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There is a nice little flash game featured a sexy dark mistress and her adorable jiggly ass. Enjoy.

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Game Size: 4.1 MB

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44 Responses to “Ass Jiggle”

  1. boring and dumb

  2. this game sucks

  3. This is not a game, it's an ANIMATION, which is way harder to do than a game. Also, it's awesome, dumbkoffs

  4. This might be an animation more than a game, but it's still fappable. I'd love to see dat ass bouncing on my cock.

  5. How the fuck is animation harder to do than a game? A game is animation and then some. Dumbass.

  6. fucking game

  7. It was good for one fap, but that's probably all I'll ever spend on it.

  8. Actually, animation is indeed harder to do than a game.

  9. Maleficent is slim she wouldn't have huge disgusting thighs like that and its not much of an animation

  10. i don't like it


  12. "huge disgusting thighs" Youve obviously never banged a dancer before. some of the best sex youll never have. though ill admit Maleficent doesnt pull off being sexy as far as im concerned...

  13. What the fuck is this It's been more than 5 years since I've jerked off to anything on this site.. yet I come back regularly... RIP Sanity

  14. this animation is very very very old this site is sucking

  15. Dumb But That Ass I Want To Fuck That Kind Of Ass

  16. U speak da truth

  17. weird and short

  18. Interesting, I guess.

  19. This game is so old

  20. i like the ass

  21. nice ass, but a boring game/animation

  22. nice game check my profile i want to have some fun :)

  23. Is it bad that I was more interested in the music?

  24. this game SUCKS

  25. nice try, but i expected more

  26. This is a fucking awesome animation fuck you haters dat ass tho

  27. This Game Is Sweet

  28. Keep Up The Good Work And That Ass Nice Yay Yayeeeeee

  29. Ich mak dich schik ein foto

  30. Meh. Any ladies want to make me cum? Call me 1-five five 9 ate won sex OO five 1.

  31. i do more fun than that check my profile :)

  32. that was pretty hot

  33. How name this song?

  34. I sell my soul for that ASS !!!!

  35. ugly ass

  36. mine boobes noi prietena la da


  38. muito chato e rapido

  39. ass that fucking ass i want her to sit on my face and i wanna fuck that fat ass

  40. nice abco

  41. only good part was music

  42. dumb, boring, stupid, useless, and anything bad i can think of. don't even bother.

  43. Is not a game .its a game but i like animation with ass.

  44. this is the hottest thing i've see on here

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