Desire and Submission Part 1

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Sex Game - Desire and Submission Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Desire and Submission Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Desire and Submission Part 1, picture 3 of 3

Alancy has just married Florian who is the Count of Malfort. From now on she will live at his castle, where he reigns supreme, this in spite of his frequent absences. He sets the rules for life in the castle, and enforces them with the help of Martin, the domain's overseer, and Li-Ann, a young lady who functions as the head of the housekeeping staff. Florian is deeply in love with Alancy and will try to make her into a submissive woman ready for any and all experiences.

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178 Responses to “Desire and Submission Part 1”

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  4. finally a sharks-lagoon game! thanks a lot

  5. nice game but long loading

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  19. Bad game, too much clicking to have to do

  20. could be better

  21. walkthrough

  22. waited tooooooo longggggg for this

  23. how do you get past the bit with the cane

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  31. To get past cane, keep spanking her and rubbing her til she says stop, then click on guys pocket

  32. need a walkthrough

  33. already stuck at the start when your touching her, where after the pussy?

  34. Excellent game... even tho I played it all the way thru and lost and have got to start all over again! Loved it when Li-Ann squirts thru her panties! If you are stuck, you don't need a walkthrough... just type my name! LOL!!!

  35. how do you get out of the scene with the girl rubbing the pussy of the other girl?

  36. not that great and to much talking and clicking

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  41. how to pass at rubbing the pussy ?

  42. Just type "spank" and you get and it points you to where you need to click on next.

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  51. type 'spank' if you don't know what to do next

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  55. im stuck at punishment tell me how to get past plz the part u spank her

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  58. where is the code ???

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  67. where do i click after the servant rubs her belly?

  68. i don't like this game at all. it really sucks ass.

  69. nice!!! a bondage sharks-lagoon game

  70. already played on the sharks-lagoon home page....but still love their games :D...check profile ;D

  71. how do i play it wen she on the bed

  72. How in the hell do you get past the basement and whip?? I'm stuck!!!! Can anyone help

  73. how do you get passed the whipping

  74. already stuck at the whipping, how to pass ?

  75. So where abouts is the 'decision' that means you get the bad ending? I've played through a couple of times and it always ends the same, what am I missing?!?

  76. nice...a bit boring but nice

  77. Does anyone know how he spends his part that he is sticking with the whip?

  78. goodgames

  79. I need help, i am at the part where Li Ann is rubbing A's pussy, where do i got from there?

  80. how do iget past the whip

  81. Can someone whrite the code in the end!? Its for part 2! It begins with a A or an M, can't remember!

  82. i dont understand, what am i supposed to do? shes playing w/ her pussy but thats about as far as i got...noithjing is happening!!!!

  83. nice game

  84. HOw do you get past the begining

  85. Right, if you type 'spank' it tells you what to click next... Could anyone help me by telling me how I avoid the 'bad' ending?

  86. when you spank her in his office, when she tells you to stop, click on his pocket to get the butt-plug

  87. how do u get past whipping in basement

  88. thats so good

  89. very hot game. it made me so horny

  90. ok I understand that Li-Ann is fingering Alancy's pussy but what to do next???

  91. #cries# Just type 'spank' people, the game tells you where to click next...

  92. can someone write d code plz for d next part

  93. if you are having a hard time with this game.....always getting a bad ending.....there is another way and that is before the whipping, when Li-Ann is playing with the dildo/anal plug....when she puts it back properly, click the Madam's knee to hide her ass....that all

  94. wat does the arrow up mean after she rub her pussy ?

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  111. can't wait til part 2


  113. When the girl is screaming because of the strapon click the blue panties on the sofa and she will put them in her mouth to muffle the screams and you get to the end :)

  114. what a lucky girl

  115. what does the arrow up mean at the beginning. i typed spank and it keeps showing the damn arrow but i can't figure out what im supposed to next

  116. Pass code for part 2 is: malfort

  117. where do you type spank?

  118. seriously can't figure out how to get past the arrow part at the very begginning. what are you supposed to do?

  119. more of these games

  120. If there is an arrow on the screen you need to click and hold somewhere until the bar stops going up.


  122. i always dreamed of marrying a perverted count:)

  123. can someone write d code plz for d next part

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  165. How to deal with her lying on a bed? I type spank, there appears a yellow in the right part of the screen? What should I do?

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  167. a, just hold a spot until the bar fills up and i can't touch li-ann's boob.

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  169. Serious, how do you get past the girl toying with herself? This game is way too slow

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  171. I can't get past the part with the but plug and i did exactly what the walkthrough did i think it's messed up

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  178. I really like these shark-lagoon games, but in this one I think the "checkpoints" are a tad too sparse. Having to begin again from where she first encounters the asian maid after being caught when the same maid tries to fuck her with the strap-on (a few scenes later) kind of takes away my will to play. =/

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