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Welcome to the magic shop of Mr.Cummagen. This is a best place where you can buy all the invocation ingredients. Our hero Joe is working here as an assistant manager and he is strictly prohibited to create his own magic potions. But he wouldn't deny the young beautiful brunette Biannca who asked him to convert her hair to a blonde color.

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415 Responses to “Magic Shop”

  1. the people who don't like furrys should avoid bronzite and ivy

  2. How do you unlock the hidden items?

  3. this game is sexy :)

  4. Wonderfull game!! The creators are genius!! :P

  5. cat tail+devil wine=ending

  6. Pretty awsome game. Gunna definentally play again

  7. hmmm this made me hot ;)

  8. w + bw = two reciepes s = puppet pc = lactation + action gi = devil ct = punk hair lt = skull on shoulder vt = fat ol = eskimo b = locks dw = skunk rm = iced bw + s = futa pc = stone gi = red ct = green lt = transparent vt = kitty ol = black hair b = bondage dw = xmas rm = warts s + pc = frog gi = chun-li ct = bald lt = mini + action vt = disappears ol = blue b = bleached dw = cactus rm = cheerleader pc + gi = egypt ct = tentacle lt = mermaid vt = nurse ol = catgirl b = big boobs + action dw = money rm = greek gi + ct = maid lt = ape vt =...

  9. damn format

  10. How can I unlock hidden item?

  11. Teasiie you're very hot

  12. @what the...? read the last point of the tutorial

  13. The answer is Devils Wine and a Cat tail. Hoped this Work out for ya!

  14. you're not too bad yourself, Joke_D ;)

  15. the answer is devil wine and cat tail

  16. check my profile for my onfo

  17. funny game

  18. this game was funny in a way. i would like to see afuture verions of it just to see what theother potions do?

  19. I can not wait till the next update of this game

  20. how do you get tentacles? sw+pc=milk,s+lt=tiny,b+pc=boobs so far,the only ones i found with action button

  21. hey teasiie want to fuck

  22. how the hell do you unlock the other ingredients?

  23. clone=devil wine + rose milk

  24. wow actually no numbers this time

  25. cant wait for the next game with all the ingredients

  26. poison clover+cat tail=tenticale

  27. cat tail+virgen's tongue=horny teen

  28. nice one

  29. sugar + catail = action

  30. Poison Clover + Owl Liver = anime

  31. Grounded Ive + Spring water = Devil Cat Tail + Rose Milk = Angle

  32. hidden items are in the future version of the game

  33. thanks zifix

  34. Can i get a download link D: It always stops around 75 %

  35. Can i get a download link D: It always stops around 75 %

  36. bog water + bronzite = bdsm poison clover + cat tail = tentacles

  37. cat tail+virgin tounge= teen!!

  38. hat was hot. that got me hard :]

  39. Extremely great game!

  40. i cant wait till new items are stocked

  41. can you unlock the hidden item things?

  42. i have a huge diiick!!

  43. Tentacles= cat tail + poison clover

  44. how do you get the shaded ones

  45. fuck me hard XD

  46. this sucks

  47. I like poison clover and spring water mixture.

  48. The shaded Items, are out of stock, they will be used in a future version of the game. their not Locked their not there Yet

  49. bronzite + owl liver= princess leia

  50. Very good Game. Any girls want to chat or email check me out. ;)

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