Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1)

Sex Games - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1) - Free to Play

Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1), picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1), picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1), picture 3 of 3

A lots of sexy young girls have been lost in the dark forest. All because there is living an evil tentacle monster. He catches females and fucks them hard! Today he has got a new victim. Her name is a Moon Light and she is a magician. You have to help our monster to kick her ass and bang her hard in the every hole :)

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152 Responses to “Victims of Forest Monster (Part 1)”

  1. number 1

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  3. you should have but up something telling you what to do i am confused

  4. nooooooooooooooooooooooooo 33333333333333333333

  5. How the hell are we expected to complete this game if it doesn't tell us what to do .. ?

  6. crap game !!!!!1

  7. WHAT THE FUCK U MUST DOO !??!?!?!!?!?!

  8. well i have at least found out she takes more damage in the head stil not completed it

  9. ok if you miss hitting her you need to recharg you power

  10. OLALA :> Nice game and easy like hell :> the monster fuck her in last :) nice nice

  11. Shoot her in the head and shoot at the red circles (her attacks). Don't just try to spam the attack, work with a pace and you should finish her off rather quickly.

  12. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. You have to press a to cycle through different colors, apparently.

  14. completed it the way i said above ps. smack her around after yoy undress her then you can fuck her

  15. At the end, just undress her completely and keep clicking her ass/tits/pussy(depending on what pose) until you can fuck her in all places. Then just finish her for a nice cumshot ;D

  16. right click -> play

  17. wow, this game rocks. killing the girl is hard though. you have to keep shooting her. dont click too fast or your shot power will be weak. if you shoot her in the face while she does her scythe attack you will interrupt it causing less fireballs to be formed. then just shoot the fireballs when they start coming toward you, but dont stop shooting her in the face. then, you get to tenticle rape her! just keep slapping her ass and tits until all of the penetration options are available. then you can pussy, tit, throat, and assfuck her at the same time!!! sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttt

  18. Bullshit :-(

  19. right click and press play you twits then you get all poses, this game is ok

  20. shit this is pretty good really

  21. lol if u play with her long enough u get extra options

  22. i like this one

  23. this is a pretty good game

  24. Right cklick and PLAY, repeat to have another view

  25. this game is easy just press d to go to the red attack then just keep clicking on fer face as fast as you can you dont need to worry about her attacks, trust

  26. Return Milch Plant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. cold you make it scroo her pussy and just right click and click forward to get throo the fighting

  28. I like this game : )

  29. is a good game some woman want a dick??


  31. For once a decent game.

  32. you basterds! when a good game out you bitches complian like hell. but when a bad comes out you jump for joy! excep tfor some of you.

  33. i take it back it is not bad 0nce win

  34. i guess she'll think twice as to go in a creepy forest alone

  35. it wont load the fucking part were he rapes her wdf wat do i do

  36. I love this game, please make more

  37. i beat it

  38. i need an cheat to where she wont kill me

  39. More like this. No more of that nipplefucking bullshit.

  40. HOLY FUCKEN SHIT!!!! The Sage from Dragon Warrior III!!!! Epic win. Plz to make ones of Warrior, Fighter, and Hero?

  41. All I got was a strip, no sex... what a ripoff

  42. tips for fight block only four attacks and focus on her head while keeping an eye on your energy

  43. 이거 깨기 존나 좆같아서 댓글 찾다가 내 댓글을봤군 후훗. 이거 사실 처음시작화면에서 오른쪽클릭->앞으로->오른쪽클릭->앞으로 하면 다 깬 화면 나와 ㅋㅋㅋ 그림3개잇을거니까 암거나 처 누르고 화면뜨면 미친마법사년 몸 구석구석 막 눌러주다보면 된다 ㅇㅋ?

  44. 한국인이신분 솔직히 그냥 해외인인척하지마시궁 그냥 댓글로 알려주세요 ;;

  45. can you do her in all 4 places for each pose or are different places available for each pose

  46. that was awesome! i noticed how she likes it when u cum over and over.....plsss make another one...(p.s the fighting s kinda gay so just do the talking..then the fuck..tnxx

  47. thi game suks shit fighting controls suk

  48. 노가다 뛰셈 2번만하면 알아요..

  49. ;) girls check my profile... P.S. nessuna italiana in giro? :P

  50. I see now, you have to get her completely naked before the real fun begins. it really is a good game

  51. Awsome game man!

  52. just right click play

  53. Норм игрушка,че вы америкосы пиздите

  54. Ez egy NAGY SZAR!!!!!

  55. pretty easy I managed to finish it

  56. Needs play.

  57. Meant needs sound.

  58. I like it : )

  59. best fucking game EVER!

  60. Were do they get these hot pics 4rm for ads

  61. some one wanna fuck me, I am a model skiny blond hair green eyes tell me if you do:)

  62. yeah simply press right click and then play or if you wanna beat her by yourself press d (your attack mode is red then) and just spam her head .....


  64. i love hentai

  65. just right click then forward right to the sex scenes preety decent

  66. puto juego es basura

  67. 키보드 A S D / Z X 누르면 오른쪽 하단에 공격모드 색갈 바뀌면서 변하구요... 다른거 모드 변하면 공격상쇄 도 있고 옷 찢기 머 그런거 있는데 다른거 다 필요없고 공격모드 붉은색(D) 눌러서 게이지 쫙 까면 됩니다 (약 10초) 피 반 달기 전에 끝납니다.

  68. i love this site

  69. hahahahah nyc

  70. huh??????????????????????

  71. if u click her head repeatedly and block her attacks then you'll win ^-^

  72. i am no 1 i beat it!!!

  73. The best till now!

  74. come si fa a fare le bolle magiche?????????????????????????????????

  75. come si fa a fare le bolle magiche?????????????????????????????????

  76. if u want to get rite to fucking right click and hit play when you get to the fight, then just touch her boobs and such till you cant get any more holes to fuck her in

  77. i think press r and u get red and hit repeatedly and then u get three choices

  78. Wow this was great game! It's ecspecially nice to see her fucked into four places at once

  79. i got a good thing i could get u advice t o attck her head fastest way to get her in ur penis and u need to touch her body as much as u cna then u get abaut 4 fuck tit fuck blowjob anal pussy

  80. i got a good thing i could get u advice t o attck her head fastest way to get her in ur penis and u need to touch her body as much as u cna then u get abaut 4 fuck tit fuck blowjob anal pussy

  81. its very easy to complete. the best advise i can give is just go for the head. just touch her body as much as u can

  82. press d (red) and keep spamming her head. but i'll just go with context > play since there is no "overwhelm and capture" animation

  83. keep attack clothes, they can be remove! what are the differences between a,s and d??

  84. humm, i dont like the fighting part, its hard and annoying, but, you can right click play hack it, furthermore the animation was nice enough. the rewards were worth it, altough position 2 was a bit lame, my favorite was Position 3, because you could actually SEE her dark hole

  85. could use sound too

  86. umm it was okay

  87. The fight thing suck ass. The reward for wining is great! If it had sound, it be AWESOME!!!

  88. fuck !!!!!

  89. fucking fighting part was retarded they should remove the shit and it needs sound 2 fucking shit ass game

  90. идите вы все нахуй,тупицы ебаные)

  91. Fuck it Right click on Play doesn't work!

  92. i like this game, it makes me so horny

  93. very nice!~ this is good game!~

  94. its pretty good but we don't know if we hav other options left...

  95. just press D +attack you will gave 3 ending hehehehe

  96. for the idiots who dont know howe to win just press D and klik as fast as u can on her

  97. press A key for armour mode this will damage her clothes in the fight and deal a little bit of damage. it also appears to cancel out her charged spell Press S key for spell mode this is the best mode for blocking her spell attacks Press D key for damage mode for this is the most damaging mode but will not block her spells or remove any of her clothes during combat.

  98. u need to click s or d/ s is to stop her from using them attacks and red is for attack (d). a is kinda lame i dont really know the use of it though

  99. pikachu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. this game is lame u pretty much beat her up and then look at her naked

  101. .......친절한 설명 매우 감사드립니다...

  102. привет!!

  103. At the end, just undress her completely and keep clicking on her tits pussy or ass and you should be able to do her in all places

  104. press D and atack her...

  105. This game is overall good, but I say the storyline is a little fucked. Who the hell would wake a monster in the middle of the fucking forest for directions? I would personally, but I'm a dumbshit.

  106. how hard is it to click on her head untill you beat her then you pick one of three pictures then you fuck her

  107. 재생버튼누르면 끝.

  108. just right click and press play

  109. right click and play...


  111. Nice. Very exciting to fuck all her holes

  112. Victory impossible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. ooooooohhhh yeaaa

  114. Hey Matador. You seem... how should i say it... enjoyable! Wanna do online fuck?

  115. Just keep hittiing at her head.

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  117. wow im horny.. chat with me guys. im 18 and willing

  118. You hit her in the head if you are wondering how to play.

  119. any one want to fuck ?

  120. Once you learn how to win, it is the best game ever. You need to write #4, 5, 6, & 7 versions.

  121. this game sucks. i cant even beat her in the battle! what the hell??!!

  122. Feel good!

  123. Bah,Try attack face!

  124. "A lots of sexy young girls have been lost in the dark forest. All because there is living an evil tentacle monster. He catches females and fucks them hard! Today he has got a new victim. Her name is a Moon Light and she is a magician. You have to help our monster to kick her ass and bang her hard in the every hole :)" Which one's the every hole?

  125. The fighting is foreplay and realistic. If you can't defeat her then why should you get to have your way? Either earn it or go to an 'easy' game. Only thing missing is sound. Also thanks for the asd button mentions, I thought it was only mouse click.

  126. (If you can't tell, I like the fights) Buttons for attack modes a- all purpose attack (yellow) s- spell counter (blue) d- attack only (red) z- interrupt (purple) x- armor only (green)

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  128. i love this serouis its awsome oh and if u wanna stip everything off jus click z on the keyboard during the fight stage

  129. How the fuck do I win if she keeps throwing out all her fucking attacks so quickly? -_- Goddamn!

  130. it is easy all you got to do is attack before she does i know it is easier said than done but just give a try if that don't than damn

  131. hahaha!your fuck

  132. i can't win :( help!

  133. this game is awsome

  134. right click and click play

  135. click and cum

  136. best game

  137. oh fuck me hard!!!

  138. amazing stuff thanx :)

  139. thanks !! very helpful post!

  140. just right click and press 'play' lolz

  141. you have to click very fast on her head because this is otherwise hard to defeat

  142. very hard game

  143. check my profile

  144. whats the girls name? cuz i've seen this girl before i forgot where she was from... its not moonlight, thats for sure.

  145. i need a hard dick in me

  146. best game ever

  147. When it gets to the part where she is fighting you, just right click, and hit forward, you skip the fight entirely! BEST GAME EVER

  148. i just defeated her

  149. ima fuck her

  150. i cannot win help!

  151. If you rightclick and press play you win :)

  152. ghjhudfdsf

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