Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2)

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Porn Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2), picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2), picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2), picture 3 of 3

Time to visit our forest tentacle monster once again. A fresh sexy victim are waiting him for today. She is noble thief who has stole a biggest diamond of the greedy king. But she made a fatal mistake! She asked for help our perverted monster. Play the game and you will see what happened next :)

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147 Responses to “Victims of Forest Monster (Part 2)”

  1. Still no instructions...

  2. But pressing forward always works (:

  3. someone can explain how to game????

  4. game without instructions

  5. This Game was sweet!! ^_^

  6. nice game ;D

  7. Why you need instructions it's so easy.

  8. make a part 3!

  9. hey girls add sexynhorny5 at hotmail dot com for some fun cant wait:)

  10. Okay to skip the beginning, you have to right click and press play DURING the shooting part

  11. just aim the mouse and hit

  12. Nice one! make another one! :D

  13. keep em commin untill part 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  14. Why dont you put more sex scenes? It will make it more interesting!

  15. Why dont you put more sex scenes? It will make it more interesting!

  16. i totaly agree with awesome, these are a very promising series. please improve and bring em in more n more.

  17. 오른쪽클릭->앞으로->오른쪽클릭->앞으로

  18. Its not good as much as Meet and fuck games. Meet N Fuck games is even better than 3D games...So why dont you produce M_n_F games?

  19. easyer that the mage girl one

  20. good game i'm waiting for 3 part

  21. it would be nice to see a painful expression on her face when he puts a tentacle in her ass

  22. it sucks

  23. add more layers to clothes to take off, it makes it more fun

  24. best game i've seen in a long time. you could make a full RPG out of this, with a story line and multiple girls. maybe add an overworld where you can walk around and meet and fuck other girls as well. don't listen to the idiots that can't figure it out. you should have the girls begging for mercy while the tentacles are pounding their holes, too.

  25. Nice game, hope for more improvements though...


  27. kind of boring



  30. fucking this shit....

  31. what about mnf?

  32. get to the game right click and click play, easy shit, i want pancakes now

  33. right click then play = Get to real game.

  34. dude they dont read these they probably wont make more m n f for a little so play other sites

  35. press "D" and wont stop clicking her...u will own her faster

  36. good game, would be incredible if there was sound to it. please make more

  37. very nice

  38. Instructions: Click play then click on the girls face, boobs, and pussy to damage her (but not too much, you have a power bar) and click the red circles to avoid her attacks. After you have beaten her its a matter of clicking her until you get the option to insert, insert speed up and cum multiple times to unlock the next one.

  39. no fucking sound

  40. I liked the mage better, more poses... Anyway sounds would be nice w/mute button and comments from the girl and tentacle monster that just kinda pops up and you don't have to click to close

  41. i got my pancakes!!!

  42. porn hub dot com is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better belive me

  43. cuz its real

  44. A = weaker attack, in otherwords it strips her S = Use this for when she shoots at you D = For a quick kill

  45. i cant believe there doing this. i know how to find the full game there copying this from and then chopping it up cant post any link or anything to the real one

  46. Blue JellyFish of Forest & Electric Jellyfish DE Battle thats the games full name

  47. ever notice the accronym for this site is G.O.D.?

  48. Just press D to switch to Red attacks when you're trying to damage her, then press S to switch to Blue attacks to block her attacks.

  49. no more meet ´n´fuck it really easy those game put more like this

  50. it was a fun game but I agree we need More MNF games please I'm begging you evrybody will be happy if theirs another one

  51. I personally liked it alot. Its a much better series than the MNF. It makes you work a little for it... I look forward to any other additions

  52. Not trying to bash on MNF really, its just when I look for a game, I kinda look for just that, a game, not an interactive story...

  53. heres the game as i understand it, press A, S or D to swap attacks (S worked best for me). Aim for the head or breasts, both should let you empty her health before she empties yours. once you win click on the breasts, pussy, etc lots to unlock tpyes of sex, rest you can work out for urself. enjoy! =)

  54. i fucking want some meet´n´fuck...

  55. We need 2 meet n fuck atleast May be more

  56. easy game, just click her face till she 'dies' then click breasts and pu--y until you unlock stuff. IT NEEDS SOUND FFS

  57. Cool game it needs sound

  58. Y'know, her eyes eventually turn an almost sold blue. its pretty creepy...


  60. please make one with a capture animation and maybe sound? by the way great series

  61. Pretty good.

  62. they should not release the next mnf untill a non-mnf game is released and no-one whines about wanting more mnf Also this game rocks

  63. to play just click on her repeatedly

  64. it was a great game, if only the tentacles were a lil bit better, and there was sound :D

  65. all you ppl bitchin about meet and fuck shut the hell up with yo fikin asses. If you want to meet and fuck a girl GO OUT AND MEET AND FUCK SOME GIRL!!!

  66. i like this game. it could use some more different positions though. i cant wait for part 3

  67. i found something funny. if you ceep cumming in her ass her belly will become bigger and bigger as if she is pregnant

  68. What the fuck..... I want to kick there ass..


  70. i agree could use more positions, sound, and capture anamation

  71. HEY!!!!!! don´t bitch on other people´s country

  72. have you totally spies hentai

  73. any sexy gal wanna stay 1 night

  74. cool game

  75. one of the best games ive ever played her please more

  76. love the game some sounds would make it better

  77. game is good

  78. will what can i say i gave it 4 stars i like it but i did love it

  79. 항문에 가득 체웠다가 빼기

  80. 배가 빵빵해지도록 가득 체우면 나중에 뽑앗을대 엄청 오래 나옵니다 입으로는 안넘치나 모르겟군요

  81. z는 공격을 하지 못하게하는 견제모드 x는 *.*우리가 좋아하는 옷벗기기 모드 a는 우리가 처음시작할때 쓰는모드 만능모드 s는 방어모드 d는 한놈만패의 대명사 공격모드


  83. another E Z game :)

  84. Aim for the head as much as possible, this is her weakest point. Obviously shoot the circles before they explode on you. If you keep conserving power and shoot at her head you'll head to the next stage which is fucking this bitch.

  85. every bitch complianing about mnf can go fuck them selves. if you want a new game make one you ass holes. this game rocks.

  86. uh better instructions JUS KEEPCLICKING HER HEAD NO MATTER WHAT


  88. great game

  89. i agree with killer and ANONYMOUS its a very good game. and the fighting part is easy. just press D to let the tentecal monster go in attack mode and keep clicking on the bitch, i always do this and win without cancelling her attacks (note head is the weakkest point)

  90. these games are totally awesome but if you make another it could use more scenes

  91. oh GOD im so wet now

  92. that was boring

  93. right click all of it to get to the strip and fucl

  94. need to check out d attck power, careful use it. use attack power to attack d gal n the power from her

  95. no fucking sound.............

  96. nice game

  97. its a pretty simple game. aim with your mouse and fire using left mouse button for right handers. when she is attacking you with her whip aim at the red targets on your screen and blast the targets so you dont lose any hit points. she loses hit points when you shot the red targets. when she is not attacking just aim at her and fire away. she will also lose hit points by just shooting her. the rest is self explanatory.

  98. erm just bang her head and it will be easy won no need instructions wery simple!

  99. No tiene musica }:) pobresito ehhhhhhhhh Dont have music pureeeeeeeeeeee x:d Oi, no tem lirta nosaaaaaaa.

  100. VASTLY easier than the mage one, the mage is is nigh impossible to beat legitimately.

  101. Nice Game . I love It . XD ^^

  102. Its Good ... I Wana Fuck A Pussy .. Any Girls Want To Chat ??

  103. ncie job!!! waiting for part 3!

  104. Holy crap there's a lot of cum that flies out when you pull out of her ass!

  105. really great game

  106. u click on her to attack n click the circles to block her attacks

  107. i luv these victims of the forest games. bein' a monster wuz never so much fun!

  108. Fuckin that sexy over and over again cummin all over the ground and her. Thats Whats Up

  109. What hentaisama said about her stomach bigger when cumming in her, I had to check it out, damn, so awesome. I love to see her eyes go all blurry. It's frickin' sexy. Would have been more sexy if her agonising screams had become moanings of pleasure in this. That would have been such a turn on.

  110. Oh, I noticed that if you tease her all the way to anal, and keeps cumming in her until she gets big, she'll start looking terrified, and when taken out, she'll kinda look relieved. *___* Now THAT is a turn on.

  111. She starts to like it after you cum on her enough

  112. Point and click with mouse to attack andarouse her to get options. Buttons for attack modes a- all purpose attack (yellow) s- spell counter (blue) d- attack only (red) z- interrupt (purple) x- armor only (green)

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  114. as usal just press x then click her top and u can see her breasts jiggle in the fight keep clicking her bottom to see her panties then ull own her teice as fast

  115. good game

  116. Makes my pussy all wet!

  117. very exciting!!!

  118. Ok, I found the actual game... but it's censored! How to remove it? lol

  119. oh i'm so horny now

  120. Instructions: After the battle starts push d. It sets you in attack mode or something Then rapidly click on the hot babe until you get your prize...fucking her.

  121. fill my holes too

  122. make part 4 nice game

  123. ohhh nice info

  124. needs sound

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  126. no more tentacles plz more cocks!

  127. when will monster forest 4 will be made

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  129. Good game ^u^

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  133. where is that girl from?

  134. where is that girl from?

  135. it must be incredible feeling

  136. Great, just needs sound

  137. Game would've been better with some sound .

  138. very hot game ewri van gilsr sexy

  139. Great Game right click and play

  140. i wish some thing lik that happen to me

  141. If you save all of them up you can have Big Climax its very juicey

  142. GAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!1!!!11!!!!!

  143. jizz all over i luv it!!!

  144. Very good game!!!

  145. People norllmay pay me for this and you are giving it away!

  146. Thanky Thanky for all this good inframotion!

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