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Do you remember the fairytale Lil Red Riding Hood? What about help for Big Bad Wolf to fulfill his strong sexual hunger for taste of pussy meat :)

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132 Responses to “Lil Red Hood Forest Victim”

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  2. yay numbers sucks ... this girl too

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  7. Goddang! One full game that gets some blood boiling!

  8. nice game little game, good work gamesofdesire! a bit more dialog would be nice! ;) also, i did find the half-circle line in the girls left ass in the last scene a bit strange. but again, good work and thx again for the free game.

  9. Awesome! I was wondering when you guys were going to implement the interactive foreplay parts in these games again, they appear to be absent in many of the most recent paysite games.

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  15. nice ass

  16. yeah, more red riding hood!!

  17. Awesome sexy game!

  18. the sound is not good

  19. awesome game! wanna spank me like that? ;)

  20. Sursprised nobody noticed this is a mnf game by the regular creator or am i wrong smh

  21. You are not wrong. I have a sudden desire to walk, scantily clad, through the woods

  22. why i cannot play this game?

  23. mm i like this sexy game

  24. all dudes pretending to be freaky girls

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  29. Pretty much everyone darling ;)

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  31. that was fucking hot!

  32. Caroline93... Hell yer, I would!

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  34. Could you give te option to hide the wolf? It gets annoying to see such a dude over the background xD

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  37. Im No Dude!

  38. The circle catching thing was kind of fun.

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  40. Who want to be my Big Bad Wolf for your Lil Red Riding Hood?

  41. yes not a demo that was great. need some more like that.

  42. Caroline93 hit me up some time.

  43. any hungry wolves here?

  44. Yeah nadia, there's one big hard hungry wolf here ;) lol hmu ;)

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  47. that was good but I wish it was longer!

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  57. I would like to be the big bad wolf

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  72. Love this game. Great animation. Not crazy about the wolf, I'd rather a normal dude. Could use replay, other than that, it's awesome

  73. hell yeah this game rocks

  74. I will be blonde in this gme

  75. Nice game, but the lick was to slow,and the sex wasn't as good as it could have been. Played worse, though.

  76. does anyone wan to play with me?

  77. good but needs to be longer

  78. Red Hood is hot, the wolf isn't. Still, great game.

  79. nice game , check my profile

  80. Umm was a really good game

  81. I'm typing with my left hand

  82. I love the story :-) so I like this game.

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  85. @neaza, I could dress up as a wolf, and you, of Little Red Riding Hood gggrrr hehe

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