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Orc leaders know that the elfish queen has a lot of the sexual energy. All you need to take it is to fuck her hard and bring that bitch to orgasm. One lucky orc dude is going to do with her today :-)

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Game Size: 1.2 MB

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57 Responses to “WOW Chronicles: Orc vs Elf”

  1. numba 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boo yah

  2. use tab and space to hit the targets easier.

  3. Is there any way to download these?

  4. i love the way he slaps her ass

  5. Is there a reason this game is unnecessarily difficult in both parts? lol

  6. Could they make more games like these....they're awsome.

  7. Yeah, one with cowgirl style :P

  8. now that is what i call fucking

  9. with the jdownloader you can download anything with link

  10. Watch for the stress to start jumping up in big amounts and switch in this order: Rub Pussy, Rub Ass, Penetrate Pussy, Penetrate Ass, Fuck Pussy, Fuck Ass. It's really easy.

  11. @ Derp: Yes, there is a way to download it. Simply save the entire site on your desktop and the game will be as a swf-file in the folder.

  12. how can i gget her to climax ????

  13. nice cock

  14. I like cock monter

  15. Took a few tries, but finally got that huge cock in her lucky little pussy.

  16. so difficult to make her get her to do get it?

  17. this game is unplayable

  18. well glad we got to play a full version of something.. but I was hoping for something better

  19. i Trololold on this

  20. A MnF like Lavindor Kingdom or that spaceship thing would be nice again... But better than nothing.

  21. great game made me very hard and horny

  22. aleluya thanks god, how many time i have to wait a game like this (NO DEMO) please we want more wonderfull games they are too much good... Congratulitions games of desire, please hurry up

  23. very hot sex scene

  24. how do you get the the sex keepin up with trying to click all the pop ups is waaaaayyyyyyyy to hard

  25. Game is a little challenging, but there's almost no's just challenge after challenge, and then it's over. It would be better with more positions and less work for sex. After all, I don't know about anyone else but I came here for action, not to click on blue circles -.-

  26. hard to play with only one hand, the other was wanking

  27. Super game! Thanks

  28. The stress-o-meter thing stressed ME more than the elf. This is supposed to be a fucking game, not just some bullshit that you can't focus on because you need to concentrate on a stupid meter. Fail.

  29. tab, enter, repeat fast

  30. amazing game! i like his huge dick so much

  31. this is soooo boring nothing but waves

  32. Damn that felt good,i dont know why but this game turns me on more than porn

  33. Here ya go, Cutie 88 ;)

  34. Was good once it got to the fucking. The beginning was meh especially on a track pad.

  35. this is so fucking stupid. how am i supposed to jack off and play this

  36. free sex online HD porn

  37. nice dick

  38. I want to sex now..

  39. Anybody want to fuck me......

  40. Nice shooter game. I want to fuck xx)

  41. theme music makes it sound like lord of the rings...

  42. Great game just wish there were noises instead of the WoW music.

  43. fucking hot

  44. very good for me

  45. a pretty hot game if u ask me

  46. Sexual feeling

  47. Sexual feeling

  48. what a big green cock !!! love it !!! lol

  49. nice way to slap a bitch!

  50. kinda naughty here ! :D check my profile !

  51. hot elf i would of fucked her better though send me a message girls!

  52. good game ;)

  53. all the best

  54. well gve me a huge hard on and the elf was super hot but the game was to hard so yeah fix that kk guys so yeah let me kow if anyone wants to fuck this cock cuase wen its hard it hard ;P

  55. i am so orny now and drunk :)

  56. It is far the best juicious gmeE.


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