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Naruto Fuck Game

Porn Games - Naruto Fuck Game - Free to Play

Porn Game - Naruto Fuck Game, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Naruto Fuck Game, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Naruto Fuck Game, picture 3 of 3

Naruto is one horny mother fucker who fucks every girl that crosses his path and in this game he is no different. He sticks his hard cock into wet pussy. Enjoy!

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110 Responses to “Naruto Fuck Game”

  1. 1one1one1one1one1one1one

  2. SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. FuckSakura

  5. haha fifth lol

  6. btw this game sucks

  7. like I said before the games here are getting worse

  8. Naruto is a boy this time!

  9. games aite

  10. what a fuck

  11. wwtf? this games suck s!!!

  12. nice sound fx:)

  13. Not gonna lie this game makes me want to do anal

  14. Dudes this is the worst game ever of naruto hahahahhahaha xD

  15. naruto sucks!

  16. ...that was weird... In the next game should be Sasuke and Naruko (since I don't think they'll make yaoi game....)

  17. lol =P man this is funny

  18. game fucking sux

  19. man this game is boring are there any guys who can make me feel better than that chick naruto is fucking


  21. this game sucks ass

  22. this game sucked >.

  23. is it just me or are there games getting worse? what happened to lucky patient or subway fucker. hell if they just re released those with sound id be set for weeks

  24. Please call me (606) 216-8839.

  25. Why are there more and more naruto games

  26. I like this game. Girls txt me @ 915-319-0038

  27. not too bad

  28. blehhhhh somebody give me head!!!!

  29. sakura u so sexy in game

  30. Bah HumBag Lame Thumbs Down Dude!!!!!!!

  31. kantutan na girl ka ?



  34. short game but i like it 'cause i'm crazy about anal sex

  35. boooorrrringgggg

  36. This game where seriously made in paint.....

  37. lil'kell has a small dick will never get girls like i will cause im bigger than ian47

  38. vai to ma no cu seus punheteirossss kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  39. Hinata is fugly, do not want

  40. it's a little more bad than good but pretty nice :)

  41. y cant he cum in her pussy? that is wat makes me cum

  42. her moans made me absolutely wet

  43. good game can restart anytiem u want nice

  44. The music is the best part of this game.

  45. i liked it too short though

  46. just like a true ninja, the switching of the dick from pussy to ass and vice versa is unbelievably fast.

  47. I'm sorry to say this, dude, but you're stealing BBMBBF's work!

  48. I like all of it except the's literally awful(

  49. @WantSex: i like ur cock!


  51. you are very beautifaul

  52. yeah,you're very very beautiful

  53. ang ssarap

  54. annnggg sarrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppp!!!!

  55. check my profile

  56. the same emotions in his face=)

  57. what kind of game so short its dumb

  58. because of this game me and my cousin we have sex

  59. fucking noisy

  60. can enybody sex me plz

  61. can enybody sex me plz

  62. lol wjat a small dick


  64. boring sex)

  65. The only one that enjoyed that was Hinata. Naruto didn't even look like he gave a shit

  66. sucks ass

  67. seriously Sakura is much hotter

  68. just awful

  69. I like fuck

  70. the loading is to long

  71. i like anal sex

  72. i dont like loaging but i like sex

  73. karat karat fucking

  74. check my profile for my info .. im waiting for u here ... need some fun here baby ..

  75. nice sounds

  76. you're really sweet becky

  77. too short

  78. ang tgl ng loading

  79. too short

  80. shit same like avatar game shit fuck ass.....

  81. Terrible


  83. is it starting/...


  85. i love naruto series

  86. I love sex,chat to me !

  87. The music and Sakura is the best of this game

  88. ahahaha love it

  89. should probably have one with anko

  90. muito gostoso hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm deliciaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  91. i love this naruto and hinata hentai game a lot their my favorite couple so NARUHINA FOREVER 10/10 ^__^

  92. nice game. sad it's too short

  93. sex me sakura

  94. this is the best

  95. i liked it but to short

  96. shit on naruto

  97. i do love

  98. great game

  99. Fuck This game FUck you all


  101. i do love

  102. Fuck the police!

  103. madafaka fuck you beach yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ooo

  104. boring sex XD

  105. boring sex XD

  106. worst all time game, graphics suck, sounds suck,too short

  107. awesome so horny that I spermed

  108. How to load it

  109. how to download

  110. I can't down this.please tell me in the comment box.

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