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Legend of Krystal Another Tail

Porn Games - Legend of Krystal Another Tail - Free to Play

Porn Game - Legend of Krystal Another Tail, picture 1 of 3 Porn Game - Legend of Krystal Another Tail, picture 2 of 3 Porn Game - Legend of Krystal Another Tail, picture 3 of 3

A lot of adult games have been made on the base of Legend of Krystal. This new version of that game is very similar with original one, but has another scenario. Enjoy!

Filed under: Arcade, Furry
Game Size: 1.7 MB

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134 Responses to “Legend of Krystal Another Tail”

  1. boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring

  2. thank you - no numbers

  3. GooD Game ! 1

  4. is this gamereally glitchy or is that just me?

  5. game wont let you leave if you enter the right side of the lake

  6. the same thing applies after the guard with the weapon

  7. get naked close to the guys at the taverns table to get a hot scene

  8. meet'n'fuck new year girls

  9. can't be played due to glitches

  10. dont work shitty game

  11. the point of this game is to walk?

  12. Its damaged

  13. wow games is to glitched

  14. bug game

  15. This game is unfinished, don't released unfinished products, please! I mean this game does have two hot sex scenes, but other than that, it's pretty worthless.

  16. This game feels abit unfinnished ? good game though, all Krystal games are amazing.

  17. What's up with the part to see general scales he's not there and u can't leave and after the lake there's a secret cave it leads to a white screen

  18. best game ever, this is an unfinished game you morons, please finish these games they are AWESOME!!

  19. it can be a really good game... if there isn't bug!

  20. that must be the most glitchy game i've ever played

  21. I think it's better that you fix the game!! There are bugs or glitches!! They take the fun away :( And finish the game!!

  22. Repair bugs!

  23. liked the game, still has a lot of bugs. looking forward to improved/fixed version

  24. whoever is the creator of this stop doing it your games are bad

  25. a really good game but it still needs to be fixed

  26. good game :)

  27. I feel like getting drunk, who's with me?

  28. Already there, Hotness

  29. how can we fuck with Lily

  30. ask the turtle for money untill he gets to 2000

  31. No more uploading of unfinished games please

  32. that was actually pretty hot... I can only imagine what the finished version would be like

  33. Fuck mexicans

  34. theres an another version of this

  35. somebody please replace this with a fixed version!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Where's the other version of this?

  37. how can i get into these dark woods?

  38. is it a beta version or what?

  39. @Hotness i'm with you your boobs driving me crazy

  40. I couldn't do much because of glitches


  42. how to paly

  43. how to get monay fast

  44. bugyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  45. attacklaw ..??

  46. check my profile

  47. can't get out of the lake:(

  48. I wanna play the finished one really badly

  49. If you put on the Princess Peach outfit when talking to the turtle, you get an interesting scene.

  50. i'm really horny now- somebody wanna fuck?


  52. wow, thanks about the princess peach outfit tip, that was hot!!

  53. good asshole fuck

  54. fix it please

  55. what the code

  56. if u walk by the table with teh two guys drinking then u get a hot scene

  57. i am chinese. haha

  58. such a bad game: you can't leave the lake or the village after you enter one of the tents i played the original and it didn't have half as many glitches as this did

  59. this game was okay for a game that ahd to many glitches

  60. awesome game just like the others. i liked that they added more outfits and the ability to change the color of Krystal's fur, nice touch

  61. You dont need the princess suit.. Just click the yellow button! O_O

  62. could be MUCH better


  64. This game is fcking unfinished just a fcking demo!

  65. Filled with bugs. The only thing you can actually do is fuck with Melvin, the tortoise and the two guards at the Inn.

  66. BUG GAME :(

  67. this'll be an awesome game when it's done

  68. go to clitgames there is fullversion with other name just search it

  69. good game :) but lot of bugs

  70. The turtle dude and the tavern girl have sex with you is pretty hot

  71. Krystal is cutie...but it's all.

  72. they're getting there, cant wait till it's finished :3

  73. i really don't like this kind of games....

  74. this game is full of bugs. i keep getting trapped in areas where i can't leave. the animation is good though

  75. check my profile

  76. Not quite the best version i have played, but it has more options. When it is finished it will be amazing.

  77. how to play something wrong with the fucking game

  78. so many bug in it

  79. fucking bugs

  80. fucking bugs

  81. fucking doble post

  82. nice pic:)

  83. hotness u 26 ? or younger

  84. ok so I ACTUALLY did some research on this game. The author isn't the same as the original creation team but from the sound of it on the forums this game is either going to receive another update OR there will be another version to be released at some point and he does this on spare time so expect another one to take a while

  85. anyboy want to fuck a minor?

  86. finish please

  87. finish the god dam game

  88. oh yeah,i want fuck with girl

  89. put the full version 3

  90. fucking hot

  91. ye fuck her good

  92. This SUCKS

  93. is the game going to be finished or updated any time soon?

  94. so crazy

  95. uhhhhhh.... oops! i just orgasm. teehee ;P love this game very sexy!!!!!!!!!! i only give my phone # to guys with big dicks. i promise 100% pleasure! ;) V.I.P only! ;P

  96. rip her pussy apart

  97. i cant do anything and it wont let me move in certain areas

  98. i love walking into the bar naked:)

  99. Fuck hot

  100. great game, lacks storyline

  101. work on finishing the story

  102. How to get in SCALECLAW VILLAGE next red map?

  103. is this game good

  104. wtf i'm stuck and can't get out wtf

  105. Yes, i love sex

  106. its unfinished but its great

  107. the 2 scenes it does have are verrry sexy

  108. when i get to the lake she doesn't go in... what's up???

  109. yo gisselle cum 2 my place &i'll show u

  110. crap, stuck in a bug!

  111. boring~~~~

  112. fuckin' exciting

  113. get meal before sex with melvin and ask for $2000

  114. would be good if it wasn't glitching


  116. I only got one sex scene

  117. they ever going to finish this game

  118. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  119. this game suks...

  120. only good thing in this game was the begining where you can make the lizards just cover her :P

  121. The pictures look new

  122. you will find me on Kabam. i like to play game of desire for 6 hours. and masturbation for 60 minutes

  123. maybe i like to bondage my girl so she no going anywhere when im rest for cooling down befor climax for 10 minutes

  124. AWESOME!!!!

  125. Shame it's not finished cos Krystal is fucking hot! I liked the sex scenes tho

  126. i'm cumming a lot

  127. AWESOME i cumming a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. ps my picture is real

  129. sucks...

  130. cool game

  131. this game sucks when you get in the camp

  132. vaya mierda en el lago cuando sigo pa delante con el traje de sirena me meto en una cueva y se ve azul entero tss

  133. there used to be a way to unlock a three way with the turtal guy krystal and one of the lizard chicks

  134. its still a 3 way with them in it

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