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Many years have passed and Boo isn't a little girl anymore. Present days she is a fucking sexy teen endowed with a hot slender figure and a beautiful smile. Our good old buddy Sulley desperately misses her. Tonight he decides to visit Boo to give her a friendly hug :)

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67 Responses to “Monsters Cum”

  1. first comment

  2. Fingering with the right hand, smelling the left one

  3. Is your right thumb in the right side of your hand then, Saywut?

  4. God, this is awful.

  5. why didn't he fuck her?

  6. would be kinda hot but god that face of Sulley creeps me out

  7. scale of 1 to 5. 1 great 5 bad. IS A 10 FOR F***ING BAD!!!

  8. Jimix Cruz (creator of this movie short). You clearly have way too much time on your hands. This was just stupid.

  9. Decent animation, funny story, but would have liked some more action than just jerking off. Maybe a game of what you can get away with without waking her?

  10. it sucked

  11. Never seen nothing so bad!

  12. THIS SUCKED! I Actually got a derection, the opposite of an erection. That's how bad this shit was! I had a boner before the show, then it went limp the moment it started.

  13. what a waste

  14. Oh god, my childhood just got raped...

  15. dance of the suger plum fairies?

  16. Check out my profile ;)

  17. Hey You you know that Monsters, Inc.was made in 2001 so........

  18. sorry your childhood was ruined way before this came out look at rule34

  19. wait why did he rub his finger on her ass and then smell it

  20. I think its funny that the girl looks like Dora.

  21. That was fucking stupid.

  22. Can't wait for the load

  23. Childhood Ruined

  24. Wtf is this?

  25. OMG! cum is everywhere

  26. I feel ashamed for laughing at this.

  27. just wasted my time and limped my boner.

  28. wow! that is the most horrible animaed

  29. Well my childhood is officially ruined... Sully face was freaking insane looking...

  30. i wanted to see the monster do her in the butt

  31. wtf Sully's face.... It looked liked he had rabies and what the hell was with Elsa she was naked....... my God my childhood is ruined

  32. Coulda been interesting. Sully raping the shit out of an older and sexy Boo. But noo... And the animation... just... wow.

  33. Not even close to being a good parody

  34. This is not a game.

  35. what a stupid piece of crap

  36. we need a film with this girl screwing the ice princess from frozen that she had a picture of on the closet door!! That would be hot! other than that this was terrible!

  37. what happen?It didn't work

  38. "Tonight he decides to visit Boo to give her a friendly hug :)" ...hug?? Is that what you thought that was? You didn't even fucking play it, did you?

  39. this just pissed me off

  40. not much of a game

  41. is many playing this game?????

  42. so funny

  43. Well,There go my childhood

  44. Check out my profile guys ;)

  45. why did he kick her ass

  46. xxxxxxxxxx

  47. Childhood ruined, Childhood ruined, Sorry to sacrifice your sacred cow, Childhood ruined, Childhood ruined, If it wasn't ruined before it's ruined now.

  48. i love furry stuff

  49. nice game :D but we can have more fun if you visit my profile :D ill wait for you

  50. that was stupid but funny. i laughed my ass off, even my dick was laughing at this video

  51. what's your phone

  52. i wish i was boo

  53. i wish i was boo


  55. You've maegand a first class post

  56. Just do me a favor and keep writing such trnechant analyses, OK?

  57. loved the pixar logo

  58. it was great keep it up man!

  59. OMG!!! XD!! I LOVED IT!!! Hahahaha!! Sexy....funny as hell.... especially loved she identified "kitty" by taste.. /:}... But yeah...have to agree with one thing. It lacked something. More action...I wanted to see much more of Boo and was left wanting. So Hmmm.... 4 out of five stars! :3 lol

  60. P.S. .......I honestly loved how you seem to have assraped everyones childhood rawdog without lube. XD!!! That just kinda made me smile... lmao

  61. sulley really creeped me out

  62. Please DON'T let Ruined Childhood hear about this!!! who knows what THIS corruption will do...



  65. WTF no just no... I laughed though

  66. She recognized the taste of the cum....... D;

  67. I would off put it in boo's pussy cum in boo's pussy

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