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This is a trial version of the arcade platformer. Unfortunately, there is just one level to play. Our heroine is a sexy student fighting her way out of the college fulfilled with various lewd robots.

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62 Responses to “Orga Fighter”

  1. yay its so ffffking boring no1

  2. nobody gives a shit about your fucking number, go suck a dick

  3. Number 3

  4. she loook so sexy playing with herself

  5. very nice game

  6. buen juego lastima que sea tan corto y sin nada de dificultad

  7. press X :)

  8. trial...

  9. That was pretty hot. Check out my profile guys, just click my picture

  10. Pretty good game.

  11. full version would you kindly

  12. Boring game if you do it flawless, fail alot and its alot better :P

  13. Bad copy of Angel girl. Worth a shit.

  14. Trial = do not want

  15. Like shinobi girl

  16. C= BOMB D= SuperBOMB

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  18. Not bad. Seen others like it that were done better.

  19. her super bomb makes her look like she is going super saiyan

  20. fuck hotlisa you boobs awesome fuck

  21. @gominola: you have to be stupid as hell if you actually think those gif-animations show you their real face. Those are just faking guys.

  22. she makes me wet

  23. hi katie your very cute

  24. not bad not bad

  25. I'm sexy and i know it

  26. lol hi nick

  27. hi katie i wanna meet you

  28. its not bad

  29. her voice sucks

  30. See? It isn't so hard to find a good game AND FOR FREE, not like M&F shits. These are the kind of games that this page should display. Ah, if you enjoyed this game, you should try demon girl, angel girls and shinoby girl. They share the same style

  31. Not bad, wish it were longer. I dont know about the others, but some of us here are real, check my profile and find out :P

  32. fuck u all lick my pussy bitches

  33. katy,.....u are a dream

  34. i wish i had that robot=)

  35. waoooooooooooooooooooo

  36. verg good!~ ]

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  38. i like those games

  39. I really love it

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  42. i'm just losing on purpose:)

  43. just so so,haha

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  45. give me your email?

  46. very ngood jeu,we lost every ,lol

  47. very ngood jeu,we lost every ,lol

  48. Damn gave me a boner any girls wanna handle it?

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  50. i'm so wet

  51. good game

  52. Lol such a funny game, her squeals made me laff!

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  54. the loser ending is a fuck of a lot better than when you win

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  57. It is better to lose than it is to win!

  58. i just want to download it.

  59. not a bad game, wish they'd finish it

  60. hehe~ wo ye shi zui le! chinese

  61. For orga fighter 2, but ima leave these for google. Dunno if it works on this version: Gallery- itan999, StageSelect- nosame111, HellStage- 1ucifer6, NoDamageMode- hul2lur22ow

  62. Nodamagemode Orga Fighter 2 hu12kur22ou

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