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Have fun ganging some of your favorite hentai bitches. There are 5 girls to choose from and realize your fantasies.

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35 Responses to “F. F. Fight”

  1. No english on this game.

  2. long load

  3. Been playing it for a while, i think i may have the gist, you are best starting off with the middle girl (Rikku i think she is called) to get used to how the game plays, theres two bars that will fill, the one that fills yellow to red and one that is like a browny colour, you want to fill the yellow to red, if brown fills its game over, on rikkus if you keep clicking the syringe symbol it will reduce the brown bar, dunno if this works for all of them

  4. I play too,the brownbar doesnt work hehe,girls look at my profile

  5. Pretty good once you figure out what to do :)

  6. girls check my profil

  7. Thanks Jack, very helpful

  8. not bad once u get it. Girls check out my profile im 21 year old male

  9. The area in the far left of the screen, after clicking one of the characters, is reserved for the 'pleasure' bar. The small bar, just below the 'needle' button is the 'I had enough of this' meter, once that one is filled, game over. The 'needle' button allow you to 'calm' the character down, just enough so they won't give you a game over. That all you need to know...enjoy

  10. Nice game i liked

  11. fucking censored ! :(

  12. where am i supposed to click?

  13. the syringe doesn't work on the forth girl counting from the left! HELP!

  14. what is this... I don't even..

  15. Final Fantasy babes! mm nice. Girls, if this turns you on then check out my profile ;)

  16. It's so great game.I enjoy it so much..

  17. It's so great game.I enjoy it so much..

  18. esse negociio demoraa muito pra carregaar axu ke voou saiir desse treko senaum minha net vaai fikaar maiis lenta ainda kkkk

  19. translation would be nice

  20. Nice game i liked

  21. They said something about fucking....a bear? idk. I took french not whatever language that was.

  22. Boring game :/ could do with english language

  23. just click the picture and some fot he body parts and keep on doing that you get to other parts of the body

  24. Yea i think it som weirdness

  25. how to download

  26. still can't get to the sex scenes

  27. HI all . Where can i get meet and fuck games all for free?

  28. nice game , check my profile

  29. wheres tifa bitch???



  32. made my cock hard. any ladies want to listen to me get off? five 5 nine 8 one six 0 zero 5 one

  33. vcvjvjhvh

  34. It is so ciazy

  35. yes

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