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We know that not everyone can afford a maid. Especially good if she is wildly sexy! The heroe of the game is very lucky and has a chance to hear how delicious asian maid moans while her pussy is banged.

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83 Responses to “Delusion”

  1. pretty good

  2. FIRST!!! Eat this!!!!

  3. darn too late :S

  4. wow ! that was hot!

  5. Really like the girl. great sex scenes.

  6. Wow nice game :-D

  7. VERY FUN!

  8. VERY FUN!

  9. B BB B boring

  10. you know your cool when you fall at geting first on a porn game

  11. very sexy game!!

  12. love the ending ^-^

  13. I'm horny

  14. Great graphics, good music, lousy plot, terrible dialogue.

  15. I'm so hot and please myself with this!!!!


  17. he cummed 3 times in a row... awesome!

  18. buttons and controls to animate content he found elsewhere... It's lame and people like it...

  19. not bad of a game, 2.5/5 gamesofdesire, be grateful SOMETHING doesn't suck on this site

  20. would be much more better with some voices in it.

  21. Nice game :)

  22. that was so lame

  23. Wow. It appears someone is trying to leave a thoughtful rating, besides me. Good going, anonymous person. At least people are TRYING to grow brains around here. Regardless, my qualms here are mostly with the dialogue. The dialogue seemed more like something wrung through google translate than a conversation between a man and wife. Game itself was rather glitchy, and not exactly fun. 3/10.

  24. my dick now is so hard

  25. this was hot! looks like I need to find a nice, good maid ;)

  26. lucky girl mmm

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  31. what japanese animation is this from?

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  33. good,i like it,got any another game like this?

  34. good graphics

  35. Great graphics...very sexy game!!

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  40. Nice Game

  41. It is so good!

  42. "Do you want me to use the force"... hahahahaha...

  43. not good

  44. Fuck me pussy poppin

  45. Bom jogo!

  46. good game!!!

  47. fabulous game, love Asians, so hot MORE PLEASE.x

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  59. Can you speak chinese?

  60. Good. Pretty girl. My favorite. but... Kevin, please use condom. Melissa, please put white socks.

  61. needs a replay button

  62. how to play this game?

  63. I approve of this game. Please post 'another one'

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  70. im 18 years old

  71. lol.....twist endin xD

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