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On a day before the Christmas, our hero Brad had to stay at work later than usual. To his surprise, he found out that he is not only person who has to do some extra work this evening. Let's see what happened next.

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123 Responses to “Fuck Town: Christmas Overtime”

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  2. hurray #1

  3. did anyone play this? im stuck in the elevator... i talked to both girls but i cant get further

  4. Pretty good game i.m.o.

  5. Look in the .... what the hell is it called, cabinet of your desk You will find items in there

  6. the item is at you office in the draw

  7. how do u get the wines?

  8. It's a shame real life doesn't work like this. *gives a random gift to a girl with barely any interaction whatsoever* "Let's have sex!"

  9. how the fuck do i pass this level?

  10. how in the world do you pass the level

  11. jessie wanted a bottle of champagne as a gift when she was a little girl lol

  12. it wont even let me do anything after checking whos online

  13. This game is like the greatest, but unfair to let people work on Christmas Eve overtime.

  14. so you can't get further? Well I can help you guys, in the drawer of you office( right bottom of the screen) you find everything you need!

  15. sex for a highlight wtf

  16. what do u do after u check whos online??

  17. how do u get pass the online list

  18. The sex in Fuck Town games is so tepid...let me slip it in a girl's ass and jizz on her tits and face for fuck's sake!

  19. no Blowjob, no titfuck, .... w.t.h. ?!? past games are better.

  20. The game will not load

  21. Very simple... I wish there was more to this

  22. I think there is something wrog with the site.

  23. His desk has a drawer that holds items

  24. hotness change ur photo to u naked ur boobs r the best o and who has wine in there drawer in an office

  25. It seems like it's a demo or something... There's way too many items in the drawer, and most of the elevator buttons say "locked", almost as if they can be unlocked later...

  26. Pathetic rip off after MNF...lame sex scenes,almost no story

  27. nice but the game is too short

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  31. Not so good but yet got me wet! ;)

  32. go to the elevator

  33. Game was too short, and sex was mediocre.

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  36. idk wtf is wrong with u fuck head ud rather sit there and play thes shit games then realy have sex u guys are fuck i the head lol :L

  37. not so goo.....dis 1 is shit

  38. why are there so many items?

  39. no threesome?...so boring

  40. a christmas game that just got posted? web site guy must be really under paided

  41. Yeah, it gotta be true.

  42. boring shi...

  43. FUCK UUUUUU FFS ! shtty game as always lol

  44. how u play

  45. It was short but still fun.

  46. hey guys does anyone has any longer game than this one ?

  47. lame, crappy animation, these idiots don't understand the meaning of the words hard or fast =/

  48. so many nice cocks here mmmmmm

  49. well i got a boner from this game anyway.... so i took a pic and here it is

  50. hehehe you noticed that too, becky? :D

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  52. hard game

  53. where is the elevator?

  54. this game is needs more movement as in sex scenes with the slow movement it doesn't look as realistic as it could be. just my 2 cents.

  55. is it a demo or what?

  56. suck fuck chik chus

  57. what a boaring game fuck chikne haru

  58. this series of games has good story/mechanics, bad sex scenes

  59. Oh! Very Good!

  60. Oh! My Vagina!

  61. t nadia you are so sexi you too guildedspartan

  62. t nadia you are so sexi you too guildedspartan

  63. two sex scenes only

  64. Both girls are "Don't diturb" how can I begin the game?

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  66. how too play

  67. Will grils like it?

  68. how to start :P

  69. @Harrison Jones: go to elevators to visit the girls

  70. slowly...

  71. fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. pointless easy and crap


  74. They really should make the thrusting faster in the sex. It'd be much more sexy.

  75. what a simple game... huh! need more sex!!

  76. pretty nice game

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  78. what a cool games

  79. this games boring ass hell now

  80. lol sex for a fuckin' stuffed rabbit? thats realistic. :P

  81. Anyone else see World of warcraft on the desktop on Florcies floor T_T?

  82. roc09 is stiup ass hell

  83. pretty hot office fuck

  84. @guilded spartan Nice pic =D

  85. just tab your way throughout the whole game

  86. i want sex..!!haha,..

  87. alguien sabe jugar

  88. Very Good

  89. Oh,it makes me feel horny.

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  92. only two girls, probably it wasn't finished

  93. i want some fuck im really exited for it

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  95. It certainly seems like it isn't finished, or the designer just got tired of it. Why put it out if it isn't done? Jeez.

  96. It's a very very good game

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  98. soooo good

  99. rlly short but i came twice

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  101. yay 102 lawlz

  102. way too short

  103. this almost put me to sleep

  104. A yellow marker? That's the cheaper sex I've ever saw in my life.

  105. should have been a threesome ;)

  106. Why are all these girls such sluts? They're fucking this guy for trinkets.


  108. nice game,girls look at my profile

  109. boring i wanted more action in it

  110. tumitigas ang titi ko pag kaxama kita

  111. give me a yellow marker:)

  112. just sat at the office with a whos online?? This game is a load of shit!!!


  114. I just cummed everywhere i love this

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  120. im stuck straight away what do i do

  121. i like this game lol :) have a fun haha

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