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Today we gonna talk about personal sexual security. This little sex animation will help you to understand how it really works. There's a new device in action which can prevent your intimate areas from unauthorized penetration :)

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38 Responses to “Rear Guard”

  1. HAhahaha pretty funny, dude

  2. Ummm? I never thought I'd feel like MORE of a perv for liking hentai but seriously? Now I'm a cartoon rapists? This made me laugh and feel dirty at the same time!

  3. what did i just watch ?

  4. this was stuped I din't like it

  5. Haha.. pretty awesome.. thats one way to advert for an anal plug

  6. stolen from

  7. Que caralho mais rapido

  8. wat was dat... pathetic

  9. that was pretty funny really. Though at the very end I almost got turned on during the warranty information hahaha

  10. Funny Video but not a game

  11. Hot video

  12. Lmao!!! This is Fun

  13. Rear Guard! LOL

  14. well funny video! xD

  15. its funny.... but i love to give an ass fuck like that

  16. it so funny we need more like this

  17. Pencil Shrapnel? Really? *lols at the details*

  18. great video

  19. funny :)

  20. laughed so hard supper funny

  21. hahaha pretty funny

  22. what the fuck is this

  23. i like anal toys

  24. nice vid kinda silly though.

  25. i also want a butt plug but not for "safety" :D

  26. wow I very horny

  27. thats really hot... watching it over and over again

  28. the one with the name black-rob u made me cum and i wanna fuck you!!!

  29. that was funny ....I didn't pay near that much for my anal I mean plug um.. I mean rear guard ...and I never thought of it as is more of a substitution

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  31. ram,Are you saying that there were pvsotiie comments on the last two sets from members??? I freely admit that I love Family Guy!!! However I also like The Simpsons, Scooby Doo, The Flintstones, The Jetsons and some Iron Giant. Hey if it is asking too much for you to do Family Guy, then like numerous other members of your paid site, I will cancell and move on. Your art is perfect its just that the subject matter frequently does not meet up to your paid sites members expectations. If indeed Tram you are bored with giving the paid site members what they want and have paid for, perhaps it is time ...

  32. I like a girl who has sex like this

  33. notice that the end video on the left shows the plug getting removed and the screen goes black? yea really protective

  34. I love sex

  35. too ugly shit

  36. How the damn fuck do you fucking assholes crap with that fucking thing on, unlogical fuck piece of crap!

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  38. I wish i could be fucked by harry hard out all naked while i sueckd rons cock and everyone else from hogwarts was sucking my boobs and felling them and touching my ass!!!!!!!!!

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