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Name of our new heroine is Sonia. She's a real biker who loves a gas smell and beautiful babes. The bike driving for her is more than a hobby, it is her life style. This is a story of her adventures in the town of Springdale filled of the racing, the fighting, and the hot lesbian sex. Have fun!

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447 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck Lesbian Ride”

  1. not a demo :)

  2. Awesome game!

  3. WOW I'm No.1 !!!! I'm Taiwanese^^

  4. Halleluejha!!! A new Official Meet'n'Fuck!!! :D

  5. Awsome game :D

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  7. cant wait to load!!

  8. interesting new twist but once again worth the wait

  9. meh seen's more for the ladies

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  13. at last a full sexy game

  14. i've been waiting for this for a very long time.....

  15. Jeeez, the copied all the biking scenes from Lucas'"full throttle"!

  16. town full of lesbians=)

  17. I need more meet 'n fuck games this is a good game

  18. Aeeeee finally

  19. Finally not a fuckink demo

  20. Check the profile, and that was an awesome game.

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  23. wow a real games of desire M'N'F game

  24. worst one evar

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  26. niggas ruined it

  27. hell . . . . its about time!

  28. Games still loading I cant wait...

  29. YEESS im wait for it WERY long

  30. loved this

  31. hey! most tracks in this games are russian!

  32. no demo :) veeeeeeery hot...

  33. Best MEET N' fuck Ever!!

  34. lol, Full Throttle.

  35. They need to make more lesbian meet n fuck

  36. Wow, if you loose the race with that pink bike you really get gang banged. Its worth to loose :D

  37. Nice to have a full game for a change. Loved the babes and the biker punch-up!

  38. Not a Demo, but stolen from "Full Throttle"!


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  42. Very Full Throttle-esque. I love it.

  43. Its a full game but lesbians don't do anything for me. :(

  44. By far one of the best and hottest!, Less Cock more pussy

  45. love the game. made me squirt 20 times

  46. need to be fucked

  47. in order to do earle an jamal u have to loose the race

  48. a guy should've been the lead.

  49. Love the game, love the babes, shame how short it is tho

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  51. i nned more off that games

  52. GREAT GAME!!! I was missing MNF full games!!

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  55. Dumb ass game. Made for teeny boppers.

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  62. Why does everyone here have such poor English? But anyways, this was a good MnF and the quality was better than the others though I'd prefer more foreplay interactivity from the more "hotter" girls.

  63. fucking made my day

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  66. I hope they make a sequel for this game, it was amazing

  67. meh.. this game is boring, lesbian action is boring. still... its a m'n'f none the less...

  68. FUCK YES!

  69. I miss the anime style... Also the male main characters were more relatable.

  70. I guess they had to make a lesbian one eventually. Glad the free MnFs are still in produtction though.

  71. Lesbians.. Lesbians Everywhere...

  72. not into girls but pretty sexy

  73. fuck this is great

  74. I think that they could do a sequal to this one,

  75. At last a game worth visiting this site for!!!

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  77. im proud of you! this aint a demo!

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  84. i hope next MnF game won't be about gays:)

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  93. One of my favorite MnF games so far. Excellent! God bless, it's not a demo. I was starting to lose faith.

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  96. this game is so fucking awsome

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  98. anyone recognise the simularities to the old game a Full Throttle

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  100. After all this time, we finally get a meet n' fuck game, but a lesbian one. That sucks, but at least we know the games are still being made. Sad to say I'll be sitting this one out.

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  107. i hate lesbian games i want straight mnf hate it dont want to play it

  108. lol this reminds me of Full Throtle...

  109. Anyone notice the error..........? While having sex with Keisha, the meter says Naomi!!

  110. I would love to be in a town full of lesbians. This game made me so wet!

  111. It's Full Throttle: The Porno. I absolutely love it!

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  118. The anime style was WAY better, I didn't really enjoy this that much

  119. That was pretty sweet. Huzzah for full game! Good sex, and Naomi was absolutely adorable.

  120. I've realized the problem. There is Meet'N'Fuck and then there's the crappy Meet and Fuck games. The MNF, as we like to call it, is like this one, where we get a full game, every time. M&F, as I'm going to call it, is similar, but they want you to go pay hard money to play their games. Bull shit, if you ask me. I prefer MNF anyways.

  121. card games on motorcycles

  122. its good to see a full length MNF instead of a demos

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  131. Oh it is no similarity the shot is the same the bikes are the same hell they guy riding the other bike is the same it's Full Throttle I love that game

  132. finally came out.

  133. Very good game! Awesome ..... after all these shit demos!

  134. thumbs up guys. GREAT work

  135. best game eva played............keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  136. I love that game

  137. Who else lost the bike race on purpose? =3

  138. naomi? i could have sworn here name was keisha? oh well great game anyway

  139. Awesone game, and thank god it was a full version and not a demo

  140. cool game

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  143. this game was a bit short, but will pretty good

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  146. damn!! we finally get a full MNF and it's on some gay ass shit!! BOOO!!! they need to let us play the full version of the tomb raider games instead!! >:(

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  159. very hot game. star mission was hotter though

  160. naw the L_Kingdom one was way better!!

  161. Im so Happy its not a Demo =) This game is so Awsome & Sexy. I LOVE LESBIANS =))

  162. Dissapointment

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  434. very nice the game make me wet

  435. ive played this before and i dont know how to get to fuck/have sex with the black guy+the biker that i fought on the road lol i a nub at dis


  437. Personally I would have invited lily to ride beside me then handcuff the sherrif and the bargirl to my bike with a double end dildo between them, a vibe in the bargirls ass and me fucking the sherrif's ass with a strapon. On Lily's bike it would be the same only with the repair girl and the shop clerk handcuffed to the bike.

  438. the last one..

  439. Yes, I would want to live in a town full of lesbians. I am want to play only in games like as this. Only with lesbian sex without ugly men.


  441. cant wait to load!! cant wait to load!! cant wait to load!!

  442. When you fuck Keisha it says Naomi

  443. Great for masterbation

  444. very nice the game make me wet

  445. Need more to follow like lesbian rider 2 and so on

  446. so hot and got me so wet that i scissored my girlfriend for 2 hours

  447. Any possibility of second one, but with more scenes and more positions per scene?

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