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We already know what happens with stubborn secretaries Indecent Proposal. Our today's secretary is much smarter. She knows that nothing can be better than wild sex on the boss table. Use your usual dirty tricks to seduce that girl and then fuck her hard.

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42 Responses to “Late at Office”

  1. espenol da b00be

  2. i need help pls

  3. how to dim the light? help? anyone?..................

  4. where on her breast do you use the feather?

  5. thank you FIFI

  6. i can not drag the candle

  7. how the fuck do you turn the light out?

  8. I never rubbed a real girls shoulder that long


  10. 0_o!!!! HENTAI!!!! 0_o

  11. oh baby fuck me harder come on ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  12. cant get skirt off

  13. ahhhh come on fuck the bitch

  14. ok after you got her to take off her jacket, rub her shoulders then quickly click on the middle of her top to open it slightly when she goes to button it up again the lighter shows up ^-^ hope that helped

  15. how do you take off skirt

  16. type "help" to get information on how to do it.


  18. how do you take the jacket off?

  19. wheres the lighter I dont see it

  20. Das macht mich feucht

  21. how do you take off her jacket>

  22. Great idea to provide black text on a dark blue background - not!

  23. help: how get jacket off her?

  24. helpppppppppppp


  26. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  27. ??? how the hell do u get the jacket offffffffffffffffffff and how long does it take dammmitttt ?????

  28. how u take the skirt off? ohh take jacket off by rubing her shoulders then turn the ilghts off

  29. use the "Tab" key to select some of the options than "Space", it doesn't always work, in that case work on some of the selectable areas

  30. This takes to long, I agree with pcs.

  31. u have to move the mouse up and down

  32. piece of a pie

  33. How The Flyin Fuck Do I Get The Fuckin Feather?

  34. type in help and it tells you what to do

  35. oh i feel so good now


  37. Art, like morality, consists in drawing the line somewhere.

  38. I have finished it in 2 minutes. By just pressing TAB. :D

  39. oh mygod

  40. ou tickle her breast with the feather until she shows one of her breasts then tickle between stomach and vagina until the bar is high then she'll take of her bra play around with her boobs poke her nipples click her skirt she should take it off rub her vagina she would put her hand in side and cum take a flower and tickle her vagina she shoul pee herself she will offer you to spank her once you do.. she'll pull her panties half way down get a ruler on her desk and spank her.. she should pull her panties all the way down she will sit down on her desk rub her vagina open her legs...

  41. love when you finish the game you get three choices. pussy,mouth or ass

  42. How to play? fuck

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