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Fresh adult arcade from the creator of Angel Girl and Demon Girl. This time our heroine is a ninja babe who fights against the evil space creatures. Unfortunately this game is not finished yet...but I'm pretty sure you can get some fun playing this stuff :)

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99 Responses to “Shinobi Girl”

  1. kind of liked it not bad not good just right in between

  2. it had to load the loading screen? haha

  3. meh ive had better...

  4. SUOMI!!!

  5. are there more than just the three creatures?

  6. i love to be that green monster. anyone wants to be the ninja girl?

  7. Would have been better with's also too bad you need two hands to play... What do you think Hotness?

  8. number 8

  9. I'd love to be the ninja bouncing up and down on that huge dick

  10. i like to lose on purpose...very hot scenes with green monster

  11. Morons..... demon girl was made by Line Marvel, not this guy. This guy's games are just inspired by Demon Girl.


  13. Good game!! Like it !! High game

  14. Stupid game doesn't work right.

  15. full version please, btw, im numba 15

  16. Looking forward to the whole game. For once, a demo that doesn't disappoint.

  17. one thing the should to make games that are made like this one so that more then one monster can play with her "defenceless" body at the same time, 3 way, 4 way, so on so on and so on. it kept saying my messegage were short so, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


  19. love the anal. great job

  20. agree with the anonym who says the thre and four way, etc.

  21. Can't wait to see the finished version. :)

  22. anyone know if this has an ending? or does it just go on forever?

  23. hell yeah so sexy more of this games!!!

  24. Yeah Iwould love to be the mnster

  25. it will be better than demon or angel girl

  26. Wanna play with me? Wanna Webcamfun? Add me on skype or msn. Skype: everyonewantsme MSN:

  27. nice game

  28. that green monster is good but i wonder what the aim of the game is

  29. I wanna give a blowjob so hard right now

  30. I want a pet like that green snake!!!

  31. this game made me horny

  32. I don't want a snake like that so much, but I'd jump on a monster with a cock like that anytime

  33. @not an idiot its from the same guy just so u know just click the link and u will see

  34. Run girl run....girl so you can avoid those monster that fuck you!......but i want to fuck!....why i run then??

  35. i am the green monster girls. anyone wants to jump on me ?

  36. oh yeah i'd love to

  37. Line Marvel made Jungle Girl and Demon Girl on Newgrounds, but Kooonsoft made this and Angel Girl

  38. and Kooonsoft got the idea from Linemarvel

  39. boring piece of game.

  40. Nice game but unfortunatly are censored

  41. i only play these games so i can get laid by the monsters! too bad there isn't anyone trying to catch me in real life, i'd love to be chased like that

  42. i want to play with that green monster =P

  43. good...made my pussy so wet

  44. i mean it is an ok game. Though I find it hard to play with my dick and play this game at the same time.

  45. I am horny

  46. i liked green mosnter big cock

  47. ^///^ I wouldn't mind being that big green monster...

  48. not bad.

  49. hell yeah guys, pound it!

  50. awesome! waiting for the full version

  51. @anonym its NOT from the same guy click on the link and u truly will find out its not even the same graphics

  52. what is the fucking end of this?

  53. i m also waiting for fv

  54. what is the fucking end of this?

  55. its a trial ppl its not finished yet infact its far from done theres not even a game over

  56. i wanna be the monster- fucking hot. any ladies wanna help my hard cock explode? call me 1-559-309-4016. girls only

  57. this is still a trial for all that need to know and there are two positions for each monster which can be obtained by ducking into them

  58. i have a long snake too^^ who wants to jump on me?

  59. yea i would agree with anonymous about the four way thing as well it would be interesting o and good job on game

  60. asdasdasdasdasd

  61. you arent defensless, press Z to kick, X to make her masturbate and C for the super attack

  62. zzzzz so boring just three creatures

  63. I still like the green guy

  64. i like his huge dick

  65. Nice game, but if any women would be my ninja girl;) ,,tell me

  66. i love the game, but once you've been captured aenough times and then the green monster starts sucking on her tits, its game over because you can't escape

  67. green tentacle*

  68. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  69. looking for big green horny demon

  70. i want a ninja girl!!

  71. fail its tsunade

  72. can they made a similar game, the main character would be like chun-li, kasumi or mai.

  73. i mean it will really rock watching them get fuck by a monster or rapist

  74. i love this game...

  75. Why just three creatures

  76. i wanna get fucked right now

  77. Drop the full version!!!

  78. that green monster is good but i wonder what the aim of the game is

  79. lol when that snake like thing sucks her tits it doesnt stop and the father you go the harder it is to escape dont go to far with it ;D

  80. do you want to fuck me? i wait you

  81. hey check my profile and read it please. then lets have fun

  82. i love these kinda games monsters with big cocks fucking beautiful woman,,,,and the woman doesnt want it

  83. this is most likely a trial version. i'm pretty sure Angel Girl(a prequel) had a trial version too

  84. ate sarap mo nmn pwede pa kiss sa pekpek mo yung maraming buhok ha ^^ iisa isahin ko yan parang noodles sarap

  85. ako pla si balong kya balong name ko ksi long ang aking pag aari sarap no^^

  86. Controls don't work...?

  87. awsome bitch

  88. awsome bitch

  89. she should have a jump kick. Hiya!

  90. what a fucking game it only make me horny!!!damn!!it feels like i wanna fuck .....

  91. this game is GREAT!PERFECT! >.< but ...monters...for me there is little ;//

  92. Hey i feel so horney right now... Wanna see my hot pictures and videos? check out my profile.

  93. Nice game ... I kind of liked

  94. boys contact horny and lets have some fun merenejhones@y.m.

  95. easy and funny

  96. aww if only it was so wet over it anyway

  97. i like it

  98. This and angel girl are pretty much the best flash porn u gonna find. There are a few that are arguably better but not for their porn content.

  99. i enjoy it

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