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Sex Game - Narco Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Narco Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Narco Part 1, picture 3 of 3

The drug lord has hired two charming escort girls Amanda and Samantha to take his 18 years old son's virginity. But there is only thing our ruthless drug lord doesn't know one of the hookers is a DEA agent working under cover!

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72 Responses to “Narco Part 1”

  1. Bang a gong get it on. 1st !!!

  2. hint Word?

  3. i dont knowwat i am suppose to do after she starts sucking the guys dick

  4. Hold it for 10 seconds, and then let go and click the blonde's mouth

  5. i dont know what to do

  6. Im stuck, one in red sat on the sofa with the bodyguard

  7. I love this game I just wish it were real I am having a sex party tonight and all my porn star friends are coming for a fuck fest! Can't wait starts at 11:00 and am wearing my sexy panties wooh bring on the lesbians!

  8. the hint word is: cop

  9. that made me soooo wet. come watch me on cam! click my name to go to my profile.

  10. All of narco's three parts are on shark lagoon, btw, and many more game of that type.

  11. im stuck at the part at the beach where the guy is on top of the girl help plz

  12. ok after you hold for 10 seconds and clock the blondes mouth what do you do next

  13. investigation for play second part on site

  14. im so dumb.. whats after the blue girl shows her tits?

  15. Yet another game it isn't possible to finish. The beach scene isn't winnable.

  16. visit my profil

  17. I love their game make me wet every time Guys check my profile ;)

  18. how do you get the delivery info?


  20. !S!WCRTESTTEXTAREA000001!E!' aNd '7'='7

  21. !S!WCRTESTTEXTAREA000001!E!' aNd '7'='2

  22. ' oR '%'='

  23. ' oR '%'='2







  30. beat it its easy the island was good

  31. investigation pass. part 2

  32. what do I do when the blonde is licking the guys cock?

  33. How do you get the delivery info from Goran?

  34. i dont know what to do when the kid is with the girl of red and fast car

  35. what do i do when the blonde is licking the dudes cock

  36. Hey guys, check out my profile ;)

  37. the code word for the next part is : investigation

  38. thank you so much

  39. so horny and hard

  40. Where are the other clues apart from GPS that i can find on the car?

  41. better than the first one

  42. What to do when the son says they look slutty?

  43. what to do when the boy is on top of the girl on the beach?

  44. on the beach, when the boy is on top of the girl, after moving his hands up and down her side and what to do next?

  45. what do you do when she starts licking his cock?

  46. What do you do in the forest scene when she bangin' goran???

  47. how the fuck do i get through the doggy scene?? i want to get the information..

  48. fucking awesome game

  49. What do you do when she starts lickin his cock? Someone said hold for 10 seconds. Hold what?

  50. yet another shit game where its made impossible. we want to play a game, not play detective with the controls!

  51. how do you get the dude to feel the wet pussy

  52. when the blonde first starts licking his cock, click and hold on the black book on the desk next to the brunette, then once the two girls get down to suck his cock, click on the tip of his cock and then on the hand and hold for 10 seconds, after that click on the blonde. click her hair and hold that for 10 seconds. then hover over the brunettes mouth till she smiles then click. click then on the tip and hold till he cums. took forever for me to solve. needs a hint box or something

  53. Hint word is "COP"

  54. stuck in the car

  55. I think the show is very beatiful

  56. what do you do when he says 'Charming?Oh come on they look slutty.'

  57. Frankly I think that's abstoulely good stuff.

  58. very hot game

  59. wadsdasddsadsasd

  60. at the beach - he sits upon her belly and gives her a massage ... the hint says "move his hand and then click her left tit" ... tried that a thousand times without effect how can I handle that?

  61. The guy from Russia Wants to meet with a girl.

  62. having same problem at beach

  63. nice job

  64. on beach rubbing her sides and tells me to click her left boob and wont respond..what should I do?

  65. What do you do in the forest scene when she bangin' goran???

  66. i am a chinese

  67. take off your bra

  68. wait wile mouse scroli hide

  69. guys..what am i supposed to do after the woman ask how do i look...

  70. Which pussy wants my Dick right now

  71. How over the beach

  72. im stuck on the party where he puts his finger in her pussy

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