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Fresh arcade game from creator of Abduction series. Main heroine in this game exactly looks like gorgeous actress Monica Bellucci. Graceful body, long legs, large breasts...Mmmmmm... But today is a bad day for Monica, cuz you play sexual maniac. You should catch up and fuck her every hole!

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230 Responses to “Monika”

  1. Shit not game.

  2. that is so lame:S

  3. Bastard catch Monika

  4. 3 juhhu but this game is shit were is meet 'N' fuck ???

  5. This game sucks. TOO DIFFICULT

  6. k for starters is the point of this game to trip on rocks or get hit with shit flying at u no offence to this flash creater but it has a butt load of problems with it. it seems to be a game someone just threw together not careing what happens a lack of quality and effort

  7. game is lame, but hell of an easy, when u know exploit, when u dodge all her stuff... just psh up button and nold it till the end

  8. There is no way to catch her.

  9. Found a trick to get through it. Just hold the down arrow at the start to avoid her two shoes and handbag (she won't throw anymore after that). From that point on, just hole up the whole way and you should avoid the rocks.

  10. love the fucking part

  11. meet 'n' fuck guys.......

  12. ┏┫  | |  ┣┓  ┏┓ copy and paste ┗┫━━ ┃ ━━┣┛  ┣┫ to every Dick sucker  ┃ ━━━━━ ┃ ┏┳┫┣┳ who wasted  ┗━━┳━┳━━┛ ┃    We are sick of the mother fucking bull shit you cum

  13. Dumb as hell!! And shut the hell up about Meetnfucks!! I like them to, but I aint being a total bitch about it

  14. lol. just hold up and down button all the way and you'll make it without any effort at all

  15. That shit was awesome

  16. Fuckin' stupid as hell.

  17. Need more meet & fuck

  18. so once you caught her what next, is that all there is?

  19. This game S*** big time. I would like more Meet & Fuck game's those are easy to understand

  20. Just press in the same time up and down arrows, hold them to the end of run - you will fly

  21. what yuo meen press up and down that not work

  22. 한국인 여러분 매너있는 댓글을.

  23. Shitty game

  24. putain jeu de merde , on veut meet and fuck c tout donnez nous ce que l'on veut svp se ré cool koi

  25. this sucks

  26. Among the worst games on GoD, EVER!!!

  27. kicks ass

  28. dude where is she getting all those stuff???

  29. asshole?

  30. the more u complain about MNF the more they r gonna put other games on this website

  31. where is she gettin all that stuff?? i can't catch its too hard



  34. hold down/up

  35. just enjoy the games and fuk the ladies

  36. This game is shit!

  37. just dodge the three items she throws, then hold the up key. automatically goes through the rocks.

  38. this game is gay

  39. how hard is it to jump over a rock???

  40. the game sucks need to improve after the chase like taking her to your shack or car and different options of fucking or toys and all that other shit.

  41. this game really sucks!!!

  42. 위로던져지는거 2개 피하시고 ↑게속누르면 끝 쉬운게임.

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  44. there is a fun free adult multiplayer game the link is in my profile ;-)

  45. hey look at my profile for a sweet link, way better than this game


  47. wtf man slow down the shoes and bag, and tune up the jump shiat how do you expect to get to the fucking.

  48. Easy.. but your basic rape fantasy film afterwards, no action, just watching.

  49. you guys are a bunch on dumb asses if you cant catch her after a couple times

  50. this game is shit not good at all

  51. not 2 bad

  52. It's OK, but it's no MILK PLANET..

  53. not so good but I enjoy it... fuck Monica Bellucci, thats a dream

  54. After see throws both shoes and her purse just jump then hold up. You'll slide past all the rocks like your doing a raging demon.

  55. i've found the secret XD press up and down but don't release the buttons ^^

  56. i've found the secret XD press up and down but don't release the buttons ^^

  57. bunch of work for bad ending

  58. fuck shit. not worth the effort

  59. i like games.. but you are all douchebags...its either "more meet n' fuck!!" or "shut up about the meet n' fucks!!" why care? prolly cause most of you are teenagers...

  60. 뛰는사람들커플임? 똑같은발로똑같이움직임 뭥미?..

  61. Am I the only one this game doesn't work for?

  62. Tis was the easiest game ever...

  63. just hold down the up and down arrow keys.. statue flying towards her=) easy peasy wakakaka ;)

  64. it's hard to finish to chase monica .... but after it's a pleasure to imagine her fucked and see underwear ^^

  65. This game is merciless one mistake and you are out.

  66. Very easy...

  67. iF I REALLY COULD GETCHT HER ................

  68. اهلالالالالالالالالا

  69. Where are you meet 'n' fuck

  70. littleXemz at k

  71. just hold the up and down arrow keys for the whole time and you'll dodge every obstacle. Fuckin retards

  72. awesome fuckin gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  74. this guy is shit at jumping

  75. where is from. CarttoonnetWork

  76. Lol, this game sucks, the guy cant even jump and hes shitty at ducking

  77. its an ok game...once u catch her tho the doggy style fucking with the hair pulling is fucking hot!

  78. love the fucking part

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  80. Hate games were you have to rape women, this is sick

  81. it's a really easy and fun game

  82. wow i didnt know this stuff can be so dam lame a total let down

  83. its a little hard to chase her but l like this game

  84. Caught her....... there is a trick to it after u evade the shoes n purse, just hold the up button till the end, u wont touch the rocks if u do this.

  85. WAY to fucking easy, just hold UP and DOWN at the same time all the way to the end LOL!

  86. It shit!

  87. Damn, you guys aren't that smart if you can't figure out this game. Especially, how glitchy it is. You don't even have to time the jump, you can hold up until your over the rock. You can hold up then immediately down when she throws something hand bag and shoe at you, which is only twice.

  88. meet n fuck is the gayest thing ever these days

  89. this is the longest MnF haz taken to come out i can garenty it will be good!

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  91. this game is so easy. just hold the key - up and down.

  92. Too difficult... it's not worth anyone's time


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  95. add me

  96. gie this shit to the ass hole of the maker

  97. These games (Abduction, Inga, Slave Poker, Monika, etc.) are great. Their artwork and perversity are unrivaled in the field of amateur flash erotica. The designers, however, should consider collaborating with a creative anglophone, somebody who could script games that rely less on clunky arcade mechanics and more upon unique plots.

  98. que pelle de juego como estos son pero malos malos malos muy malo malo malo remalo saquen eso que gonorrea de juego

  99. this is bull shit

  100. wht d foolsh gam z ths

  101. what no cumshot??

  102. Another no load game!!!

  103. this game is gay same sounds overlapping

  104. you shold make another meet 'n fuck game,those are beautiful games

  105. i hate these games they fucking suck. MORE MEET N' FUCK!!!

  106. this game just makes me wanna break something!

  107. Got 'er, but I wish I could have done more with her after I caught her

  108. thisgames really shite lol xxx

  109. if u press up and down at the same time u jus glide through the games and get to fuck her at the end

  110. bad i dont have patience

  111. this fuckin game is to hard what the hell

  112. someone get ridd of this game please, it's setup it really bad.

  113. i got all the way to 10 meters to run and i fucked it up

  114. Bad it takes long time to fuck

  115. пиздец какой-то

  116. Once you figure out the controls it's easy as hell. But the fucking part was stuid and sounded shit and looked pretty shit too.

  117. How to win: When You will see target like stone or boots just press arrow and don't let it until You pass them - this is a bug but allow to win easily...

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  120. fuck this game i hate


  122. love everything from rapegames, but my fav is still Inga sex slave

  123. what a piece of shit!!!!

  124. wasnt so bad but could have been better

  125. hold up and down at the same time to complete the game

  126. the best adult game ever made, just check my profile and follow the instruction

  127. what a piece of shit

  128. crap crap crap

  129. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM This is SO not a fresh game.... find a game by the same guy called "Indecent proposal". ITs the SAME exact game!! same positions, same sounds, same everything other than how you get to the point of fucking her... what a piece of lying bullshit dude

  130. 175M SHIT!!!!!!

  131. i prefer inga over this easy

  132. that running and dodging part is bullshit, as if a shoe/handbag/roack could knock out a determined kidnapper

  133. the guy looks like a tank but hes a total pussy!!!


  135. i fucking beat this shit

  136. way too hard

  137. this is easy ill give ou a hint ceep holding down and when she tros all her stuff of you hold up then just wite and ou when to fucking easy

  138. he looks piss when ou lose and i am the one who gave you the hint

  139. Why aren't there any games for women?

  140. It's not that the game is difficult, it's those fucking ad girls popping up all the fucking time, lagging the shit out of the game. get some new fucking advertisements that don't lag your website.

  141. I know how you could beat the game no matter what!!!!

  142. hahaha... i got it...

  143. hold up or dow n its a easy ay to win

  144. dis games sucks

  145. easy way just hold up

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  147. Fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  148. this is a mother fucking game

  149. there are probably a lot of problems with this game, but i know only one problem here so far: SLOW LOADING!

  150. if you guys cant seem to get past the chase dodge till she has nothin left to throw then hold up and you will never hit a rock

  151. Monica Belucci is so freakin hot and this isnt even close!

  152. her's a tip to catch monika after you ducked under her shoes and bag just keep the up arrow pressed down and you will miss all the stones.

  153. amazing how she can throw stuff and still mantain the same siloett

  154. y this gane dosnt load in my comp?

  155. he didn't cum )

  156. THIS SO STUPID!!!

  157. bastard game

  158. funny chase)

  159. if i wanted to rape that bitch a rock or fucking shoe would not stop me

  160. why every game gotta have dikk in it

  161. monica belucci? r u kidding?

  162. pussy fuckin fun!!!!!!!!

  163. I did it yay but the sex scene isn't long enough

  164. if you want sex, call on me : 09 53 83 79 11 Kissss


  166. finally beat this shit

  167. great game

  168. you idioots just dodge tzhe shoes and her bag and then hold the up key and he'll auto jump

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  170. funny chase)

  171. heii t nadia u hav aim can i hav it sexy

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  173. omfg i was at 300 meters

  174. bad game i hated it i mean seriously i want cum we need more mnf games seriously!!!!!!!

  175. lol. just hold up and down button all the way and you'll make it without any effort at all


  177. he did'n even cum=)

  178. This game is fucking retarded. If you dodge it and it hits you in the back of the head,if fucking die. You jump over the rock, you die.Or when she throws a shoe AND jumps over the rock at the same TIME? BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!!

  179. has anyone every caught this bitch?! was the pussy worth it. cuz this is sum shit!

  180. bad game

  181. just keep holding down arrow untill the rocks then u just hold up arrow....

  182. very good site the best i think right click on the game and click play to start the game

  183. all time down then up

  184. a thousand meters to run? hahaha

  185. send me a message if you want to fuck me like that

  186. you SERIOUSLY expect me to believe that if i shoe flies pasts my head im still gonna hit it. this is a PURE load of bullshit somone need to reconfigure this.

  187. You must be some kind of dumbass if it takes you months to catch that girl.

  188. it's impossible to catch it's a bad game

  189. not a good one i would have tosay im dissapointedand hope to see better in the futture

  190. hold up and down, good the whole game

  191. I finally got her.

  192. Bug --> hold up

  193. hold up to win

  194. jjjjjjjjjjjjjj

  195. just hold up the whole time that your running

  196. nyone know whats not allowed to be posted

  197. i got it it fuckin bitchhes

  198. it's difficult

  199. actually its not difficult maybe ur too stupid to play this kind of game!!coz i got catch her....

  200. rape isn't funny..

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  202. total BS i want to slit the bitch's throat

  203. shit game. developed buy a french person

  204. this game sucks i cant play it, i was horny but you can gues now not anymore thanx shitty game!!!

  205. sobeeeeeeeeeeek

  206. just hold the up and down arrow keys at the same time -_- breaks the game and you cant be hurt. Easy as hell. Nice rape scenes ^o^

  207. He cums inside her pussy mmm I need my pussy filled with cum now :( I love a fat monster cock pounding my tight pussy every hour im always horny ;)

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  229. I HAVE BEEN FUCKING TRYING FOR 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  230. OH MY FUCKING GOD I WAS 10 METERS AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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