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Everyone knows the classic arcade game called "The Snake". But have you ever tried to play it with a stripper babe on the background. Use keyboard arrows to control the snake.

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51 Responses to “Sexy Snake with Julie”

  1. muie la toti fraierii

  2. good job

  3. i am da f irst baby

  4. i am da f irst baby

  5. lame game

  6. i don't want to win...

  7. nice videos

  8. I hated this game

  9. @t nadia I love you

  10. I hate snakes games

  11. if you didn't understand, nadia is a guy from this site writing all the time how the game is great even if its awful

  12. like videos but lame game

  13. the dam snake crashes into the back of itself at wave 3

  14. Would have been a good game if the bitch didn't look like a crackwhore.

  15. Game's alright, but I just don't find the chick to be attractive.

  16. any reality game?? huz wana fuck??!!

  17. she is not attractive at all...

  18. oh god, this is awful.

  19. terrible terrible damage

  20. game sucks. if girls like to chat with a real guy plz check my profile and e-mail me.

  21. she's ugly... and game is lame...

  22. i can't get past lvl4

  23. nul a chier zero

  24. video quality is nice, but that girl is not good looking, I'm sorry.


  26. that was depressing..

  27. Girls! Online booty dance contest underway. email bootydance at yahoo for more information

  28. they should make a growing cock instead of the snake...the game would be more interesting:)

  29. not so easy...nice model, btw

  30. chick dont got no tits and she ugly!!


  32. She's so not sexy!!

  33. she's so hot!

  34. has anyone finished the game?

  35. shes ugly

  36. Would be better if there were more vids and didnt take so long to get the vids.

  37. shes ugly as hell

  38. oh my eggs

  39. Reminds me of this italian stripper I knew once. Not that great looking but would let me cum in her butt anytime I bought a private dance.....might be the same chick actually. Good times, good times.

  40. way too hard

  41. hillfnger nice ass and great rear cameltoe

  42. Pathetic!!! Hate the bitch!!!

  43. Very! Very! Awe full! Pathetic kind of bitch! Yuck!


  45. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  46. WooHoo, I made it! The game is do-able, I had my doubts. Just be careful on the starts not to go over where you were before and you will see the lovely Julie in all her splendor!

  47. what's this game?? :(

  48. this game sucks... the girl too

  49. she is ugly

  50. dariaolsen is very sexy bitch

  51. i like this horny games..>.< aaahh

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