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A super lustful villain named Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad has captured and tied you up in her lair. She isn't going to let you leave her lair alive. Try to use your brain and natural charm in order to survive this situation but to also have perfect sex with one of the craziest girls in the world.

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27 Responses to “Harley's Playhouse”

  1. First !

  2. what you need to do this?

  3. This game, is impossible... cannot get it right, at all.

  4. A scene select at the end would have been nice. Lol at the zero patreons on that link though. "pay us money and we will redraw this game with different characters" is a weak ass pitch.

  5. I don't get this at all

  6. man there needs to be a way to skip text

  7. nice one,but u cant watch the scene and move the mouse perfectly at the same time

  8. You guys super miss the point on all the comments complaining about posts that aren't games. We dont want porn with awful minigames or match three clones. We want porn where you have some agency on what is happening (Like milk plant)

  9. When batman go to help

  10. this is impossible on a laptop

  11. 11

  12. I see some people have trouble with this, but I'm just using puffin on my iPad and it's easy for me, but I don't know the struggles, so ВЇ_(гѓ„)_/ВЇ

  13. The bass line seems like the thrill is gone ( BB King)

  14. Follow the top one, not the one on the bottom

  15. The game says horizontal position doesn't matter, but the only way I could do it was to literally put my cursor on the gray circle in the top left and move it up and down with that.

  16. You people are idiots... You come to a porn game site, and want to flap your dicks without even playing or trying. For that, go to fucking PornHub! Seriously, if you don't put some effort into a porn game and complain about It, then I must ask what the hell are you doing here. I actually passed the first part, was hard but I did It.

  17. Just put the cursor directly on the gray circle and move with it.

  18. It was too hard... Not the game

  19. I think is a cool game, maybe it could be a little more easy

  20. Shit game is shit.

  21. fucking easy

  22. hahaha well it seems people hate without even know how to play a game, the game is easy but if you want a flash movie with buttons... you should search hentai movies, also, nice art

  23. the animations are awesome but the minigames is just awefull. It's too hard and takes way too long. You can't propperly fap to it because when you finish one minigame your dick is as small is my little toe. Who's fucking idea was this?

  24. I'm just sitting here laughing at these idiots that say the game is hard and that they can't fap alongside playing the game. It was so fucking easy I beat the game in only a couple of minutes and the game gives you a loop right after finishing that part of the game anyway. Nothing to complain about other than that the art could use some more work.

  25. This game is really easy actually i just follow the giant thing going up and down and follow the gray dot up and down continuously and ive actually beat the game 4 times now

  26. It won't track the movement!

  27. I've tried this game a few times around 2 months ago and failed I came back to it today and I aced it.

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