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This is a new improved version of popular adult arcade Mario is Missing. Apparently, it's got lots of new features and bonuses. Enjoy!

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116 Responses to “Mario is Missing PUT”

  1. very long load

  2. long load...!

  3. That's what she said.

  4. heheh yes LOOONG Indeed

  5. very very long load

  6. 25% woo! Only 2 more hours to go o.e

  7. it thoke just 3 minutes for me

  8. I can't advance more than level two. Where are the fucking kisses?

  9. Any cheats?

  10. Very2 long Loading Fucking Assholes

  11. loaded in less then 1 minute... i gues my internet is fast :P

  12. Less load ? stop downloading porn ;D

  13. great game, worth the load

  14. quick load...JK sooo fuckin loooong

  15. Legend of krystal forums at creative corner type mario is missing and a better version pops up, also look at corta'splatformer lots of good stuff

  16. Awesome game!

  17. hey girls send hot pics this way!

  18. good game

  19. Wow, that made my panties REALLY wet!

  20. hotlisa is a boy

  21. If you want to play the original, faster version just head over to the LoK Forums.

  22. not bad got me hard. Girls check out my profile.

  23. It took 2 minutes for me to load full so stop download porn. >.< Don't know what to do. Higher lvl i could advance was 2.

  24. i like it :D

  25. Well I think I can tell that this is going to be a good year...

  26. fucking to long

  27. to fucking long

  28. I got a long load for you Alexandra Baby

  29. so how do I fuck ?

  30. much better if i could change my own controls

  31. 19 cm here girls add me

  32. so fucking long

  33. instant loading for me

  34. level5 is broke!

  35. this game is shit

  36. very nice game!!! any cheats?

  37. If you're stuck: best thing to do is save game and load again. Worked for me when it froze...

  38. My game didn't freeze, but it was super slow

  39. very interesting story :P

  40. press down to masturbate lol :P

  41. Anyone did it through world 5? The screen just keeps moving and moving to nowhere.

  42. I wish it would save your progress.

  43. I wish that would save my progress.

  44. so long...

  45. Nathsan has a nice cock

  46. I love this game, it make me all wet

  47. anyone know a better site it loads on?

  48. took me 1 min to load

  49. Good game, but lags a lot but still good could use a fixed version of this though

  50. My cock is 27 inches long.

  51. where's my mario???

  52. Oo Go to Legend of Krystal Forum for more Hi, Ivan Aedler :)

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  55. Would fuck Peach any day! Girls check me out for some better fun ;)

  56. it's a good thing I did not have any trouble with the loading

  57. peach is so mutherfucking hot would fuck her anytime

  58. Error in level 5

  59. that was actually really fun except that it was so laggy

  60. How to jump pls tell me

  61. mmm... lucky peach

  62. daria u got a hot body

  63. HotLisa22 id fuck your brains out 8====>

  64. how to get lv 3??

  65. made my cock hard

  66. very long loading

  67. peach is the best

  68. i would love to fuck peach

  69. nice and hot

  70. doesnt even take that long to load

  71. tell me how to finish level 1 - 2

  72. good game i cum so much (3 times)

  73. babi gila lame

  74. Legend of krystal forums at creative corner type mario is missing and a better version pops up thats why good to ask before posting game here thanks

  75. T o h o p e f u l ly c l a r i f y. T h i s i s n o t t h e m o s t u p d a t e d v e r s i o n. J u s t l o o k f o r M a r i o i s M i s s i n g P U T a b o v e. I f t h e r e a r e q u e s t i o n s o r c o m p l a i n t s s e e w h a t I v a n s a y s.

  76. damn... my pussy is dripping wet...

  77. I like to cum every time Peach does

  78. I like to cum every time Peach does

  79. Makes me want more Legend of Krystal

  80. Glitchy but still great! because Peach allways makes me so horny!!

  81. wow my panties are SOOOO wet so what i did is a jercked off! :)

  82. it is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good

  83. very hot scenes

  84. anyways its like hmm i donno but peach is SOOOOOO hot when she masterbates

  85. muhther fuck

  86. fix the game please cuz i can't see sarasa desert level

  87. How do you beat level 5? of world 1?

  88. made my cock so hard

  89. too long game and a bit hard

  90. i liked the fucking c:

  91. nice game , check my profile

  92. 30 sec load rofl

  93. gets me soooo f*cking hard

  94. fucking nice

  95. are you guys from africa or what the hell is wrong with your crappy internet connections?

  96. fack!!hahaha

  97. press all number keys to enable cheat mode. i dont know what it does though

  98. don't worry guys i can give you the same treatment as the guy in the picture sucking my boobs

  99. Hi larissa

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  102. 1 minute to load .-.

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  104. good game

  105. Quality made flash game.

  106. Love the game! I need someone to be fucking me all the time ;)

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  108. took 30 secs for me idiots

  109. Anyone want mah D?

  110. i have alienware --> instant load

  111. very good

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  113. what is this

  114. verygoodsexy

  115. good night

  116. Press 1+9+0 at the same time to unlock cheats.

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