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Porn Game - Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber, picture 3 of 3

There is a classic porn story. Steven works as plumber in Springfield. You think it's dirty job? Yeah! But he loves it. Every day he has a chance to meet with another sexy housewife :) Today he'll visit a house of Mrs. Stylez. Help him to work his way to her lovely pussy :)

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966 Responses to “Meet'N'Fuck: The Plumber”

  1. They just put IT!!!Love this series

  2. about time

  3. JUUU HUU !!! Meet'n'Fuck !! :DDd

  4. the best

  5. good one great job guys

  6. The girl reminds me of that Melissa girl in the Threesome Fun M'n'F

  7. now lets see how many comments there are

  8. One of the best Meet n' Fucks yet, for certain. I love the fact that there's a lot of different options this time around, and I like the the options are easy to navigate. A simple push of an icon is a welcome change. Let's you focus solely on masturbating, rather than trying to win a challenge. My only real gripe would be that the ending didn't have enough "zing" to it. It's just, you're having sex, then suddenly you're off the bed and shooting your load on her. I dunno.. just feels like it needs something more. Still excellent Meet n' Fuck

  9. excellent game


  11. Liked the Ol touch & fell better, much more interesting that way

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  13. cool game, meet'n fuck games are the best

  14. This game rules :D i jus love all your meet n fuck games... you must create more!!!!!


  16. Love it! The new "system" of fucking her is awesome!

  17. pretty decent

  18. tres sympa

  19. thet game is super


  21. my favorite game of all

  22. One of the best MnF. Only boobs are a bit too big for my taste.

  23. this game was pretty good got my cock nice and hard any girls want a big cock?

  24. wow. best mnf so far ^_^

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  30. luve the game and pussys

  31. whacko!!!!!!!!! Hot, to big of tits though, abit smaller :)

  32. Great game I loved it

  33. yes!! another one



  36. I still nelieve we needalesbian meetnfuck

  37. Quickly, suck my 2,43 cm penis, NOW!

  38. loved it

  39. great game

  40. best meet n fuck ever

  41. dam this 1 was soo awsome

  42. Pretty good but could have used more of game play and challenge. It's too easy.

  43. The response is grat guys the next one in 2 days


  45. Im love it xD

  46. best meet n fuck ever i like the easy button options

  47. Játék szar angolok faszok!

  48. THE best Meet'N'Fuck so far. keep it up

  49. Very Nice and to me the cumshot was great (no homo). The new method is very easy to use and IMO is a little better than the old. Very Good. Keep it Up

  50. my pussy is so wet, i need someone to fuck me long and hard. Oh please give me a fat juicy cock to stick in all the holes in my horny body.

  51. that girl is like one of the girl of threesome fun

  52. Fucking Awsome It'd be really cool if one of the girl neighbors came over and got in on the action too though

  53. Not bad, but could've used an option for anal.

  54. Very nice. I liked all the options and game system. Ending was kinda disappointing with just a cum shot over her body but everything else was greet.

  55. it could be better though, it could go 3D

  56. really. the next game should be snowboard instructor.

  57. Good Job Guys...

  58. that was the best one ever...

  59. Games god bad Milk Plant is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  60. i came three times to this... any girls wanna fuck?

  61. damn good game

  62. Wanna say Mariooooo jojobeth ???

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  65. Wow, i like it very much. And what a hottie they got this time. She reminds me of a colleague of mine. She's got almost the same slim body with even bigger tits than this hottie. She's just a little too shy to show them, so she tends to hide them. But sometimes, when she's not looking, i can take a good long look at them and,.. oh what a joy!

  66. Hahaha motherfucking awesome hahah!

  67. the best game ever!!!!!!!!

  68. I had loved if the husband arrives and she says: "Honesy, this is not what it looks" Nice, but rushed, don't listen to these wankers and take your time

  69. Wow amazing game, i didnt cum like that in ages!

  70. Loads pretty slow though

  71. this game is like fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more meet n fuck by the way im horny so any guys wanna fuck im pussy is wet any 10cm dicks

  72. This one is not so terrible. The best is still "Road trip"

  73. Sorry for my language but je suis français et c'est clair que le meilleur de toute la série est road trip mais les éléments interactifs sont sympas

  74. You guys are so close to perfection! Everything was great, the choices you had to fuck her, nice basic story and the design layout was a nice new twist. The only thing that put me off was the sound clips in the sex scenes. Other then that, bravo GoD, bravo!

  75. what is the name of the song at the ending

  76. finally a new meet and fuck

  77. good yee


  79. nice ! really nice

  80. plz keep this series coming!!!!!!1

  81. wow ppl wack off at this game? I admit its pretty good but ffs y would it make u wack off at drawn pictures. lol kids these days.

  82. dude a beast, much easelyer then the others which is good:)


  84. 아 로딩 정말 길다 근데 진짜 섹시 ㅋㅋㅋ Loading is too long, but I love it

  85. WE NEED A BLONDIE NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. WE NEED A BLONDIE NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. The Best Meet'N'Fuck!!!

  88. \,,,/ >_< \,,,/ AWESOME

  89. Wait a sec...Stylez is the last name of a porn star

  90. anyone uses virtuagirlhd

  91. best meet n fuck ever


  93. very nice one!


  95. Its ok, but again where is the game. theres nothing to it

  96. Damn thats fine as Heaven! One of the best in the series

  97. Sweeet!!

  98. Much better interface and actions, but the ***FUCKING MUSIC IS TOO GOD DAMN LOUD!!!!!!***

  99. wow plumbers do get paid alot

  100. great game need more and i lik that u have choice

  101. come to california and find me and have sex wif me pls my cock is big can u feel it???????????????????????

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  103. real good!!!

  104. maaan dis game does not load only

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  106. These games make me laugh. How peole get off at this is astounding.

  107. best sex game I've played ever

  108. Shit~! The best mnf.. Im so damn horny..

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  112. tits r a tad too big


  114. this is awsome!!! i will get some sex with my gilfriend!!!

  115. MEET AND FUCK FTW !!!!!!!!!

  116. exelent!!!! good job guys!!!!

  117. how to enter to play

  118. best MNF ever

  119. the new fuckin' system was fuckin' awesome!!! the best MNF ever!!! MORE MEET'N'FUCK!!!

  120. awesome...excellent i want more..............

  121. Nice game guys

  122. The game is pretty good. But, as a woman, I know for a fact that most women need more then tit grabbing & sucking to get them off. To the male characters in the game/s: COME ON!!! Why can't you go down on a woman for once!!!!!

  123. sEx mE.. aHhHh...

  124. That is a perfect meet and fuck, those tits are well drawn, great job on this one.


  126. nice.. :D

  127. very good game!!!

  128. I'm more interested in the end song. Tabs plz?

  129. It's-a me Mario!!!


  131. Yeah I Have VirtuaGirlHD and this game is very nice guys

  132. -_- loads too long but it was fucking awesome

  133. i tik i want to be a plumber ......

  134. man, whoever created this, you're a genious man!!

  135. this games is very very sexy

  136. Impressive improvement from the last, it just keeps getting better and better.. more options and positions too. Good job to whoever made it. =] The loading time was worth the wait.

  137. this is the best meet'n Fuck game... i really like it.... i wannna games like that plz...

  138. Love the improvements. Anyone up for a chat send me a message.

  139.'s been soooo long since new m'n'f, bwahhhhh!!! (tears of joy) best game ever man!!!

  140. Yes I agree. The best Meet ' n ' Fuck game ever. Keep up the good job. Thank You.

  141. finally M&F thanks for the hard guy keep it up.

  142. finally M&F thanks for the hard guy keep it up.

  143. uhhh.... that makes me a horny M&F are the best

  144. DAMN TAKE SO LONG!!!!!! 8=======D~~~~~~

  145. this girl in the game is Like the girl in black clothes in game Meet'N'Fuck Threesome Fun but still good!

  146. great game,next time it has to be either a policewoman, female politician or nun!

  147. I love Meet'N'Fuck games^^


  149. NEW SYSTEM....(",)



  152. The better pornogay

  153. Other than the ultra saggy breasts when she stands at the door, this one is the best one yet.

  154. Love It!

  155. the best game so far

  156. awesome!


  158. i love it! more meet and fuck. it makes me more horny.

  159. best 1ever

  160. it's very good game


  162. multiple options makes this game unique great game

  163. it takes so fuckin long to load

  164. good job and there was a monotone sound =)

  165. fuck i had to play it again.....came this time! guys your missin out!

  166. i like it

  167. i am a plummer :-)

  168. hey jojobeth do u have msn?


  170. Her boobs are way too big, which wasn't so attractive Slim them down and it would have been perfect, but overall, the options are better, but previous ones had better girls. And this girl closely resembles the MnF threesome in one of the earlier games.

  171. It was a great game but it could've been better. The fact that it had multiple options was great but anal wouldve been much appreciated. Also, more positions would be great

  172. put more games like this with the anal fature!!!!

  173. Stupid dialogs, irreal situations, irreal girls, wow!, cool game! (¿?)

  174. loved it. best ever.

  175. WOW~!!!!!! the only thing I hate is that you cant massage her.

  176. perfect game!!

  177. wow!...............wierd but thats mellisa from the threesome meet`n`fuck

  178. That chick is so fucking HOT!!! I wish I was that plumber

  179. Meet' n 'Fuck FAn probly has genital warts and has to jack off because they make his penis look like collyflower. FUCK YOU!!

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  185. That was Awesome the next one should be Girl on Girl that would be Epic

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  187. whoever plays this game will get a virus... have fun

  188. whoever plays this game will get a virus... have fun

  189. Не, ну если "Арию" было ещё просто забовно услышать, то Юрий Антонов, да ещё и в исполнении Пушного - это просто истерика.

  190. I love, love, love the MnF games. Especially now that I don't have to shuffle the mouse. The sex noises are much better now, they used to be silly, even a turnoff, but now they're pretty hot. And I love the funny lines! But I'd love it even more if you could cater a lil' more to females every once in a while. Maybe instead of a blowjob scene we could have a pussy eating scene? I'd be VERY appreciate if you did this!

  191. Great game, a bit short though

  192. very good

  193. This one didn't do it for me. If that was enough to get Melissa off, I can't imagine how little her husband does! Definitely needs more to please the woman. My favs are still hawaiian vacation and road trip.

  194. i love meet n fuck


  196. A GIRL-ON-GIRL ONE OF THESE WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. i luv mnf

  198. that chick was beautiful, but from behind she looked really chubby. maybe in the next meet n fuck you can change it up and make a slimmer girl with smaller boobs? not that curvy girls arent fantastic, but it gets boring when you feature them in every single game.

  199. Definitely the best of the lot, with REALISTIC sound effects and multiple options.

  200. Someone actually masturbates on this? LOL!

  201. no action to easy to play this game

  202. THIS GAME SUCKS ASS.... just plain simple it isnt as good as anyother. u guys really need to stop rushing them so they can make better ones

  203. Exelent, Just forgot her ass, Brazil loves MNF

  204. i love masturbate with this! it filld your moms mouth of my milk!

  205. it is great

  206. i offically wanna be a plumber lol

  207. i wanna meet n fuck someone on this site while my boyfriend is at work send me a message if your interested and if you live near me we'll arrange a meeting ;)

  208. cool but u alll make more meet n fuck with anal

  209. cool but u alll make more meet n fuck with anal

  210. Great game! All it needed was the message part, which is one of the reason why I love these games so much!

  211. kim69 ill meet 'n fuck u lol

  212. wow kim looks like you could use some help :D

  213. a sex sim with out the boring crap to put up with cuod ther be enything better

  214. Damn good Game

  215. I wish I had someone to play with my boobies like that :( The line about mario made me Lol


  217. liked the updates, coulda used a spoofier ending though

  218. kim69 hit me up

  219. good BGM! GOOD GAME!

  220. i couldn't control myself when i played it!this meet'n'fuck series is awesome!!!!!!!!! i just thought of getting a huge boobed woman like this!continue this series with lots of sexy ones like meet'n'fuck doctor,neighbour....etc..........

  221. best of mnf

  222. very good.......... i wan to be the plumber too......

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  224. wow that was good


  226. whuuuu numba 231

  227. hey did anybody know the name of the song yet

  228. I just love the new meet'n fuck I will wait for the next one

  229. how can a plumber be soo buff?

  230. Its great how MnF keeps being updated and the changes are different and eminent.

  231. it'll even better if the girls r sexier and better and longer storyline..mnf is the best..keep it up!!!

  232. another good Mn'F i like this games, your team is a very good team with the work they do all over the episods :) they are the best games i could played with the 3Ds sharks games :D continu ^^

  233. i'd like to be a programmer or a designer for helping you ;-)

  234. how bout mnf do on more classic such as teen+teacher,babysitter+parent,parole+con,athele+cheerleader wse

  235. they put fast

  236. loads to long

  237. fuck guys you made me touch myself haha

  238. woah random end need more

  239. We need more Jake and less MnF

  240. Need a new MnF

  241. gr8 game love it i came

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  244. MnF is really improving each time. I personally am glad that there is no massaging and no more EFFING car races. pissed me off those did. worth the wait, I'd say.

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  261. damnit this mnd rules. it was fukin great, i wish i was steve, the only thing that i dont like was no massage for the girl, but unless tht part was fukin amazing bring more meet and fuk mario's phrase made me laugh

  262. New features great!

  263. I think it would be a good idea if at the beginning you could use a dream/masturbation sequence/picture, where we can make our own Girl you know size, breasts, color, hairstyle, hair color, skin color, facial features weight and stuff.


  265. the best fuck you..!!

  266. i love these games, they are so awesome, everybody agrees with everyboy. this is how we will achieve world peace; porno. XD

  267. about time!!!!

  268. looks like my gf joanne


  270. My Favorite is the blowjob and Ride & Feed. The cumshot not so much.

  271. awsome mnf how about a gambling mnf maybe a strip poker

  272. i think it's good and good quality, but i actually miss some of the tasks you have to do on the other once. Like find the right place to rub. Now its more press button game.

  273. make me hard

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  279. Easily the best one yet, makes me want to change my job.

  280. kim69 you me meet and fuck now.

  281. Awesome job, bring them on! This one got quite some innovations, but please don't stick to "pushing buttons only" in future adventures...I liked the ones where you have to find the right spots and so on... A mix would be perfect!

  282. Wow this was the best MnF so far! Great job to the creators!

  283. great. now i need smb to fuck. ))))

  284. love these series. such sexy chicks and awesome porn

  285. create more meet and fuck and this site will be (FAMOUS)

  286. I am so wet and horny after playing this games... Meet 'N Fuck games rulez... There is one thuink that i dont like - there is nobody fuck me like this..

  287. i want to become a plaumber so tht i can also meet n fuck

  288. Though I came late I came as the Latest! LOVE Meet N Fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish Melissa was my Girlfriend!

  289. gr8 game hope u guys make more!

  290. Great Game!!! Need more!!!

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  313. this is the same melissa as in threesome, got married apparently. would he know about the other, sandy?

  314. thats fucking awesome! i love that, it makes me hard & wet, i think i'd seen that fucking scene somewhere before

  315. It would be cool if different answers could lead to different scenarios fuckin hot though

  316. this girl's remember's me of the game thermos fun

  317. The Best!

  318. i like the new system in it

  319. great game as all the meet n fuck (how about a lesbian meet n fuck one day ? ;) )

  320. I vote for a lesbian one!

  321. kewl as slippery slide

  322. this was short but awsome new stuff and stuff keep working on more

  323. 한국 동지~ 모여랏~ ㅋㅋ

  324. Man, Can you at least make it a game with some form of challenge? How about having to perform some tasks instead of just clicking on your reply? or having a time limit or something.



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  336. I WANT MORE MNF!!!

  337. I just love meet'n'fuck! I would want a wife like her! except cheating on me! :P

  338. I'd like it better if there was a Lesbian MNF.

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  371. fans need to stop being idiots and relize that this isnt the best one. it has faults

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  373. sound clips kinda ruins it

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  382. eah, look, guys....this stuff sucks. yeah, they're fun to play, but the animation is so ridiculous and cartoon-y that rather than being "hot" it just winds up being hilarious. I mean, come on, you know the programmers/"artists" are laughing at you for actually wanking off to this load of garbage. The proportions are unrealistic, the dialogue/interaction is completely inane, and frankly, these guys can't animate worth shit, it's like watching construction paper cartoons fuck. Besides, all of the games focus completely on how "my cock is so good, i can make any woman cum" which is total BULLSHIT...

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  385. Hot, but I miss the massage part.

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  387. my tits are tiny compared to most girls on these games !!!! fuckin game won't load

  388. finally another one

  389. i like it, let me kno if u want me to be your plumber

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  391. really like this one., but, can you put a little challenge to it?., but overall., IT'S GREAT.

  392. takes like an hour to load i got a six pack lady lets cum

  393. come la patiens is visual just w8 la....ANYWAY GEAT GAME~~~~~~~~~

  394. Good game in all. I'd like to see more games of this seria)) P.S. I'm from Russia' sorry for mistakes

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