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This is a game prototype covers the new adventures of foxy Krystal. Hang around the game world, open the new locations and have some hot furry sex.

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Game Size: 1.9 MB

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96 Responses to “Kari's Legend of Krystal v2”

  1. Nice Game)

  2. are there only 3 locations for now or more?

  3. NUMBAHH 3

  4. Really nice, love playshapes games and it's good when someone does one this well. Just needs more locations please!!

  5. Nice Game. I hope we can see more soon ;-)

  6. how i can pass through the map?

  7. light headed lust.. interesting concept

  8. yay i am number 8

  9. excellent game! very hot scenes

  10. number 9 nice game and becky you look hot

  11. were did you get this game? im glad people like it but i didnt upload this and i made it

  12. bel gioco

  13. Would be better with human instead of fury beast

  14. who the fuck cares where they got it.

  15. How do you get passed her getting up?

  16. all i gotta say is *awesome* =]

  17. really good game, nice positions, i wat more places, girls check my profile i'm horny and hard now

  18. we so need more places to go. can't wait for a new edition

  19. wth? are you going to update it with more stuff later and if it is not on this site when you do please let us know where we can find it

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  21. xxXEveryone-wants-meXxx is a troll Rolfcopters but serusly this is a game website not a chat room

  22. I like it but, is there onlt three locations

  23. is it a demo?

  24. continue like that : gonna be a really good game ^^

  25. I like eating baby tacos.

  26. wish it was finished! These games are so damn hot! Think it might be time to take care of something hehe

  27. Very hot, can't wait for more.

  28. check out my profile

  29. mmm so much cum

  30. so fuckin good! check my profile ^^ cya!

  31. check my profile

  32. Guys, you can find the game on the legend of krystal forums on the legend of krystal website. If he's gonna update it, it;ll most likely be in the forums there

  33. How the hell do you move?

  34. I cannot play this game, I'm too dumb to figure out the controls. I can change her outfit when I click the chest in front, but that's it. Any advice?

  35. Can't wait to see if there is more. Krystal games are always sooo hot!

  36. awesome, can't wait to see the full version

  37. It says prototype so yeah there will be more ... you can jackoff wisely or you can jackoff like you will never get laid :P

  38. Hay DD, use your arrow keys to move her.

  39. check my profile

  40. how do u make out?

  41. Im using the arrow keys, the girl just won't move.

  42. oohh i'd love to be in her position ;)

  43. can't play

  44. check my profile ladies ;)

  45. I'm done with this site, fucking half-finished games. More updates doesn't equal better site!

  46. what a terrible loss

  47. good game, would love to see it finished... while your waiting, check profile

  48. Hot profile, skyehigh :).

  49. @sweet_becky: You'd love to get fucked by dinosaurs? :o

  50. wish there were more places to go

  51. click on the chest you ave the choice to get naked in suit or armor

  52. is there any other locatiiions

  53. there should b more places but all the positions were my favorite!!

  54. nice game

  55. As mentioned in the descripition... "Prototype"... But already nice and like the other Crystal game... Pretty nice and a lot of yummy cum ;)

  56. i wanna have some fun like this, anyone up for it

  57. i sure am cutie88

  58. wanna some fun add me merenejhones@yahuu.c o m

  59. oh yeah thats good no go and finish it ;)

  60. haha check my pro ladies

  61. nice pic marika love the game

  62. yo cutie88 u look hot

  63. which hot girl wants to have sex

  64. is this game not finished or something

  65. This game needs more areas.

  66. can't wait for the full version. anyone know where i can find it?

  67. i need a big, long cock in my mouth. guys, think u can help

  68. any one wanna fuck?

  69. i can help u

  70. i would fuck u

  71. i would even do a threesome

  72. wow that's so hot i wish i could get fucked like that

  73. t nadia id fuck u in the cyber three somd if u want

  74. I love her moans. they turn me on.

  75. wanna some fun on cam im horny add me merenejhones@yahuu. c o m

  76. get naked to make out

  77. use wasd to move

  78. i would love to be someone's krystal

  79. hey any girls wanna trade pics or tlk txt me at 219-381-1612. im m/18

  80. how many??

  81. Can you'll make it so it can be played with a touch screen device?

  82. nice but i prefer something more realistic :P

  83. daria you can be my crystal in cyber wanna do it

  84. yes honey

  85. HOW i can move

  86. this game is the booooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!

  87. love the game. needs more places though >.

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  89. yeah. this is fun. i am excited to see more.

  90. From Summer we have changed year and no new places added thats a pity and despite the fact that has good story is a poor game

  91. i like the beginning cause of that tranny lizard. i'd love to please that lizard girl. ;)

  92. kara's game? more like your edited version of playshapes dont take full credit

  93. needs more levls but so hot

  94. any body want to fuck

  95. game is ok not my favorite kind though

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