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This is the simple arcade game with nude girl Sheena. You have to help her gets through the evil woods. Each passed monster will give you the new points. Score 50 to finish the game!

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  16. Remake of another lame game. The point is to escape the only items that make this game interesting??? Reverse the game...make Sheena chase items to get sex rather than have her avoid them.

  17. Oh, and where is the sound?!?

  18. ciao alle ragazze italiane, le migliori :-)

  19. Pretty boring.... Hey ladies someone want to watch hentai pics? or maybe...another thing in cam...

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  22. what should i do if the monsters attack from above and below at the same time?

  23. you just take them sweet becky. i bet you could ;)

  24. where the fuck is meet and fuck these games are fuckin shit

  25. total shitem anyone ever heard of Demon girl? what a fricking rip off

  26. ok. cool it with the meet n fuck. ur that desperate. make ur own. i mean really. there not even that good ;l

  27. atupid shit

  28. This game is a piece of shit doesnt give you any reaction time if you hold down a button for a little bit longer then normal

  29. I've to agree this is a rip of demon girl and snowwhiteguy has a point if your begging for those crappy meet n fuck games make it yourselves and shut the hell up

  30. that was a rather stupid ending...

  31. that was not as good as demon girl and thought it could have been a little better

  32. how can you win? it's so hard

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  36. does anyone have a problem with her butch ass hair?

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  39. any cheats for this game?

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  45. make 50 for sweet ending

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  47. Reminds me of Jungle Girl and Demon girl, woudl be better with sound, but I LOVE tentacles

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  61. Fucked by a plant? To much hentai :)

  62. i dont know why but i like to play this game:)

  63. Well, it would be something if, just like those other games it ripped, you would be "rewarded" for failure by a nice closing animation, but it doesn't even give that...

  64. any cheats for this game?

  65. man, there needs to be a life cheat. i mean its fuckin hot to watch that plant thing pump her full of cum, but then you wanna see the end too.

  66. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!!!

  67. some of this lade is so hot i want to fuck them

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  74. best game i EVER PLAYED please make more of them

  75. good game

  76. it's very best result is 12

  77. when there r tentacles above n below use left

  78. o god i finished the game and she got fucked anyway but majorly

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