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This is the first game with Ucogi performing a sexual action. Try your best to aim your cursor into the red spots appearing around game screen while Ucogi is giving you a blowjob :) By the way, there are 7 different endings, but only one is a true ending :)

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119 Responses to “Ucogi - SuckerSuck”

  1. et de deux

  2. haiz all fake game, got more flash game?

  3. this game is fucking frustrating why do people make this kind of shit?

  4. kinda lame

  5. fuck it is so hand

  6. shitty and fucking stupid idea behind it.

  7. Just right click to make the game lag.

  8. So annoying, ladies check my profile for some REAL fun ;)

  9. Way too hard to make it worthwhile. Fine up to the last segment, then it just gets ridiculously hard.

  10. impossible to beat since can't move mouse fast enuf.

  11. beaten the game (in secret hard mode too), but found only 6 of 7 possible endings.

  12. Either my mouse is to goddamn slow. or I set the speed so high it just flies out the game screen. and with the last bit just pretty impossible. fucking fag game

  13. beat it once and not planning to do it again. Too much fu*king work to get all the ending that isnt all that great

  14. Ridiculously hard on a touchpad.

  15. use cheatengine speed hack that's how you make this game easy

  16. blue balls ending and true ending are awesome, very funny.

  17. Ucogi gives shitty blowjobs. Constant speed and pattern, no use of hands, and she somehow forces you to play a weird difficult mouse-moving game. That certainly wouldn't make my dick glow with lightning and cum so hard it probably gave her a concussion.

  18. this game gets stupid hard for the last level

  19. Like in the final round this game will really make you lose your mind...

  20. fuck this lame ass game... isn't there a way to cheat?

  21. fuck this game. is there an easyer way cuz right clicking did not help at all!!!! >:X

  22. jeux de merde allez vous faire enculer

  23. name says it all, creator made this game's final round FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE! i (almost) want to kill the dumbass

  24. yep this game really does suck

  25. i like it !!!! ;)

  26. For those of you who manage to get to the end. Before selecting from the list of options, hover over her face/head - A thought bubble appears and you get to continue the story to the 'real ending'. Down side is that this 'real ending' has two parts/options, so you can select one, but would then have to go through the game again to select the other..... After doing it several times (it does get easier) I don't think its that great lol good luck all.

  27. i cant finish this game >.

  28. The creator of this game didn't finish it yet, it's in testing stages.

  29. also there is a way to get brunnet to suck dick

  30. Please upload fixed version....

  31. The author's website is down!!!!!!!!!

  32. a game ruined by stupid difficulty, please tone it down as there is a HUGE difference between challenge and just plain FRUSTRATING

  33. was it truly necessary to make the buttons fucking move? This game is hard but i have gotten to the final level so i don't want to quit

  34. hi there guys wanna have some fun check my profile

  35. When its dark in the beginning, click to open the window (click on the cord next to it) and NOT the light switch!

  36. What the hell? This game's content is so miniscule and the gameplay is damn frustrating. Bullshit! I'm not even turned on anymore because it's THAT frustrating.

  37. can't get past fucking level 3

  38. Fucking Stupid as Shit

  39. lick it all

  40. ladies check out profile ;)

  41. I HOPE U DIE

  42. easy as taking a shit after taking exlax ;)

  43. just frustrating, dont waste your time on this bullshit

  44. *don't press PLAY unless you are forty eight years old* it was the funniest part of the game =)

  45. Can't get past level 4. Maybe I'll try again later.

  46. This FUCKING GAME IS HARD!!! I was able to beat it twice so far. Shit if I have to work this hard to get a blowjob from this bitch I can only image what she want me to do for sex or anal god. This author needs to really tone it down ALOT! Man, meet and fuck games aren't this hard. I came here for porn not FRUSTRATION!

  47. this games is shit, at last it's not possible to win

  48. Why would you want to do ALL THIS WORK! The whole point about blowjobs is that a guy doesn't have to do anything!

  49. isnt there games like princes peach. this game is fucking dificult

  50. im surprised my laptop cant keep up with this game I dont have a mouse seems fun. But would be much easier if i had mouse and or i didnt shoot a wad on my laptop curser.

  51. kinda of same thing i think about when i titty fuck a girl does she get any pleasure out of it?????

  52. Too hard for the prize! not worth playing!!!


  54. This is so frustratingly hard why do people make shit that is so difficult you cant enjoy the hentai aspect of the game isn't the whole point of making these things?

  55. I didn't really find this game very difficult. It was an amazing game! I would really love to role play this with someone! That would be an awesome blowjob!

  56. imposible using laptop keyboard

  57. I actually enjoyed this game and do hope you continue to make more of these. Cheers! (:

  58. i like it and you can beat it


  60. What is a good freeware program to view everything with?

  61. For those having trouble beating the last level, and who are using Linux, you can use some scripts to beat it automatically. Just use my username to find the right Pastebin.

  62. Why are games like this made? You cant even fap at the same time

  63. Stupid game. Stupid author (Victor) Last stange is impassable

  64. alright i give up this is too hard

  65. hey^^ just start the game a few times to slow down. It should be much easier then :P

  66. En la ultima parte del juego, no tienes que seguir el camino que va dejando el punto, tienes que evitar el rastro que deja el punto y lleva una velocidad normal

  67. oh no! it's impossible

  68. I WIN!!!!!

  69. Eu ganhei PORAAAAAAA

  70. Terrible game, creator is a moron.

  71. Pull the curtain string while it's still dark for the Secret Hard Mode which is actually a bit easier than the normal mode.

  72. Yay I just beat this game on hard mode. It is slightly easier than normal mode and the reward is slightly better. But still a bad game for making me go through hell just for a bj. Oh well life moves on.

  73. well i finished the game it was fucking impossible but not. there are 7 different ending..

  74. is this really so hard to concentrate when a girl is sucking ur dick?

  75. fucking boring

  76. Why the hell a hentai game should be this difficult -.-", make an easier version!

  77. this game is fucking retarded as shit

  78. wish someone could suck my 20cm dick too :D

  79. Click on the damn window before you flip the light switch, makes the game retarded easy plus you unlock gallery mode.

  80. right click will make the game lagg =) (easy mode) only find 5 end :'(

  81. hi im eliz....i like this games ^_^

  82. by niggers for niggers

  83. love how the mouse can go right by with out being detected, creator is a faggot.

  84. see name

  85. good but too hard GRRRR

  86. New easier version on site. I actually finished it. Seven different endings it says.

  87. that was stupid hard. Looked good, but couldn't focus on that with the moving point destinations

  88. Is it that hard for you? I cleared this game like 20 times already hahaha, just learn how to move a mouse properly

  89. nice blowjob. i like sucking

  90. Four endings the regular way, then the hidden window bit gives you one ending with an animated gallery at the end. Anyone find the other two? And the version on the official website just got updated again, so its even easier than before.

  91. The last two endings are accessible if you click Ucogi's face instead of the four questions when playing the game in Normal Mode.

  92. crazy game, don't play nothing good for interest won by auto mouse

  93. how the fuck do you use hard mode once you win the game???

  94. this is not difficult activity! It is only blowjob it is older than dirt what is he doing that he keeps failing????

  95. wtf?! This game sucks, I don't mind having a challenging game but seriously? This is a porn game... I want to masterbate not try so fucking hard to do so.

  96. free-porn23.tk ONLINE FREE PORN

  97. this game sucked :)

  98. one of the most stupid games ever

  99. This game is fucking annoying the reaction and mouse speed required are too high for something supposed to be fun

  100. To hard, and therefore a waste of time.

  101. jesus H christ I nearly threw my mouse. Go to his website, he seems to have made it "easier" I at least finally passed the last level

  102. I like blowjobs very much!

  103. the points are to fast,girls look at my profile

  104. hard to win, but its fun

  105. explain who to get to all the endings plz

  106. ohhhh im fucking horny now .. check out my profile !

  107. took me ten mins to get all seven endings that took way to long

  108. This is by far the stupidest game i ever played Guy who made this is a retard

  109. fuck this pos

  110. fuck this pos who ever made this needs to be slaped

  111. to help you if you click the right button of your mouse you stop the game and you can place you mouse on the next step :) enjoy

  112. If you can beat it record it for others

  113. please i fuck you

  114. Good lord! i beated it in extreme mode. it has to be the most imposible thing i have done in a veery long time.

  115. Well very orginal, but hard to keep up with it indeed can cause frustration, exept if ya got a quick hand and a speedy brain reaction chanel

  116. Pro tip: hold control and and scroll to make the game small as fuck. easy peasy from there.

  117. nice game , check my profile

  118. How do you access the Ucogi website secret page?

  119. fuck you bad game who makeing i want to kill him fuck you are pro !!!!!!!!!!!!! very hand i kill you i want to kill !!!

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