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This is another little adventure of the lustful foxy bitch Krystal. This time you don't need to roam about the levels and kill the annoying green mosnter. All you have to do in this game is to force that furry slut to make you a good blowjob.

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114 Responses to “Krystal Fellatio X2”

  1. Good stuff!

  2. i dont like doin this but this is the highest i ever got... 5!!!!!!

  3. yet again knock off game

  4. WOW im early

  5. i liked it :)

  6. NUMBAA 666666!!!!!Fuck Yeah!!!!

  7. lol... i can even make a better game then this

  8. not even changed the messages... poor, very poor

  9. Pretty good Game;D

  10. goooooooooooooooooooooooooood game

  11. Copypasta goes pastapastapatsapasta... that game is just a remake of final felatio

  12. we want more

  13. Make it more interactive like the last one!?

  14. made my dick hard, check out my profile

  15. Awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme!

  16. Is it me or are people just copying frames from others?

  17. now i wanna suck something huge

  18. t nadia, ill let you suck mine

  19. Poundin'.. that isn't even you. Nadia, you're probably a fifty-year old pedophile.

  20. well it is me i dont konw why you think its not, if you want i can prove it

  21. total ripoff final felacio

  22. You're both ugly overweight idiots.

  23. this game old as fuck this site is fucking shit now cuz u cunts asked 4 more meet n fuck games

  24. loved it :))

  25. *tear my throat apart* ROFL


  27. You know, they could have atleast changed the dialogue from the Final Felatio game.

  28. I laughed at it :P A lot :)

  29. there is a version of this with the text altered to fit the characters.

  30. Damm My Dick Is Hard Girls Check Out My Profile

  31. Ya know if you're do a remake or whatever one would think the author would at least change the diolouge & give it a custom start page!

  32. this game was altered to fit the characters....its kinda sad that they ran out of ideas for their games... and check my profile for more info on me ;]

  33. no fox no least edit right

  34. not bad at all.i like it

  35. To make the graphpics better right click go to quality and choose high

  36. all they did was copy final fellatio...

  37. Games like this is what happens when your entire workforce is based in asia, and can't read a lick of english

  38. Annnnnd now I want a blowjob. Any volunteers?

  39. Im waitin on somethin from Bayonetta and Dante...... Hopefully

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  43. great game, love it when she passes out while deep throating the cock. i'm horny now

  44. It's just the same of Final Fellatio!!! Anyway its a hot game :)

  45. very hot game!

  46. oh je bande et j'ai envi d'une pipe, des volontaires?

  47. not bad but seen better games

  48. oh cum all over my face too!

  49. That was a great blowjob! I'm super jealous, super horny and would love to be sucked off like that right about now!

  50. its just a remake of finl fellatio

  51. wanna see this live? check my profile

  52. i prefer this version of final fellatio

  53. great game

  54. i can do it better=)

  55. sweet becky why dont you show me

  56. I like the fact that you get to see a fox with huge tits suck off a lizard (:. This shit is Hot.

  57. check my profile

  58. stop at mercenaries!

  59. Now that was kinda nice :P

  60. I would'nt mind that cock in my mouth

  61. Cindy jiggler i have that cock right here and now for you to suck on while i lick your pussy dry.

  62. Furry Final Fellatio - but still not bad.

  63. that was a fucking good blowjob

  64. Any Girl who wants to sex chat me add my skype username: Shankster1001

  65. you could have at least changed the name from the last one but it was still a good game

  66. loved it

  67. Same old game and now I need a huge dick in my mouth

  68. Deep throating like that when you've taught your body to vomit after so many gags...not a good idea.

  69. seeing this makes me want to fuck and suck on some cock

  70. ill let you fuck me poundin it

  71. it made me so wet

  72. I want to be sucking on something

  73. Mmm love a girl that can take it all in

  74. Do you need me to suck that dick for you

  75. and fuck the hell out of you H2B

  76. why did she suck only one of three cocks

  77. Nice game

  78. wanna play a game beliq86

  79. not really a fan of furry. open the link on my profile to see what i really look like.

  80. im fuking horny

  81. great cock! may i suck it

  82. yea u can becky

  83. oh...yeah

  84. This Game Sucks

  85. why make a knock off of a pefectly good game????????????

  86. games kinda kinky any ladies wanna try this with me?

  87. sure hawaii looks like it could be lots of fun with you

  88. hot animal porn)))

  89. that not her bother blood

  90. id love to have her for a sister

  91. lets get it on with some of that hot animal porn cutie88

  92. makes me cum everytime.

  93. whats the deal of making a knock off of a perfectly good game??????????? oh well, it was a good game anyway.

  94. I agree ugh, it is NOT a good idea. but it was fuckin` good!!!!!!!!



  97. Im checking the messages tomorrow

  98. once when i was doing the same my ex bf cummed into my throat

  99. A-noob_killer()gmx.c()m change () send pics and ill trade chat

  100. Didn't this get ripped off of some FF game? anywho, I like how the makeup runs down her face, nice touch. and man can she slobber on a cock...

  101. hilarious when they rip ff series off and cant even change words. thank you.

  102. very hot.. i love deep throat.. favouite game so far! very turned on

  103. Just a clone but still like that blowjob. Any ladies wanna suck me like that?

  104. so sexy games any girl waan try it with me

  105. i would love if a guy would use me like that

  106. I would give anything to be that lucky bastard

  107. damn, i need a girl to suck me off like that. my cock is stiff and ready. girls call me 1-559-309-4016

  108. i wish i was him

  109. Ashoka felatio,is better

  110. I jerked off so much to this I could fertilise an entire crop field

  111. Now you kids need to get off this site >:L Its bad for your mind!

  112. What a sucker............

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  114. pointy ears belong on elves.....

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