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Inspired by old arcade games Magic Duel Undress is loosely based on My Little Pony's episode "Magic Duel". You take control of Twilight and your objective is to try and push Trixie into a corner by expending your own territory.

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22 Responses to “Magic Duel Undress”

  1. number one this game sucks!!!

  2. Number 2

  3. This game SUCKS

  4. Only play if you just really want to see her naked. Cuz thats all you get. Same image minus clothes. the end.

  5. this game is terrible

  6. kinda lame

  7. Not much of a reward :(

  8. Most of these brony-esque games are just pre-made games, outfitted with A FRIGGIN HORSE. Also, this game was disappointing in the highest degree. Most porn games nowadays are.

  9. the fuck is this shit??

  10. what the fuck .... the fuck is this shit really my little pony what the fuck is wrong with these people

  11. Just a regular arcade styled game with ponies. Decent game though. 3/5

  12. I've always enjoyed this type of game, and any game is better with nudity (even if it is a pony).

  13. it's a good game if there were a sex scen but so the game sucks

  14. this is boring game -.-

  15. my little pony ?! seriously ?! are we supposed to be pedophiles or somethin ?!

  16. very boring

  17. that totally sucked haha

  18. no bonus?

  19. Remembers me the game called "Styx" on Videoway... if I'm not wrong.

  20. I personally like it. Although if you could do more with her when you complete it that would be a better reward. Also you could add to this and have it where you can choose different MLP characters. Its not bad for a first attempt, its just that if you took a little more time to improve upon what's already there you would have an even better game.

  21. nnnjkh/kljbjjnjnv

  22. inb4 Sethisto finds it

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