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Mario is missing again! This is the second time Princess Peach is going to search for the beloved plumber. She is up to cross through the new arcade levels fulfilled with horny sex monsters. While you are taking your journey, you can pick up the gold coins and dress-up bonuses. Enjoy!

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Game Size: 1.1 MB

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77 Responses to “Mario is Missing 2”

  1. Very nice game!

  2. how do you get past wendy koopa?

  3. lame ending

  4. Why did i Cant move? @@

  5. I believe Wendy Koopa is the ending.

  6. She walks without me pressing the button a lot and walks right off the god damn edge of shit... to much climbing for that

  7. Less than eight fucks and kills gets you ending one. More than eight fucks but less than eight kills gets you ending two. More than eight fucks and kills gets you ending three.

  8. firesuite.

  9. I liked the game, but the ending could be better :(

  10. this game makes me horny, but the could be better

  11. needs a better ending, but i like the goomba fuck scenes

  12. Gotta love princess peach she is a love to do all that stuff to her

  13. could've been better :P Ladies check my profile ;)

  14. i cant jump any solutions????????????


  16. awesome game!!! coudn't find mario though :)

  17. the controls are a fucking pain in the ass

  18. i have the same problem with the moving and the jumping, they need to fix the scrypt for the game just a minor patch

  19. The arrow up is for jumping...

  20. This game is really old.... -.-

  21. I like games like this

  22. How do you make game work? I cant move....

  23. i love when she is in da hooker sexy

  24. lol !!! good and hot body !!!

  25. Great game wish it had more scenes but oh well girls check my profile

  26. very hot scenes! great game

  27. Sexy scenes, rather short. When I reset nothing came back, no enemies or coins, oh well, made it east to get the "Angel" ending.

  28. hahahaha......... sent me your massage,i want to you....

  29. haha funny game :)

  30. ending 3 killer whore XD

  31. decent. i hate having to use two hands though

  32. i love the dark version of peach! totally hot and definitely diggin the behind action :x was that anal? ;x

  33. i good game

  34. how do you read your messages?

  35. excellent game! loved the cumshot sound

  36. Starting on a platform w/no info and nowhere to go, nothing but the edges to see, and nothing to do but fall? Srsly?

  37. Someone tell me which button does she walk?

  38. game hasn't worked in a week??????????

  39. Apparently the escape key jumps you straight to the castle... huh.

  40. they need a sandbox mode so i can change the outfits and get fucked by everything in the ass :)

  41. if the controls wont work for u right away click anywhere in the game and they should work

  42. very nice this games :*))

  43. nice the tit-fuck at the end....

  44. Nice the final tit-fuck!

  45. nice the final tit-fuck!

  46. mmm ... i'd love to get fucked like that

  47. how do you get by wendy koopa

  48. i wanna fuck girlZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  49. wich girl wannt fuck with me??? say adress and so..

  50. I cant believe that this game finish so fast!

  51. I can't get the damn controls to work at all.

  52. this game was a horrid peice if shit. 0/5


  54. idk why i cant play it she wot move or any thing some one help me please

  55. wanna fuck all girlz

  56. wanna fuck all girlz

  57. hot game,a little short. hope another "mario is missing" game is developed soon

  58. haha viry nice game and awesome music!

  59. nice game. so is wendy koopa the ending?

  60. it is good game, but is using many time...

  61. nice..:D who wants to have some fun ? check out my profile !

  62. Hot game .. like the bunny costume ...

  63. Wendy Koopa is a ladyboy .... wow

  64. ohhhh im fucking horny now .. check out my profile !

  65. how can u move


  67. je trouve sa bandant

  68. jajaja.... so funny !!!

  69. fuck girlz

  70. like fucking

  71. I want to play it on my iPod but it won't work

  72. there something wrong with this game, there nothing on screen by music and princess standing on no where but a stone floor

  73. moi elle marche dans le vide

  74. nice game , check my profile

  75. funny game haha xD

  76. ladies check my profile

  77. i don't found any monster...

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