history was difficult but the chat/interaction could have been more demanding. don't know if the series is going any further but it is quite interesting to follow

  62. fuck all pussies here.

  63. fuck all pussies here.

  64. It was alright, kind of short though. Questions were really easy too.

  65. I find it strange that she was naked, then she put on clothes to fuck, then she took them off again

  66. looking nice but kinda easy and linear

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  69. WTF??? You mispelled "Studyin" ans the game was cheap ass, where it makes you fkin start over because you miss ONE question.

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  72. the best way to learn history

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  74. overall an incredibly short game made tediously long by watching text appear one character at a time with no ability to skip through it

  75. Shet damn it I love this game . . .


  77. oh i dont really know a lot bout sex but dis one is good it made me horny...anyone wants to teach me??

  78. crap i love this shit

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  85. Akward..Sex scene but other then that good.

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  98. a bit short but nice

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  106. good game but she takes off her clothes only to put them back on then take them back off, ummm ok? but still nice scenes

  107. nice game i . i like these .

  108. nice game . i like these ... educational and rewarding :-P

  109. why you like this game -_-?

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