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In this game you play as a vampire hunter, and the objective is to help one busty vampiress to come over her dark side. Otherwise, you'll be her slave forever. There are a few endings depending on how do you play.

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132 Responses to “Vampire Hunter N”

  1. The sexy girl needs to have less HP and the game should be in English, not frickin' Japanese or whatever language the writing is in.

  2. Gameneeds to be in english i mean it says Game over in english why not the rest of the game?

  3. this game is easy but he is bug a the end

  4. if some1 manages to beat her I congratulate him.

  5. man i figured out how to beat her and get the goods, and i don't even get to see it. that's wrong on so many levels. fix it and make a english version

  6. yeah its easy but only whit screen with sound at the end

  7. If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

  8. I cried over you for so long that I blinded myself!! Alas!!!!! Could you be back! I guess not!

  9. make it in english fools

  10. Can not understand Japan or what. ENGLISH big boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. @anetaranetar What are you talking about?

  12. is it demo?

  13. Heal -> top right, top right (30mp) mana regain -> right bottom

  14. its japanese {top is atack} top left is block [bottom left is talk] bottom right is regen mp

  15. man i just go and beat this game and what i get i aint get shit man nope no i go and spend my time on this shitty ass game and i dont get to do shit man im pissed now

  16. Well I beat her and I cant see shit after I won.

  17. White screen. LAME!!!

  18. They better fix this goddamn fucking WHITE SCREEN! Either that or remove this game and find a fixed version otherwise!

  19. Also has anybody been able to beat this and actually view the sex scenes?!

  20. i just checked and it isnt even f*cking finished yet. this sh*t isnt even finished

  21. white screen...

  22. just beat the game. but you cant view the ending. Just a white screen with music in the back ground. Might want to reload this game

  23. Push the right down bottom to recover MP, and the right middle bottom to acces to spells: right middle bottom to recover HP, right down to hit enemy (30 MP) and middle down to do a better hit but more cost (60 MP). Hit enemy and when you were lower 500 HP or lower to 30 MP, recover it.

  24. Pretty Sexy Game , Nice Art And Cute Girl :D Love it

  25. we need english version

  26. i need a real girl..please...

  27. Use the middle top skill and beat her in the head to do more damage, breaking her cloth before then is useless And white screen at the end, wtf?

  28. sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. this game is gay

  30. boobs where nice, game sucked tho

  31. yeah, only for boobs expert!

  32. i love boobs therefore this game is SWEET!

  33. The choices... The choices :)

  34. screw you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. This game is broken. I've played the actual game, and it doesn't have a white screen at the end. It's just the version on here that's messed up.

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  37. the men is so ugly but if i was him i would fuck her too so if u look for a sexy guy here i am

  38. Hello Girls,look at my Profile.

  39. Hello Girls,look at my Profile.

  40. the men is so ugly but if i was him i would fuck her too so if u look for a sexy guy here i am

  41. what's the point of this?

  42. anyone know where a full version of this game is at? i have looked but all i find are demo versions of this and you get less believe it or not

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  48. how do i win the fight?

  49. Keep on using heal, and just use the double claw (top middle) skill on her face Since the ending is broken there's no need to break her bra and panty

  50. Hit me up ladies ;) let's chat. If you can handle me that is lol

  51. alright. could have better graphics tho...

  52. I'm so wet right now, fuck me

  53. I'm so wet right now, fuck me

  54. need sex

  55. boys contact horny and lets have some fun

  56. this sucked. Can't understand anything

  57. Somebody pleas fic this game!!!!

  58. i beat her and got white screened...

  59. i always have to fight why can i go nowhere else on this game.....

  60. he four you upgrade with ten points are Attack, Defense, Mana regen (1point=5 bonus regen), and speed (blue arrow speed) In the fight: Top middle attack, top left defend, bottom left run (thats a guess i don't know what it does for sure), bottom right regenerate mana, top right spells Spells: bottom left knock her down random mana, top left slap her (slightly more damage than a normal attack), top middle double punch (hit once with both fists double basic damage), top right heal health, bottom right full attack(damages all points of the body less cloths more damage if the bra and panties are...

  61. gone only hits the head), bottom middle triple hit (hit three times for massive damage)

  62. it's impossible to win

  63. Lame game. Check out my profile ladies, love to play on cam with you.

  64. oh hey all i bet you expected me to say something gay like thirrrrrrrrrrrd hahaha lol no way that shit it gay but anyway girls check my profile my cock needs to be dealt with ;)

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  67. I had to beat her twice. It was tough though. But oh well its a game and a half.

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  69. want to see something really hot check my profile

  70. well, i fucked her though i got the game over.

  71. Nah!! the final animation ...when you finally defeat "broke"....I can't see anything

  72. If you right click and hit play it the white screen you can fight her again after a few times you see that shes leaking =)

  73. i just destroy her clothes but i still don't no how to beat her

  74. Check my profile. you wont be disappointed ;P

  75. i fucking beat her

  76. sorry i'm not good at japanese

  77. I have beat her, but than the game chrashd..... fuck......




  81. hahaha you retards got trolled

  82. I love sex and sex partys to

  83. lame... still cant get to the sex scenes

  84. Fuck this chat either fix the game or the admin sucks!

  85. FIX THE GAME SO ANNOYED it pauses after you kill her off then to unpause it you left click and use play and it shows that you rape her by cum on location you chose to rape her in. so sad

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  89. check my profile and ill play on cam

  90. is there any cheat for this game?

  91. this games is suck can,t understand

  92. who wanna have fun wiv me cum on ladies im waiting

  93. what fuck..

  94. eu venci a vampirinha e nada mais aconteceu , a tela ficou branca e ,fim ? ? ? cade o restante ?

  95. This "thing" is broken. KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!


  97. why don't fix the bug?


  99. very boring

  100. What the hall is it? I.... But the.... White screen?! you must be joking! Hey man....

  101. No puedo violarla se queda la pantalla en blanco.......


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  104. WTF !!!!! LOL

  105. who want sex!!!!

  106. how to play? we do need english version~~

  107. where am i supposed to click to beat this fucking game?

  108. Stupid game!!!

  109. This game would be great but everything is in japanese and you cant see the ending that really f**k up man

  110. The girl is a vampire ,and you are a player who is sliping in her castle,she has noticed you. and you are probably just a humanbeing. while she is a noble vampire . you know vampires always think that humanbeings are very stupid,so if you want to know her secrets you must fight againest her. you can also win,if you want to get laid with her...what a pity ,we can not see the ending~I know a little japanese

  111. whats the real version please tell me i hate this peace of crap but its still good for a flash please post a link for me please please please :)

  112. it wont let me show yall the link of the site with the full version -.-

  113. type in "vampire hunter n full game"

  114. its the 3 one

  115. in google

  116. have fun~

  117. i still can't get to the sex scenes

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  119. Raspberry shannen18 i love you baby

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  121. i did but it didn't work :(

  122. If u win with dat bitch you got white screen and end game... fail

  123. is driving me crazy!! how do you have sex with her, after the defeat?


  125. nice game , check my profile

  126. Anyone else notice that the vampire chick strikes an uncanny resemblance to Inner Moka from Rosario+Vampire? Big dissapointment that you can't fuck her though.

  127. nearly beat, then talk, then get her horny, then beat... Don't follow me

  128. I Freaking Did it :D

  129. Oh hell, lucky I'm a Chinese so I can understand the Jap letters......but wtf!!?? white screen!!???fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu

  130. yo i almost beat her she had 1000 health left

  131. dfsdfsdfsdf

  132. just go on a porn site you can watch yhe rape there :)

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