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Lance is a guy who has found himself as a good manager at female-only dorm. Every day he does his daily routine work and dreams to fuck some blue-skinned and tailed girl sometime. One happy day he got a luck and his crazy dream came true...

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118 Responses to “M.S.A.2.: RainbowRound!”

  1. Number one

  2. ich bin twei

  3. number 3

  4. i live up to the name

  5. FINALLY. I've been waiting for this game for ages now. Great game.

  6. Is this a sequel to the "flutter time" game?

  7. will there be another one?

  8. yes "lol"

  9. and that is how good sex games should be. good sex and good storyline. I really hope there is more to come!

  10. finally!

  11. This game is horrible the talking is way to much so no story time

  12. Great game

  13. that ending...

  14. Ho yes !! A good sexy game !!!

  15. Nice. worth all the reading

  16. Hngggggggggg the feels

  17. That ending

  18. Sooooo cool. Liked fucking Dashie soo much i played it again. can't whait for the third part with all of those other girls!

  19. now, that was really funny and really hot!! this is the way games should be. more of it!

  20. I'm just getting a white screen

  21. hope there is a round three and as many rounds so lance can have his turn with every single one of them

  22. Oh HELLS yes.

  23. first Fluttershy, Now Rainbow Dash. Who's next? I know there's at least 5 more.

  24. A. twilight next PLS!!! B. how could he not fuck dash sooner

  25. Surprisingly awesome

  26. The story was good. Enjoy this porn for the acting but don't tell ppl cuz no one will believe that.

  27. Finally a good sex game. It has been ages since a good one has been released. I applaud this game. Amazing story, great sex scenes.

  28. hey null dumbshit twei isnt real its zwei

  29. don't load what's happening with this site

  30. 4.5 ? no seriously, great design but boring game

  31. Been waiting forever. Yhuuuusssss!!

  32. HA HA you Bronies are furry i mean Very funny. It's too bad that real women could not satisfy you. Enjoy your horses you sick o s

  33. i like girls ass

  34. LCedarwoodExtarRichL, shut up, you don't know anything about sick, compared to some of the other sick things on the internet, this is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY TAME!

  35. U mad U mad u mad u mad u mad u mad u mad u mad?

  36. i would love a 3 part of this n1 game

  37. awesome music and very hot scenes

  38. Wow. This is actually pretty good. :D

  39. why is the description bullshit

  40. mmm i liked that, check out my profile guys! ^^ xxx

  41. really nice game but fullscreen doesn't work

  42. everyone visit the website on my profile

  43. This is some good stuff.....Most games now that come out are either really bad or fucking demos. I praise you sir for making something worth our time.

  44. taking forever to load, whats the deal. Anyone else with this problem?

  45. that ending

  46. maker of these games said that he was not going to be making any more of them, as they took too much time away from his other projects.

  47. very hot game

  48. omg! his cock is sooooooo big

  49. is there a website wich posts new full mnf games ?

  50. i hate this game ,just talk no action

  51. Fate man, you got a great story going on, you gotta continue this! Game or not, continue it through a little video or even a novel literally! (No pun intended) But this here is just too good to pass up!

  52. tatz crazy to me

  53. omg, not working on Google Chrome, why?

  54. funny :D

  55. Hilarious ending, good sex, and really good story line. If ya make more like this, ya will paid ta make some porn games or other types o' games

  56. great game. story mode was too long though

  57. FUCK OOO

  58. FUCK OOO

  59. not a furry, or a brony, but this is pretty good.

  60. surprisingly good and the rainbow hair is perfect for a hardcore punk rocker chick.

  61. cool game :) check my profile so we can have some fun

  62. a radish

  63. nice game,but the dialoges are tooooo long.girls check my profile

  64. awesome! my pussy is soaking wet

  65. lol damn that was funny and sexy as hell lol I cant wait for the next one

  66. very good!

  67. Been waiting for this one forever, and I am NOT disappointed, for once the sequel is better than the original and I can't wait to see how good part three will be, fatelogic you better read the reviews cause we're all waiting for round 3

  68. This may be an unusual qeustion, but does anyone know the music name?

  69. Why I can't start?

  70. I just love it!! So far there are two characters that has the personality that I want my gf to have (If I can get me a gf) would be Jackie and Dash. I love their attitudes and determination and must say I love their style. I also fell in love with the comedy behind it all. LET THERE BE M.S.A.3!!!!

  71. I know some of you here can play the game, but does anyone know why the loading screen won't work, I mean the yellow bar is outside the loading bar.

  72. awesome and nice

  73. LOL I like the ending that was a very awesome story cant wait for the next one!!!!!!!

  74. Nice game but too much dialog

  75. why my ipad can't play it !!!!!!!!!!!!what the fuck !

  76. That's probably why they included a FREE MODE where there is NO TALKING, and JUST SEX SCENES. It literally explains it that it's the mode for people who don't want a story, or dialogue.

  77. You cant play it on mobil devices

  78. muito bom

  79. make it longer plus have him fuck all of the girls.

  80. Very nice game, but where's Rarity?

  81. oh my gawd i love her big blue ass

  82. fuck you every day hahhah

  83. Loved it! Funny ending to. A+++

  84. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! :P

  85. That ending XDDDD I couldn't stop laughing. I am usually against mlp but this is just comedy win, and the sex is a nice extra bonus.

  86. No loading

  87. Is this a game? What the fuking M I doing!!

  88. That's my wrong... What the fuck M I doing!!

  89. ot game, girl's check-out my profile ;) let have some naughty fun and hard sex e-mail me,

  90. I CAN 1V5

  91. text me 325 721 6781

  92. it is only for intelligent and sexy people- who does not understand the ties between good sex and good conversation is an EMPTY person...

  93. I hope another is made.

  94. Well, i can't say the sex scenes were any different from any other porn... But the story was truly touching. Especially the end - one hell of a comedy! :D I wonder if the maker of this is gonna keep making those? Like a series. :D

  95. you are all gross


  97. Ok. That was funny. Not much actual gameplay, but the script more them makes up for it.

  98. very funny game and nasty...

  99. I am the 100st COMMENTer, Lol now you think this got to be a stupid motherfucker dumbass well I am...


  101. fucking widows 8. ive restarted 12 fuckingimes now. #102

  102. I have a question. I'm not even a brony or furry. Why do I like this? Does it even have something to do with being a brony to be erected by it? Answer would be nice :)

  103. Can someone help me out with this?

  104. god, this got me so fucking horny. i already came 2 times

  105. what have i done... i find myself a little satisfied, yet grossed at myself for using this...

  106. You babes needa stop tryna getD because weere juust heeree fooor theeee gammmes

  107. Rainbow dash is my favorite this got me horny hehe

  108. i need a bitch to fuck

  109. The story mode is so good

  110. Rainbow Dash is so sexy. I'd like to see her with another girl.

  111. I'm petty sure that they ripped my dick off at the end.

  112. Oh it's sad that i feel guilty of fapping to this because bronies are usallly fucking drama whore retards like the furfags. also this isn't furry

  113. Twilight Sparkle is the best anyway ! :D

  114. el mejor juego de la history

  115. Dude! That Ending Though. I was Just like, Well R.I.P. BETTER BE A 3rd ROUND, OR ELSE.

  116. Without a story it is not COMPLETT!!Story and ending are complementar...Otherwise its fantastic!!

  117. it is really good

  118. I loved this fan cane you make more episodes of it please

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