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Today we have a small animation for those of you who like Legend of Zelda game and beastiality theme at the same time.

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71 Responses to “Knotty Saria”



  3. Nobody cares who is first it is not a race. Grow

  4. sucks with better graphics

  5. FIIIIIIIITH also good animation

  6. Next M'n'F demo: News Reporter 2

  7. And an other one stolen

  8. What if it was the other gender , like human male , fuck female dog , or even a lionness

  9. My question is why the dog has a stretched butt hole, or am I the only one who thinks this

  10. they should at least have an option not to make him a dog

  11. oooooold, like, half a decade or so

  12. Oh my fucking god i didn't know who that was until I heard the song....

  13. sadasdfsa

  14. Somebody know the site where u can play all Meet and Fuck games full and free ? It was a russian one but sadly i cant remember :(

  15. I don't care if its a dog or not, that's some of the sexiest moaning I've ever heard on this site

  16. mmm that was really hot

  17. thats hot :3 thumbs up for the moaning making me hot LOL

  18. The site to play Meet and Fuck games full and free was hentai - game . ru ^^

  19. do this in real life, you all should try this to, I have a girl completely naked with nothing on except a leash on her neck, and while she is sucking my dick, I put her ass pressed against my door in my apartment, with a sign above her ass, with the saying "insert finger in asshole", and whoever knocks on the door be it my friend or whoever, I tell them come in, and when they open the door, they are greet with an asshole in front of them and its up to them to follow the command and insert their finger in the girl's asshole, so far everyone has inserted their fingers in my girl's ass for the n...

  20. fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  21. where i can play mnf games full verison !! all games?

  22. mmm thats hot got me all wet my dog does that to me all the time ^^

  23. I need someone to fuck me in the ass like that lol

  24. furry and anal? perfect!

  25. who want some cum up they ass?

  26. has anyone noticed that when they upload a new mnf demo they don't update the site for a few days... bugs me

  27. @Revan I'm more confused by the vanishing knot

  28. im cumming... ;P

  29. I like big humongous ginormous titties any response

  30. oh~please fuck me~~~

  31. oh~please fuck me~~~

  32. oh~please fuck me~~~

  33. what the fuck is up with all of this beastiality SHIT that's been popping up lately

  34. too short but awesome anyway

  35. nice game ;) but ill do more fun check my profile so we can play better

  36. nice tits alyssalovve tattoe

  37. Way to steal this from shadbase dick heads.

  38. MMMM I like fuck ass

  39. Beastiality?KSI APROVED!!!!

  40. hotototot

  41. What music is this?

  42. oh nice game but ill do more fun than that lol check my profile

  43. that's what i like

  44. Saria's Song/Lost Woods Theme (Metal Cover)

  45. Too short but I like these game

  46. I actually cummed while watching this (facepalm)

  47. alright ladies who wants to play

  48. W0w,it is very good. .did y0u guys agreed. .with me. .

  49. what is this?

  50. como me gustan los grititos que da.. mmmmm

  51. You fucking thieves, get your own content, and die in a hole.

  52. Is it sad I wanted to fuck that dog's ass?

  53. very nice

  54. i like sex

  55. very nice game

  56. i need to speak to a girl now

  57. oooooooooohhhh fuck meeeeeeeee


  59. Myformchina

  60. what the fuck...

  61. igfiyresd2rtyg7tre6y]

  62. Mmmmm I love this game

  63. Ha T_nadiaI love what ur doing thare won't a meet up

  64. I like it!!!!!

  65. fdfdfdfdfdf

  66. oh fuck!!!!

  67. oh fuck!!!!

  68. What the fuck?

  69. hell naw

  70. Who knew Saria spoke Japanese?

  71. play with me :D

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