The Jungle Call Part 1

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Porn Game - The Jungle Call Part 1, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - The Jungle Call Part 1, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - The Jungle Call Part 1, picture 3 of 3

Young french traveller Flor sets out across Amazon jungles hoping to find her lost sister. The last message she got from her was that she came upon a local tribe called Omoro. That tribe is well known for their perverted sexual rites.

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85 Responses to “The Jungle Call Part 1”

  1. numbah 1

  2. numbah 2

  3. Game SUX

  4. numbah 4

  5. hint word ''river''

  6. how is it that you find out the hit words?

  7. the fuck am i supposed to do when she's bending over the edge of the boat and you can see her ass?

  8. nice story

  9. click near her knees. she spreads her legs a little wider until her pussy shows.

  10. how are you suppos to get past the part were shes holding the motor?

  11. touch his crotch area

  12. how the fuck do u get past the part where she is licking the the dick ?

  13. How to get past part where she is sucking his dick on the boat?

  14. lick as much as you can, pause, then do it again. then click h er cheek. then pause, then again, then bob, but stop before it gets too high and click her hand.

  15. i stuck in the willage after toutching her body

  16. how do u get past the part where she is in the village?

  17. this is where i stuck. i starde with touching her face, than the breasts, the waist and the pants

  18. hurry up & bring out jungle call part 2

  19. how many endings are there?

  20. I didn't really like it :/

  21. how do you pass the village part after you touch her body ?

  22. dove si inizia a cliccare?

  23. Sharks games are always fun. Haven't finished this one yet, but gonna keep trying.

  24. how do you get past the part when shes leaning in front of the boat

  25. I am stuck at the cheif. What needs to be done?

  26. For the village, face chest, chest, waist, pants, and hair.

  27. clicking all around her fcking knee but nothing happens (at the part wwhere she is bending over)

  28. The clue word for both parts is river.

  29. after the boss leave her panties?

  30. wat the fuk am i supposd to do when shes bending over the boat

  31. @anonymouss: you msut click, hold and move the mouse on the knee

  32. what is to dpo when the chief has his finger on her pussy?

  33. what do i need to do at the always stop when its near to the end

  34. great graphics. the hint word is river

  35. i m stuck in front of chief what to do now???

  36. i like ..

  37. where do you type river?

  38. im china men i like SEX

  39. fruiggin stuck at venom part , she's suckin on d and then wha ?! pull pants down , then she slaps him , and fail ...

  40. while she's sucking chief , click on small of her back and chief begins to rub her back and he cums in her mouth

  41. i cant click anywhere near her knees

  42. want hot with french guy!! add me:

  43. river river river fucing thes cubby ass slut women ( . )( . )

  44. what the fcK are you supposed to do when shes bennding over the boat?

  45. Stuck at cheif, what do you do here? Have finger in pussy, but can't go anywhere else?

  46. awesome game

  47. STUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. I am stuck at the part where the chief is kneeling at here, what to do??

  49. what the heck are you supposed to do when the chief is sitting in fron of you?

  50. putain ras le bol ces fichus jeux sont de plus en plus dur


  52. I'm really shy n don't no how to talk to girls but i no how to hide from them it's called don't leave home

  53. when playing type river it will tell you what to do, any dumb shit who ask this again after reading this sorry no one can help you know

  54. what to do after rubbing boobs during bath

  55. very hot scenes

  56. yay !!!! i played !!! i love zenza lol !!!

  57. was pretty fun :D

  58. what to do after rubbing boobs during bath

  59. numbah fuck you

  60. IrenneBaby i wanna fuch the hell outta youi

  61. i like game

  62. the game made me so wet


  64. How to play this game ? I stocked

  65. I'm stuck right after they move her shirt! Need help!

  66. wet game and nice graphics i wanna fuck with someone it makes me sexy and wet

  67. the game is alright

  68. Type in "river" anytime you want and the game will tell you what to do next.

  69. How do you get past the part when she is leaning on the boat?!?!

  70. chef of tribu? what

  71. i love sharks games

  72. where need to write "river"?

  73. Great game

  74. stuck on touching in the village..

  75. hmmm check out my profile i am real naughty

  76. ohhhhhhhhh ! great ! just like me .. check out my profile guys ! want some fun ?

  77. ohhhh im fucking horny now .. check out my profile !

  78. how do u do when u rubbing her pussy at chief?

  79. stupidest game Ive ever fucking played

  80. how do u get past the part were her shorts and undies are down

  81. stuck at the part where she gives him a bj on the boat

  82. Ya Fun Game p.s sweet becky's photo is awesome

  83. i stuck in the willage after toutching

  84. it's cool fucking shit

  85. Girls check my profile!

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