Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1

Sex Games - Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1 - Free to Play

Sex Game - Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1, picture 3 of 3

Fighting is a rare genre of adult games. But today I've got one for you. In this game you play role of a big gray monster who goes to fuck a beautiful young fighter named Mai. Don't worry your forces are unequal. You can easliy beat that busty bitch and then fuck her in the ass :)

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Game Size: 4.9 MB

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206 Responses to “Fighting of Ecstasy Part 1”

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  11. freaking awesome too fuck that bitch

  12. This reminds of a better game.

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  16. WE WANT MORE MEET 'N' FUCK! But this wasnt bad

  17. You countdown people are so retarded, you don't evn realize you're retarded. Bunch of fucking retards!!! The game was OK

  18. Please stop bitchin about MNF... I'm sure they're doin the best they can... And the more ya bitch the longer it takes... That's how I am anyways.... You horndogs need to learn patience

  19. man u people are sad

  20. made me cum lol gd game

  21. to beat a naked girl? shame on you! :)

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  23. good game, similiar as nano 5 vs sefia game

  24. long load

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  29. number 28 last ok lover boys.

  30. load is toooo long

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  32. man that game was good

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  34. sup bitch ass /=(

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  36. meh - the good part was hid from view

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  38. was a good game 8-)

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  40. very cool game but pls make an new game of Diva Mizuki

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  42. muy bueno

  43. that good 4 my dick

  44. that good 4 my dick

  45. this shit takes to long to load

  46. this really sucks balls. the other one is so much better.

  47. i am a fighting game fan and this was a goo d exaple of a stradagy fighting game.5-10

  48. really good but takes time to load:(

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  61. the load time on this game is long but it abou5 mbs

  62. the load time on this game is long but it abou5 mbs

  63. isn't this a sephilia fight (sefikakutou?) rip-off? could be wrong, but they shure look the same

  64. PIKACHU!!!!!

  65. that game sucked....we want more...MEET 'N' FUCK

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  73. meet and fuck more

  74. I hope the guy on the left is Chuck Norris.

  75. Make a game with the website babe

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  77. i liked this game, fighting games are ok and any game with mai is good any game where u get to fuck her is way better

  78. I love how people's ego's are sooo inflamed that they put their cocks as their display pic when their cocks are tiny as fuck!

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  83. dariaolsen is fucking hot

  84. WOW this game takes forever to load....

  85. give me something to look at

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  101. that bitch gets owned in the end.

  102. is stop at 62%:((

  103. its long load but game is really nice

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  105. whats wrong with this thing? took to long too load

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  111. hm, poor thing you can only fuck her in one position tho, and isnt there a improved version of this called, nano-C vs Sephiria?

  112. WTF! the girl seems she like it cause she still fighting that monster even if she'll be fucked up.,

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  118. dis game had surely hit me terrificly. Yes, fighting and raping sexy gals halfway sure hit the spot! Especially when dat gal didn't wear panties or bra...just some cloth. love the part while squeezing the pussy and shaking the boobs

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  122. Nano VS Sefia's better...

  123. i guess u all got slow computers mine loads fine haha

  124. i agree with ppl that say there needs to be a new diva mizuki but put sound in it please!

  125. i need my cock sucked bad

  126. No no no! It should two girls fighting each other over who gets- a) the man. b) the girl. c) to be on top.

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  166. it was a ok game

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  178. Nice fatalitymove Lol

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  181. I love the gameplay. The finish move is the best.

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  184. she screams so loud

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