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Welcome to New Angeles. Today you'll know what feels like to be a sophisticated cop. Criminal world of the big city filled with lust and temptations is waiting for you.

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67 Responses to “Officer Krupt”

  1. Really? I mean this thing's been around for approximately forever. C'mon, let's have something that's actually arousing and not just stupid.

  2. pretty good

  3. Long time too load

  4. It's old game. Interesting but not much fun.

  5. Yeah, this game is probably older than this site. Really, start loading some better content or you're going to be losing alot of traffic.

  6. this is an old game i played back at 07

  7. Stupid game it sucks!!!!! it haves to short fuck szene so it sucks

  8. damn cant you upload something new ? I havent seen a new MnF lateltly !

  9. this game is from like 2002/03

  10. quiero que me la metan

  11. interesting story

  12. quiero chupar todas las vaginas del mundo y meterles mi pene estoy deseperado no hablomas ahorita estoy teniendo sexo

  13.'re serious? They put this up? Damn...they...they really can't get anything good on this site anymore...that's it, i'm done fapping here.


  15. even the numbers are disgraced

  16. this game has been around since "jakes booty call" i used to love it even though its more a game about cops than it is about sex

  17. this game has been around since "jakes booty call" i used to love it even though its more a game about cops than it is about sex

  18. Really?! Wow, this game is freaking old! Older than this site, these people failed us, FAIL!!

  19. very sexyhjhjgff

  20. so hot games......??????

  21. this is so old its not even funny

  22. fuck me now!

  23. poor sex cocks,no seems like it's not a porn game

  24. SUCKS!!!!! NEW MAGIC SHOP!!!!!!!!!

  25. check my profile for my email .. need some fun here ..

  26. not so interactive...not so porn...not so good...


  28. i thnk it has all been said already...old...pornless...lame!


  30. i mean really th romp hasn't been around for at least 5 years prolly longer.

  31. no fun in playing zis game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! vry bad

  32. good porn game

  33. This is not a game of my desire. This site needs to live up to its name.

  34. check my profile

  35. wow this must be the shortest sex sceens ever!!!

  36. New magic shop would have been better. Put up new magic shop!

  37. big fat cock in yalls mouth lolololz nigger fuck

  38. awesome........

  39. kinda boring fuckin boring

  40. where's sex?

  41. that shit is corny i can do a better job on sex than he does

  42. sexy game!!!!

  43. check my profile

  44. this is old as fuck, and fuck is pretty old, older than internet

  45. Me don't like this game butt still made me wet ;)

  46. krupt is such a handsome guy

  47. itzz old bt nt bad

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  50. check my profile for my email .. need some fun here baby ..

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  52. needs more nudity

  53. Its more violence than porn... :P

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  55. this shit is sad

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  57. i like pie

  58. Okay story, Surely not going to touch myself with this haha

  59. his body is perfect

  60. this is dumb wheres the action

  61. Boring I stopped playing and fucked my girlfriend we are going to get married tomorow

  62. fuck this game

  63. fuck this game this game licks ass

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  65. fuck u t nadia

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