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A second part of the game about cutie japanese schoolgirl. At this time, this is your turn to please her using your tongue and fingers. Find all the hot spots and fondle her young body until she cums. Good luck!

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84 Responses to “Schoolgirl Satisfaction”

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  8. Wish it was translated into english

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  11. Jello get the fuck off this site!! You're too damn young for this stuff!!And, will you GoD people translate this shit!!! DAMN!!!

  12. damn i cant wait number 3

  13. Bored??? Check me out... XXX P.S. Nessuna italiana in giro??

  14. The only reason i play any of these games if because they are fuckin hilarious.

  15. har !? i hard bielieve it got season 2 ya ! nice ~~

  16. Geez cut it out with the chinese/japanese I dont friggin understand it.

  17. extremely nice girl, and the censowr aint too bad, good game!

  18. it took to long to make her cum. mabye in the next u can screw her.

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  25. Sooo, you don't get to fuck her?! WAT!?!

  26. I like sequels, especially when they are nicely made. Good game

  27. i can understand kanji....can anybody know how to play this????

  28. 榦不好玩

  29. need girl add me:D

  30. I like this one please more!!

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  37. ....did she piss her self at the end?

  38. i like this game its good but not beter than the forest monster series

  39. Damn because her mon come back cant fuck her!

  40. this game was ok but it´s just waiste of time...

  41. huh!i broke my left mouse batton... :(

  42. make these fucking games in English or at least have a language option ....

  43. a bit slow, but still a good game, I want more,

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  47. It seems that the girls parents came home from the sound of doors opening and closing and the exclamation points

  48. 잼업삳 ;;ㄱ-

  49. I hope it is worth the wait of the load

  50. Y in the hell is the girl not there I see the where she is supposed to be but she isn't there

  51. show me the moon and i dave you what your playsur

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  55. Aww.... Look at all the wanna be tough guys laying insults to people they don't even know over the internet, bravo, people; you are so fucking cool. We all started watching porn from a young age which is why we insist on playing these intrepid games. This game is okay, but I didn't feel an attraction to the female so I probably won't play again. It's quite cute, though, for a hentai game.


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  58. Love the "star effect" on the pussy & pee hole.

  59. i love this game but i think this need more FUCK!!!!!

  60. what are we supposed to do, i just can get it

  61. really cool but i donot speak japanese

  62. Can there be a sequal on this where you can fuck her?

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  71. Jeeze this shit must have weird impact on the Japanese culture, especially the youth. Sex is portrayed as some torture/fetish/premature shit, i cant imagine someone getting off to that.

  72. i could read this =/

  73. 阿阿阿喔喔~好淫蕩.我洩了. 我也好像要有大雞巴!可以自慰

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