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Today we're going to the Chicago State University where we can test our basic knowledges and fuck all the pretty women out there :) To do this you should be friendly and answer all their scientific questions.

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150 Responses to “Summer Session”

  1. i am number 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  2. its all right :D

  3. and can't u guys just go the hell with thoes nummbers?

  4. im number 3 yes yes 3 not 33333333333 3

  5. 5! Yeah ;)

  6. What the hell is wrong with you guys? can't you read or something? It says Meet 'N' fuck both places so just quit it alright and shut the fuck up.

  7. It's O.K. But Not There Best Work.

  8. dis shit is stupid make more meet n fuck

  9. numbah 6

  10. what university does it say for the rest of you???

  11. i love pussy

  12. you guys with the number are so stupid get a life!!!!

  13. it says chicago university

  14. sweet game

  15. need more games to play

  16. they make all the girl hot and big boobs

  17. keep up the good work

  18. naughty university)))

  19. i love the this universty ))))

  20. ZzzzZzzzZzzz...

  21. good game

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  23. sucked.0-10

  24. WTF! The Nile is the longest river not amazon. Nile: 4,135 miles long Amazon: 3,980 miles long

  25. pretty good. too easy, and the dialouge writers ned to learn sentence structure

  26. this sucks

  27. yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  28. not bad..but could be better

  29. ilove that games

  30. that was a great game and Iloved the babes because they have great boobs and and a great body to

  31. Are you serious? The makers of this game need to learn some of the english language before trying to create a game that requires the characters to speak english. None of the sentences make sense what-so-ever. The chicks are hot though...


  33. The questions are too easy, the girls are ok looking but are limp fish, the sex is boring and too short, the cum shots are lame, the dialogue is bad (especially the use of the English language), Very boring game.

  34. Rather boring over all. The questsions were easy, but the sex was not even worth it. And the English translation was aweful to say the least.

  35. fuck me guy

  36. I like how you pick the correct answer to a question, using a well known source. And the game tells you your wrong!! Good job DUMBASSES, WTF!!!!

  37. These guys need to go back to school. This is bad LOL!!!

  38. lol to easy

  39. Horrible english and grammar. Half of it you can't even understand. A few things are incorrect. The animations are lame, stiff and emotionless. All in all, not very good. Don't waste your time loading this one.

  40. honestly...this game is a lame copy of meet and are kind of bad,questions only retards can't answer also the girls aren't that good and the sex is an advice for creators: STOP COPYING GAMES AND DO YOUR GOD DAMN ORIGINAL ONES!

  41. easy questions

  42. WOW! The graphics suck ass!

  43. nice but sex parts are really undynanic

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  45. why other site copy meet'n'fuck games????

  46. Some italian hints? Check me out..

  47. Bad ripoff from the Meet'N'Fuck series...

  48. I AM NUMBER 1 WHEN f(x) = x+5-8!!! lim f(X) x-->2

  49. i will fuck you diksony

  50. who ever made this is retarded because he uses such grammar. plus he cant draw vaginas, it looks more like someone shot them in the genitals

  51. EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Too easy questions, poor english and fucking boring sex scenes.

  52. Wow whoever made this game needs to work on their English and Biology. They have no idea how to speak English let alone how to use grammar and that is not what a vagina looks like.

  53. Hmmm.........

  54. guys would learn anything to fuck such pretty

  55. -.-' hmm perverts

  56. really bad game dialogues. and the sex scenes were monotonous.

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  58. The fuck is bad. boring as hell and slow and silly movement.

  59. F you gay fags with numbers

  60. i wanna study in this university

  61. if only teachers were that pretty in real life...that dude sure is lucky

  62. cant play

  63. fucking shit less questions, more fucking

  64. my teachers were old:( damn!

  65. you look like fun t nadia

  66. Not Bad, needs more things to do

  67. any body live in maryland i would love to get together :) Pastry_Chick @ yahoo

  68. Man this game sucks ass seriously their expressions dont even change the cum shots look like the dude pissed himself and the questions are retarded

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  70. The final test is in astronomy, which will check your knowledge of astronomy! don't say. Not all astronomy tests actually test you on astronomy you know.

  71. the drawings are great but the animations suck. I mean even I can animate better than that.

  72. i liked sex in the locker room...

  73. the games pritty boring all ur doing is fukin them

  74. What's dumb game?! Bad graphic make me bored.

  75. I find it hilarious how I live in Chicago.

  76. It was ok the last chick was hot but the sex sucked and the moaning sucked lol

  77. not only did the grammar suck and that it had incorrect answers, it didn't even have decent porn.

  78. very very fun game made me want to have some fun ;)

  79. this gamee is so sweet


  81. hey johny walker i can bet that nobody will e mail you or something becouse of your "not straight dick!!" hehehehe

  82. girls im so hard rite now u got to look me up................awsome game

  83. kinda boring...

  84. this game was kinda stupid , had wrong ans and the animations sucked

  85. sorry nobody, you're already wrong

  86. what sandy said

  87. this sucked

  88. they cum too fast)))

  89. 9916123555

  90. Not So Good ... Too Many Questions And Less Sex

  91. good game for the Americans

  92. Hi Jess, I'm looking for some fun too...hit me up ;)

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  96. this sucks

  97. this is great

  98. My husband and I tried to find some fun with English-speaking people, but COWARD Americans always said: '' OH~ I don't want to go to Mexico. There is too dangerous.'' (BTW, we are English and Chinese)

  99. I'm guessing nobody flunks out of this school, given the simplicity of the questions and the quality of the rewards! Beats a gold star!! In addition to the amazon/nile length error, though, the Coral/Caribbean Sea depth question appears to be incorrect - I'm made to understand that the Carribean Sea has a greater maximum and average depth than the Coral Sea. Gotta get those facts straight before putting together a quiz game, guys! Gott a

  100. coud of used alittlemore action

  101. ah...ah...ah...ah i like it

  102. hey william you need more practice:)

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  116. This game is not great! 9/20

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  118. it is a decent game i guess

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  127. The longest river is the Nile, not the Amazon. Good game though.

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  146. artwork is nice but very repetitive the questions are a little hard sometimes

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  148. can you speak chinese?

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