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Welcome to the magic shop of Mr.Cummagen. This is a best place where you can buy all the invocation ingredients. Our hero Joe is working here as an assistant manager and he is strictly prohibited to create his own magic potions. But he wouldn't deny the young beautiful brunette Biannca who asked him to convert her hair to a blonde color.

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415 Responses to “Magic Shop”

  1. the people who don't like furrys should avoid bronzite and ivy

  2. How do you unlock the hidden items?

  3. this game is sexy :)

  4. Wonderfull game!! The creators are genius!! :P

  5. cat tail+devil wine=ending

  6. Pretty awsome game. Gunna definentally play again

  7. hmmm this made me hot ;)

  8. w + bw = two reciepes s = puppet pc = lactation + action gi = devil ct = punk hair lt = skull on shoulder vt = fat ol = eskimo b = locks dw = skunk rm = iced bw + s = futa pc = stone gi = red ct = green lt = transparent vt = kitty ol = black hair b = bondage dw = xmas rm = warts s + pc = frog gi = chun-li ct = bald lt = mini + action vt = disappears ol = blue b = bleached dw = cactus rm = cheerleader pc + gi = egypt ct = tentacle lt = mermaid vt = nurse ol = catgirl b = big boobs + action dw = money rm = greek gi + ct = maid lt = ape vt =...

  9. damn format

  10. How can I unlock hidden item?

  11. Teasiie you're very hot

  12. @what the...? read the last point of the tutorial

  13. The answer is Devils Wine and a Cat tail. Hoped this Work out for ya!

  14. you're not too bad yourself, Joke_D ;)

  15. the answer is devil wine and cat tail

  16. check my profile for my onfo

  17. funny game

  18. this game was funny in a way. i would like to see afuture verions of it just to see what theother potions do?

  19. I can not wait till the next update of this game

  20. how do you get tentacles? sw+pc=milk,s+lt=tiny,b+pc=boobs so far,the only ones i found with action button

  21. hey teasiie want to fuck

  22. how the hell do you unlock the other ingredients?

  23. clone=devil wine + rose milk

  24. wow actually no numbers this time

  25. cant wait for the next game with all the ingredients

  26. poison clover+cat tail=tenticale

  27. cat tail+virgen's tongue=horny teen

  28. nice one

  29. sugar + catail = action

  30. Poison Clover + Owl Liver = anime

  31. Grounded Ive + Spring water = Devil Cat Tail + Rose Milk = Angle

  32. hidden items are in the future version of the game

  33. thanks zifix

  34. Can i get a download link D: It always stops around 75 %

  35. Can i get a download link D: It always stops around 75 %

  36. bog water + bronzite = bdsm poison clover + cat tail = tentacles

  37. cat tail+virgin tounge= teen!!

  38. hat was hot. that got me hard :]

  39. Extremely great game!

  40. i cant wait till new items are stocked

  41. can you unlock the hidden item things?

  42. i have a huge diiick!!

  43. Tentacles= cat tail + poison clover

  44. how do you get the shaded ones

  45. fuck me hard XD

  46. this sucks

  47. I like poison clover and spring water mixture.

  48. The shaded Items, are out of stock, they will be used in a future version of the game. their not Locked their not there Yet

  49. bronzite + owl liver= princess leia

  50. Very good Game. Any girls want to chat or email check me out. ;)

  51. dont like it too much, they might put it on a pay site

  52. bronzite+grounded ivy=furry action

  53. Interesting game! I can only imagine what would it be if we could mix 3 or more ingredients :) It would be great!

  54. owl liver+cat tail=giant action

  55. awesome game

  56. Best Game On Here Which Is My Opinion ^_^

  57. rose milk and owl liver end mix is wine and cats tail

  58. virgins toung and poison clover is almost as hot as Teasie

  59. Let's hope the next version released is free otherwise awesome game and look forward to the other ingredients!

  60. check my profile

  61. cat tail + bronzite = cop

  62. wow no numbers!

  63. if u dont lice furrys also dont try spring water and devils wine

  64. hey, no numbers on this one!! :)

  65. i like cat tail + virgin's tongun one

  66. bog water+bronzite bog water+devil whine spring water+poison clover spring water+owl liver spring water+devil whine sugar+lizard tail posion clover+grounded ivy posion clover+cat tail posion clover+lizard tail posion clover+virgin tongue posion clover+bronzite posion clover+rose milk cat tail+virgins tongue cat tail+owl liver cat tail+rose milk virgins tongue+rose milk bronzite+owl liver owl liver+rose milk bronzite+devil whine bronzite+rose milk

  67. gi+pc= queen tut

  68. horny bunny b+gi

  69. they should have fuck scenes for all of them.

  70. somebody suck my one

  71. it was something, not bad not good.

  72. great game

  73. what sort of faggot posts a naked picture of himself? Wait...don't tell me, I don't want to know.

  74. hey check my profile for more info on me ;D

  75. lol at giant

  76. Easily one of the most original - and thereby one of the best - games I've seen on this site in a LONG time. Lots of options (appealing to most, if not everybody), Fairly good art/animation quality, decently well-written dialogue, humor, and a clever concept

  77. Teasiee whatchu up too?

  78. better than mnf. cat tail and ground ivy is my favorite.

  79. Hard2Beat, your dick is making me horny :)

  80. Spell Contest Entry! Needs Anal, Also, bondage spell is the best. Or Solo Masturbation.

  81. great game need the new version!

  82. i need have fun with woman

  83. not bad at all

  84. bog water plus sugar=HUGE COCK!!!

  85. Teasie you are hot ;D

  86. Virgin's Tongue + Cat's Tail = little girl = sex

  87. The music is from small worlds. A wonderfull (gay) vidoe game at armor games.

  88. pharoh : poison clover + grounded ivy maid : grounded ivy + cat tail chun li : grounded ivy + sugar

  89. and forgot to say for wood elf : bronzite + rose milk

  90. I WANT THE FULL VERSION with all objects !!!

  91. bog water + rose milk = gross lol

  92. boring as shit.

  93. Teasiie wanna fuck i got a 7 inch cock rightt here

  94. Virgin Tongue + Cat Tail = lets u fuck

  95. 11111111111111112222222222222222222222

  96. Sweet game. Full marks from me.

  97. nice game liking it

  98. All actions: Spring Water + Poison Clover Sugar + Lizard Tail Poison Clover + Bronzite Grounded Ivy + Bronzite Cat Tail + Virgin's Tongue Cat Tail + Owl Liver

  99. finally another funny game...since Strip the tech

  100. hun-Li = Ivy + Sugar, Leia = Bronzite + Liver, Puppet = Water + Sugar Lact = Water + Clover, Devil = Water + Ivy, Hawk = Water + Cat Tail Craziness = Water + Liz. Tail, BBW = Water + Tongue, N.A. = Water + Liver Afro = Water + Bronzite, Skunk = Water + Wine, Frozen = Water + Milk Futa = Bog + Sugar, Stone = Bog + Clover, Red = Bog + Ivy, Green = Bog + C Tail Transparent = Bog + L Tail, Cat = Bog + Tongue, Black Hair = Bog + Liver BDSM = Bog + Bronz, Festive = Bog + Wine, Acne = Bog + Milk Frog = Sugar + Clover, Bald = Sugar + C Tail, Small = Sugar + L Tail Invis = Sugar + Tongue, Blue ...

  101. hun-Li = Ivy + Sugar, Leia = Bronzite + Liver, Puppet = Water + Sugar Lact = Water + Clover, Devil = Water + Ivy, Hawk = Water + Cat Tail Craziness = Water + Liz. Tail, BBW = Water + Tongue, N.A. = Water + Liver Afro = Water + Bronzite, Skunk = Water + Wine, Frozen = Water + Milk Futa = Bog + Sugar, Stone = Bog + Clover, Red = Bog + Ivy, Green = Bog + C Tail Transparent = Bog + L Tail, Cat = Bog + Tongue, Black Hair = Bog + Liver BDSM = Bog + Bronz, Festive = Bog + Wine, Acne = Bog + Milk Frog = Sugar + Clover, Bald = Sugar + C Tail, Small = Sugar + L Tail Invis = Sugar + Tongue, Blue ...

  102. Bleh, figures it would screw up my notes, at least most of them are readable, hope they help.

  103. owl liver+spring water = hot eskimo

  104. wine and water

  105. teasie you are so hot , my dick si so hard for you !!!

  106. bronzite + rose milk = elf girl

  107. cant decide which one i like better bog water and bronzite or spring water and lizard tail

  108. Any girls wanna talk dirty or exchange pics. Hit me up at yahoo, Prowler271. Ill make u cum like never before. Garenteed

  109. devil wine + spring water = hot... ivy + bronzite = really hot

  110. sw + vt is not BBW, it makes her pregnant. Look at the posture, the engorged breasts, the lower belly. And any woman that's been preggo, knows that at the end the only way you can sit is with the legs spread apart like that.

  111. Lacking in graphics and teasing us with hidden items isn't fair! Good game, but they should get a new version with all items, or at least have a way to unlock them.

  112. Teasiie I loved the Link on your page. Lets chat sometime ;P

  113. check my profile girls!!!! ;D

  114. That game was the best iv'e seen in a looonnnnnnngggggggg ass time.

  115. HOT one after a looonog time now :) liking it

  116. Now this is a cool game, need more games like this one!

  117. Damn !!! Very good game !!! Hot, funny, many options, easy, free. Number one !!!

  118. To bad there is no ending fuck or something like that :P

  119. this game is awsome :D

  120. for harry potter version : rose milk + owl liver

  121. try owl liver and cat tail hahahaha

  122. damn just make a sequel or many more sequels on it! it was too damn hot

  123. is it possible to unlock the hidden items?


  125. nice, het and funny. i havemt seen uch of that last one especially.

  126. im liking sugar and bog water

  127. Love it!!!! Do more

  128. this is a great game!!! more games by this creator please :)

  129. Poison Clover + Cat Tail Bronzite + Rose Milk There the best


  131. bronzite + poison clover

  132. + bw = two reciepes s = puppet pc = lactation + action gi = devil ct = punk hair lt = skull on shoulder vt = fat ol = eskimo b = locks dw = skunk rm = iced bw + s = futa pc = stone gi = red ct = green lt = transparent vt = kitty ol = black hair b = bondage dw = xmas rm = warts s + pc = frog gi = chun-li ct = bald lt = mini + action vt = disappears ol = blue b = bleached dw = cactus rm = cheerleader pc + gi = egypt ct = tentacle lt = mermaid vt = nurse ol = catgirl b = big boobs + action dw = money rm = greek gi + ct = m...

  133. i like this game but how unlock the new item

  134. lizard or cat tail + clover

  135. like it a 10

  136. mr Cummagen LOL

  137. this game would be even greater if you could put her clothes off :)

  138. really fun!

  139. that "Teasiie" person is using a bunch of pics of a model named "Ember Reigns". If its really! If not its probably some dude tryin to get some gay action on

  140. water + grounded ivy = girl of my dreams

  141. eny you lassees got msn

  142. I still like this i hope they get the new ingredients soon

  143. damn teasiiee your fucking sexy! and only making my dick harder than it already is from playing this game.

  144. it says that the other ingredients will unlock in future game in the instructions

  145. check my profile

  146. If you use Owl Liver and Cat tail she gets huge and you can fuck her

  147. pretty good eh

  148. i like u Shelby :)

  149. i like you dariaolsen, for a long time :)

  150. i love it, its fun to play magic , i miss lot meet n fuck games :(

  151. great game and magical music

  152. Hm, it's too bad the Rose Milk and Devil's Wine doesn't have an action....

  153. Hoo-rah for not being logged in. I'm smart.

  154. ivy + bronzite is the hottest

  155. somebody contact me

  156. great game. lookin for a girl to talk to my email is

  157. cheerleader = sugar + rose milk

  158. i love this game

  159. that was nice i would like to see other alike

  160. This is a great game, but there should be interactive scenes afterwords.

  161. *some ingredients are out of stock but will be restocked in future versions of the game...* waiting for them impationately

  162. virgin's + Cat Tail = some action (get it on)

  163. virgins tounge + poison clover = awsome


  165. Teasiie your so hot

  166. MY YAHOO star5556 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

  167. damn! the game made me so HORNY

  168. game so hot contacte me am on ligne now ok girl

  169. check again my profile girls!!! ;D u won regret it! ;D

  170. cat tail + devil wine =blonde hair /ending

  171. just to piss people off, im number 176! woot woot

  172. Is there a way to get an e-mail once the newer version is out? I'd love to try the other potion ingredients. Hehehehe....

  173. Spring water + Devil's win = Furry :D

  174. The game is very good i like it so much it, that i took pictures of it that look sexy and makes me horny

  175. the best is cat tail + virgin's tongue = horny teen

  176. the Greek transformation is my favorite

  177. very funny game! add more plz

  178. I can't download it it keep stoping on 56% :( whats the problem

  179. woooo this game is the best

  180. No Fun Action But Still Good

  181. I'm new here I hope they all ain't tests but nice game some parts got me wet and I saw several dicks that could have helped me out

  182. Good Game Got Me Hard

  183. some girls are cute...also the game is nice, but way all the cute girls must be a CAM STRIPING model???

  184. Hmmm...Looks likse some fucker stole my name, also a nice game...and Teasiie, nice Boobs girl...

  185. one of the funniest games ever!

  186. dont mix cat tail with virgin's tounge, unlessyoure a pedafile >.>

  187. This was much more enjoyable than I would have imagined. I really hope we get the update soon!

  188. poison+tongue = WOWW

  189. ...............................................

  190. playing this game makes me want someone to play with too =)

  191. sw + pc - bob [a] sw + ol - wint sw + dw - sku dw + dw - sant su + lt - smal [a] su + rm - chil pc + gi - egi pc + ct - tent pc + lt - syr pc + vt - doc pc + br - big b [a] pc + rm - ang gi + ct - mai gi + br - bol [a] ct + vt - ten [a] ct + ol - big [a] ct + br - pol ct + rm - ang lt + vt - gin vt + rm - big a ol + br - jed ol + rm - pot br + dv - jap br + rm - elf

  192. Bronzite + Grounded Ivy Hahaha xD

  193. oh yeah! and don't forget to press Action=) LOL

  194. This game is excellent. Also, Teasiie, I checked out your pics. Very sexy.




  198. Bronzite + Poison Clover = Amazing

  199. its halarious you nerds actually think hot girls post naked pics of themself on here and actually want to chat with you! I thought nerds were suppose to be smart!

  200. i liked sex with furry made me so horny

  201. Bog Water + bronzite = sexy!

  202. Hey, all guys know that hot women need to find crappy flash games to get off, it's not like any guys in the real world are interested in hot women lol Any "real women" are here to try and get sad lonely wankers to sign up to their bs sites

  203. No Chris Brown.....

  204. my favorite is devil wine with spring water

  205. clover and cat tail ate the action

  206. Sexy game... btw any chick that has a pic here is fuckin hot

  207. rosa milk + virgin tongue = big ass

  208. that was real fun

  209. Damn this game made me wet, check out my profile ;)

  210. if i owned this shop .... ohhhhhh yeah!

  211. i like it, needs more action and a FULL ingredient menu

  212. this game should have action buttons for everything and needs the full ingredient list, then it would be a 5

  213. Does anybody know when the game is finished (full ingredient list) ?

  214. waiting for next version

  215. great game, any idea when the next version will be out?

  216. damm i love this game girls check out my profile

  217. Good one, waiting for full list and more action!

  218. Devils Wine + Poison Clover

  219. it take too long for loading

  220. Wow. No numbers

  221. hahahah hilarious game, theres a magic shop up near the mount where i snowboard, too bad it arent like this one

  222. what a magical game

  223. lizard tail + virgin tongue...that's pretty hot

  224. lmao @ cattail+owl liver!

  225. the only actions are besides that one furry 1 spring water + poison clover lizard tail + sugar poison clover + bronze cat tail + virgin tongue owl liver + cat tail hope it helps

  226. Needs less dickchick... My favourite ones (ingredients numbered left to right) 1+4 1+9 2+10 2+11 3+12 4+7 4+8 4+10 4+12 6+12 9+10 9+12

  227. Poison clover+spring water= is HOT!!! And Teasiie looks even HOTTER!!!

  228. I can not wait till the next update of this game

  229. awesome demo... want more more!!! very nice

  230. it looks SO BIG! how many inches is it?

  231. wen r dey guna add more potions

  232. there its about 9.. to 11? im not very sure i don't measure lol but its not hard honey

  233. es muy buena

  234. when is the update going to be

  235. Anyone know when update will be available?

  236. love this game pleace update soon PLEACE

  237. damn teasiie you hot

  238. i like how many choices there are

  239. needs to be continued

  240. super but not sexy

  241. put date for the update geez

  242. what about the unusable stuff???

  243. ...........L has spoken..............

  244. how do u get the bottom ones

  245. when full version?

  246. this game needs to be updated

  247. Guessing this is abandoned then?

  248. this page sux

  249. virgins tongue+ rose milk= big booty

  250. bog water+sugar=something that i wanna suck right now:)

  251. fuck this page games of snoring zzzzZZzzzzZZ

  252. I hope the games been updated.

  253. wen is the next magic shop game cummin out

  254. He already has it done but the person or site he sold it to has not posted it up yet and until they do he can not tell us where or when it is going to be released because of legal issues.

  255. how do u know that dude?

  256. yo dude u r an ignorant mofo the game says ''our games'' so its gamesofdesire game stupid fuck

  257. good and funny

  258. game is ok

  259. It's a sexy game but why can you only use half of thoes itims?

  260. Hey, it's one thing if not everybody likes Twilight, but Vampires are NOT gay!! Vampires are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  261. send me pics boys n girls

  262. the artist is RONINSONG he has a deviant art page where he posts his update list that is how I know you jackasses his name is on the fucking main menu of the game right under the options to click in fucking white letters so I looked up his name jack off.

  263. one of the best games indeed!

  264. do you need pleasure check my profile

  265. why its taking so long to put the update if they already has it

  266. the geisha should have action

  267. man i can't wait for the updates cause the rest of the game was awesome sause times infinity so far!!!

  268. i like the cat tail+virgin's tongue


  270. we need more games like this

  271. cats tail + owl liver=giant/grounded ivy+cat tail=emo/maid......

  272. i need a hard cock in my wet pussy

  273. I cannot wait for the next one of these.

  274. lz+pc - ct+pc - rm+ pc- bron + pc - sw +pc = best 1s

  275. virgin's tongue and rose milk hope u like it

  276. Stupid game

  277. it was real fun

  278. i know skunkgirl is the best (Spring Water + Devil Wine) bot the one thats better is a furry Shemale with action (Grounded Ivy + Bronzite)

  279. Cat tail and virgin's tongue is awesome

  280. cat tail and virgin tounge is the beeeeeeeeeeessssssssssst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  281. Does anyone know when the update is?

  282. too nice

  283. bit tits=bronzite+poison clover, big ass=virgins tongue+rose milk, big lactating breasts=spring water+poison clover, horny mermaid poison clover+lizard tail

  284. bog water+virgin's tongue=little pussy:)

  285. I fucking love Joe. What a bastard.

  286. Grounded Ivy + Poison Clover ftw

  287. full game please?

  288. we need next one!!!

  289. teasi..wanna hve fun on ym

  290. more more morer =)

  291. really boring game no real action

  292. We still need the full version!

  293. i'm so horny! please suck my nipples

  294. Virgins tongue +posion clover = SEXY NURSE

  295. hope this helps guys Spring Water + Bog Water = Instructions Spring Water + Sugar = Doll Spring Water + Poison Clover = Milky Breasts (Action) Spring Water + Grounded Ivy = Blue Devil Spring Water + Cat Tail = Punk Spring Water + Lizard Tail = Weird Pirate Spring Water + Virgin's Tounge = Fat Spring Water + Owl Liver = Eskimo Spring Water + Bronzite = Afro Spring Water + Devil Wine = Furry Skunk Spring Water + Rose Milk = Frozen Bog Water + Sugar = Shemale Bog Water + Poison Clover = Rock Statue Bog Water + Grounded Ivy = Red Skin Bog Water + Cat Tail = Green Skin Bog Wate...

  296. og Water + Lizard Tail = Transparent Bog Water + Virgin's Tounge = Kitty Bog Water + Owl Liver = Black Hair Bog Water + Bronzite = Bondage Bog Water + Devil Wine = Santa Bog Water + Rose Milk = Warts Sugar + Posion Clover = Frog Sugar + Grounded Ivy = Chun-Li Sugar + Cat Tail = Bold Sugar + Lizard Tail = Reduced Size (Action) Sugar + Virgin's Tounge = Invisible Sugar + Owl Liver = Blue Skin Sugar + Bronzite = White Hair Sugar + Devil Wine = Cactus Sugar + Rose Milk = Cheerleader Poison Clover + Grounded Ivy = Farao Poison Clover + Cat Tail = Tentacle Fucked Poison Clover +...

  297. oison Clover + Lizard Tail = Mermaid Poison Clover + Virgin's Tounge = Nurse Poison Clover + Owl Liver = Furry Cat Poison Clover + Bronzite = Big Boobs (Action) Poison Clover + Devil Wine = Money Poison Clover + Rose Milk = Greek Grounded Ivy + Cat Tail = Maid Grounded Ivy + Lizard Tail = Monkey Grounded Ivy + Virgin's Tounge = Dust Grounded Ivy + Owl Liver = Instructions Grounded Ivy + Bronzite = Furry Shemale Rabbit (Action) Grounded Ivy + Devil Wine = Baloons Grounded Ivy + Rose Milk = Yellow Skin Cat Tail + Lizard Tail = Strong Chick Cat Tail + Virgin's Tounge = Teenager ...

  298. at Tail + Owl Liver = Increased Size (Action) Cat Tail + Bronzite = Police Woman Cat Tail + Devil Wine = Blonde Hair (To Ending) Cat Tail + Rose Milk = Angel Lizard Tail + Virgin's Tounge = Genie Lizard Tail + Owl Liver = Instructions Lizard Tail + Bronzite = Pink Hair Lizard Tail + Devil Wine = Up-Side-Down Lizard Tail + Rose Milk = Glow Virgin's Tounge + Owl Liver = Spider Girl Virgin's Tounge + Bronzite = Instructions Virgin's Tounge + Devil Wine = Fish in a Bowl Virgin's Tounge + Rose Milk = Big Butt Owl Liver + Bronzite = Princess Leila Owl Liver + Devil Wine = TV Owl...

  299. Owl Liver + Devil Wine = TV Owl Liver + Rose Milk = Harry Potter Bronzite + Devil Wine = Asian Bronzite + Rose Milk = Elf Devil Wine + Rose Milk = One More Girl

  300. thank you very much!:D

  301. cat tail + owl liver = lol

  302. poison clover & spring wtr, bronzite & spring wtr

  303. Cat Tail + Virgin tounge = little girl!! lolicon rocks!!!!!

  304. too bad its now on the pay site

  305. good!!!!!!!

  306. poison clover + rose milk!! Best!

  307. my favs. bronzite + cat tail and poison clover + virgin's tounge

  308. my favorite is sugar and the lizard tail

  309. anyone know how to get the last 4 rows accessible?

  310. bog water+sugar=dick girl

  311. i like this game but want the other items the curiosity is killin me

  312. lizard tail + spring water = emo girl

  313. were i can found the full version??

  314. great game and all but... i dont think she's BRUNNET...

  315. PC+CT= temtacle

  316. how ulock hiden items???

  317. virgin's tongue and cat tail...anybody wanna hold me like that?

  318. hey how unlocl hiden items????

  319. if you read the how to play it says future games

  320. are they going to make another version or.. what?.. at least tell us. so we dont have to keep waiting for it

  321. pc+ct=tentacles

  322. When will the full version be available?

  323. bog water+ sugar = WTF

  324. haha, that was pretty fun!

  325. love it realy want to see the full version

  326. I loved it, very funny and fantasy.

  327. is the game ever going to be finished?

  328. luv the groud ivy and bronzite

  329. game gave me hard boner. anybody want to help me get rid of it?

  330. wow. taht game was pretty cool. didnt really like the ending though..

  331. great game... needs to have an action for everthing though...

  332. I think Roninsong is dead. His dA account is dead so going by the rules of the internet, he is also dead.

  333. Cat Tail + Owl Liver = BEST!

  334. whoever made the game reply and tell me the progress on the full game

  335. there is no way to unlock the other items read the tutorial it tells u why

  336. trtrtrterytyertrg

  337. really good game...needs more action buttons

  338. how can I have the lock objects???

  339. Cat tail + virgin's tongue = WIN!

  340. spring water and devils wine

  341. love this game i want more a more game as this

  342. Furry Futa FTW.

  343. Breast milk!!! I love the game just because of this one option

  344. sry, I forgot to mention the futa-option^^

  345. does anyone know the name of the song when the game starts?

  346. i'd love to take some of these potions

  347. lizard tail + suger => shrink

  348. Can't wait to see the "out of stock" items!

  349. why this game is not updated?

  350. where teh outrys ingretints ?


  352. If you dont like shemales dont do bog water and sugar or bronzite and ivy.

  353. This game is fucking awsome, can't wait for the new version

  354. I just don't get why they don't update this game and unlock the rest of the ingredients, or make a version were people could at least buy the game!

  355. (^_^) Cant wait for the rest. Really good game. My favorite is bog water + devils wine

  356. Action: CT+OL(6) SW+PC(5) S+LT(4) PC+B(3) GI+B(2) CT+VT(1) Favo: S+RM(3) PC+LT(2) PC+OL(1)

  357. when are they going to release the new ingredients?

  358. use cat tail and owlliver and press action

  359. sugar + rosemilk = cheerleader owl liver + spring water = eskimo cat's tail + bronzite = police officer poison clover + ground ivy = egyptian

  360. very nice game, very very nice

  361. is there any way to be able to use the rest of the ingredients?

  362. how do i unlock the other itens can somebody help me?

  363. tyrdtretyre

  364. what happened to the full version?

  365. this game is my absolute favorite fun and sexy please add the other ingredients!!!!!!!! I have bin waiting for over a year

  366. haha, that was pretty fun!

  367. put me in the mood for a root

  368. how do you unlock a;; of the ingreadients

  369. Spring Water + Poison Clover = OHh Yeah !!!

  370. My personal favourite was the harpy (poison clover/lizard tail), though most others also appealed to me. I do hope an update will be available in the future - I can't wait to try out the other items!

  371. how long has this thing been around and they still havent updated it? wtf

  372. ronin song sold the game to some website and he hasnt been on devaintart in months (i think hes avoiding his fans) so there is no word on an update or magic shop 2

  373. hey girls send naked pics to gonz1317 @ gmail

  374. owl liver+ cat tail= massive girl with action

  375. magic shop v2 im tired of the same spell

  376. awsome game!!! cant wait till next one or the update is here :P

  377. awsome game! cant wait till next one or atleast the update! :P

  378. To all those asking about the shaded spells... they will never be unlocked! It turns out that Roninsong (the maker of the game) sold the rights to the game to this website, and when he tried to update it with the new version, they wouldn't let him.

  379. So thanks to the thick headed people of this site, unless he creates an all new, entirely new game, the greyed items will never be unlocked... EVER!

  380. Excelent...when full version?

  381. MR. CAMACHO's user pic goes perfectly with this music.

  382. my favourite spring water and devil wine

  383. damn that's some sexy shit check my profile ladies ;)

  384. Hello. And Bye. pole

  385. very great game

  386. big tits: water+ poison clover Midget: sugar+ lizard tail large teats: poison clover+bronzite furry bunny: grounded ivy+bronzite little girl: cat tail+virgin tongue giant: cat tail+owl liver blond: cat tail+devil wine there you guys, have some fun

  387. What? Bronzite & Ivy is the best one

  388. is there gonna be an updated version of this sometime? its been 2 years

  389. its an okay game, but i still came when i was playing it

  390. this game is ok but its bad because the stupid "new" owners of the rights of this game will not let the creator who made the game update it

  391. i like owl liver-rose milk

  392. en interessant spill av lys og det er fantastisk, jeg elsker det.

  393. how to unlock all

  394. how to unlock all

  395. Egypt girl ?

  396. buy ephedra online ephedrine recreational - ephedra tea

  397. Worse than this game never getting finished, the game's creator made a new game that got posted here a few months ago but then taken down without warning or explaination after about two weeks.

  398. who is this girl when I used poison clover + Owl liver

  399. Grounded ivi+Bronzite

  400. tell us where we can the complete game for free


  402. "some items are 'out of stock' and will be available in future versions" it says, this game never did get a finished version, at least not one I could ever find.


  404. pls link to full version!!!

  405. Skype Adds There Girls +5508396258784

  406. pring Water + Poison Clover = Big Boobs Spring Water + Grounded Ivy = Demon Spring Water + Virgin's Tongue = Fat Girl Spring Water + Owl Liver = Eskimo Bog Water + Sugar = Shemale Bog Water + Bronzite = Bondage Bog Water + Devil Wine = Christmas Slut Sugar + Rose Milk = Cheerleader Poison Clover + Lizard Tail = Mermaid Poison Clover + Virgin's Tongue = Nurse Poison Clover + Bronzite = Busty Boobs Poison Clover + Cat Tail = Tentacle Poison Clover + Rose Milk = Greek Grounded Ivy + Poison Clover = Egyptian Grounded Ivy + Sugar = Chun-Li Grounded Ivy + Cat Tail = Maid Grounded Ivy...

  407. Grounded Ivy + Bronzite = Shemale Furry Cat Tail + Virgin's Tongue = Horny Teen Cat Tail + Bronzite = Police Officer Cat Tail + Lizard Tail = Bodybuilder Cat Tail + Owl Liver = Giant Cat Tail + Devil Wine = Blonde Hair Cat Tail + Rose Milk = Angel Lizard Tail + Devil Wine = Upside Down Lizard Tail + Sugar = Tiny Woman Lizard Tail + Virgin's Tongue = Genie Virgin's Tongue + Bog Water = Cat Virgin's Tongue + Rose Milk = Big Butt Owl Liver + Bronzite = Princess Leia Bronzite + Devil's Wine = Asian Bronzite + Rose Milk = Elf Rose Milk + Owl Liver = Hermione

  408. Above is all the good combos!

  409. *sigh* Shame the Wii U couldn't use Opera for it's internet browser.

  410. *sigh* Shame the Wii U couldn't use Opera for it's internet browser otherwise because the Wii loads HALF of this then says that it's unable to load. Hmph... -.-#

  411. if you want to unlock the other ingredients press right mouse button the find play and click that your welcome

  412. how do you unlock the bottom ingredients?

  413. how do you unlock the bottom ingredients?

  414. Sexy game indeed, to bad they didnt let him finish it..

  415. I need a Full Version

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