Victims of Forest Monster (Part 3)

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Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 3), picture 1 of 3 Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 3), picture 2 of 3 Sex Game - Victims of Forest Monster (Part 3), picture 3 of 3

Time to visit our perverted forest monster again :) Who is his victim for today? Ohhh... This is a young blondie in the bunny costume. I think our tentacle friend will get a lot of fun with this bitch :)

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98 Responses to “Victims of Forest Monster (Part 3)”

  1. This game fucking kicks ass.

  2. nice game could of been better but still nice ^.^

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  5. xD i Want Meet'n Fuck

  6. Fucking Amazing

  7. number six

  8. It could have been better xD podria aver estado mejor

  9. this one is really really good..... ..FOR ME TO POOP ON!!!

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  11. Right click - Forward

  12. number 9

  13. number 10

  14. I think it would be...kinda cool if there was a meet n fuck for girls... my friend would probably like that

  15. es tonto poner numeros si hay personas que lo juegan y no comentan is sily to put number if there persons who play the game but htey dont coment...

  16. m n f plx

  17. 내가 한국 1빠

  18. damn good

  19. A=regular attack, used to remove clothes S=Anti-attack, use it to take down enemy attacks D=Quick Attack, rapid fire but doesn't remove clothes or destroy attacks Just for all those people who complain about lack of controls

  20. fun games, please continue the series. Z is good to make them flinch, and X seems to remove clothes faster

  21. quite nice

  22. 6 out of 10

  23. 내가한국2빠

  24. wats a whore with bunny suit doing in the forest O_o

  25. this game is nice and easy if you have AutoClick 2.2 =)

  26. 누가 뭐누르며 어떡해 되는지좀 써주시오

  27. 好阿 真是ㄅ錯阿

  28. good series so far

  29. meet n fuck

  30. Bored gals? Check me... XXX

  31. heh, these series are awesome but, we need more tentacle species (like different kinda "Heads" for the tentacles) and we need that multi position type ending so you can choose what view you'll get ;)

  32. great game series, there needs to be special features or something with different type of tentacles and maybe even little monsters to help screw our beautiful princess

  33. 5/10 -.-

  34. dude this game kicks ass

  35. it would be a better game if you can choose positions at the end

  36. Bed ..............I Want Meet'n Fuck

  37. From the smile on her face, I get the feeling that this girl got exactly what she was looking for.

  38. this series is great and i like this game to its amazing i like it alot do it will be a while before id desire a new game of this series (cause im busy with this one) afterwards ill be waiting for the next game of this series

  39. Why not just add the whole game. it's called blue jellyfish of forest.. Look it up. it has all the chars used so far. plus one more. which is probably coming later. same fight style, and same rape scenes all in one game. plus you can skip the fight sequence.

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  41. one of the best games yet


  43. These games of the forest monster are the bests!

  44. Nice new series. More tentacle games!! Part two is still my favourite so far though

  45. супер, давай еще такие!!

  46. well ok i put 3.5 star

  47. Good game. I like to fuck her in different holes

  48. This is quite interesting actually. I like this games.

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  50. Give us more Jake. He is the fucking man, and the games offer some challenge

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  54. nice game

  55. any girls like my dick

  56. Make some more guys, this game tipe rocks! ;)

  57. By the way, you could make a futanari girl... Perverts like me, would love it, and there's a lot of perverts... ;)

  58. why would a girl be in abunny suit in the middle of a forest

  59. Dani-xXx-Cock and officerbdick dont need to show off a small ass dick like yours before u show it off grow a few inches


  61. wow that made me horny. her expression was the best.


  63. right click and hit play to skip parts...

  64. süper lan bunlar

  65. 앜ㅋㅋㅋ 뭐얔ㅋㅋ

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  67. 어아어아어아어아어아어아엉아어

  68. it got stuck on me try again later

  69. This is a Nice tentarcle SEX!!라고 미국인이 아닌자가 말합니다..

  70. fuccccckkkk

  71. 우와.... 존나.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  72. I dont get this how do you play this?


  74. when is the next game coming?

  75. Press the D key when u start fighting her to switch to a red attack. Click her face as fast as u can and ignore her attacks.

  76. Point and click with mouse to attack and arouse her to get options. Buttons for attack modes a- all purpose attack (yellow) s- spell counter (blue) d- attack only (red) z- interrupt (purple) x- armor only (green)

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  78. More please, creators

  79. so far the best of the serouis (and all of u crying for mnf the serouis stinks u horny 11 year olds)

  80. need sound

  81. Great game, awsome, liked the ass rub part ;) Keep on making this kind of games, they rock!

  82. awesome dialogue! i can't stop laughing

  83. pretty cool game

  84. they already made all the others this is a small game off of blue electric jellyfish, if you want to play all of the others look for it on hentai from hell

  85. is she a midget?

  86. wow small dick danny is back you need a microscope to see it haha you fuckin nerd

  87. cant wait 4 part FOUR!!!!

  88. Super! Mehr davon!!

  89. This game fucking kicj=ks ass if there was sound i seriuosly think ....5/5

  90. i just looking for a girl who might like fun but game was great

  91. *i'll fuck the shit out of you* lol

  92. Want moar of this series.

  93. I need to fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. just so so

  95. What 'bout part 4?

  96. number 100! very easy and hot game...

  97. the only thing you have to do is press ''d'' and then clik faster over the bunny

  98. to easy game, i liked de bunny suit alot :D

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