Who will fuck Jessica Rabbit?

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In this little game you should help rabbit Roger to fuck his sexy girlfriend Jessica. Your goal is to jump over the river and land between the long legs of beautiful Jessica. Every new level we get some feature. It would be very difficult to beat that game :)

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104 Responses to “Who will fuck Jessica Rabbit?”

  1. not really intressting

  2. no numbers theres a fucking change

  3. this game blows strength bar max jump at last minute and still dont get to the other side

  4. hellow i'm from Korea

  5. i guess only the mnf crowd can count

  6. I fuck number

  7. OMFG just what i was lookin for

  8. Make a meet n fuck jessica rabbit the slim sxy bitch

  9. eqrwfvf sd sdfg asd sa

  10. FYI you gotta hold space when running to jump further. game is bad nonetheless.

  11. number 11 lol

  12. that was too easy

  13. funny :P

  14. I beat the game!!

  15. it won't load

  16. it sucks

  17. Ahhh Cmon! you get nothin' for winning????

  18. shit..........this game sucks..............

  19. Beaten the game!!!!

  20. you fucking shitheads didn't give it a chance, and also FUCK MEET N FUCK you beatmeaters

  21. And you don't get anything for winning?!

  22. too easy

  23. Chicken feed...1..2...3...

  24. it wont fuckin load!!!!!!

  25. atleast they made a jessica rabbit game and shit!

  26. oh my pussy is bripping durring this whole game

  27. Maybe you should get that "bripping durring" checked out, it sounds painful.

  28. mannn i anit gonna pay for porn... fuck this demo

  29. i'd fuck jessica rabbit but this game needs serious improvement make a movie out of it or something

  30. The person that made this should just die.

  31. the power bar is gray. it's the opposite of what's expected in terms of color

  32. very difficult)


  34. fuck, no reward at all after beating this game?!?

  35. only mercenary babes in here? bored girls check me out...

  36. biggest shit ever, should be much easier and more poses

  37. buenasoooooooooooooo

  38. I fucking won. omfg. I won. and you get NOTHING at the end/ FUCKING GAY!

  39. Not that hard once you get used to it.

  40. I beat this game nice n easy bitches!

  41. peice of crap

  42. funny game

  43. this is fucking bad

  44. lol beat game too easily

  45. he's masturbating while playing this games and more

  46. Crazy... It took me 10 tries to get her hahaha!

  47. this is the stupidest game i have ever seen. it seems to not matter at all where you are on the velocity bar he always just jumps in the water and dies.

  48. don't forget to press SPACE before water=)

  49. hi catch me up in my profile ........

  50. is there a jessica rabbit meat n' fuck

  51. Velocity is reversed. The black line is what you use for strength, not the multicolored one like you'd think.

  52. hey willma baby i wouldlove to decorate your body

  53. Beat it. You guys aren't much of gamers if you can't.

  54. the max of the strenhgt bar is on the left, not on the ride site

  55. i like this game

  56. with sound it would be much better

  57. This game is slooooooooooooow!

  58. im bored,, you will see my addy on my profile,, add me and lets have some fun..

  59. i will want too sexy games


  61. fucking funny bunny)))

  62. view my profile and add me

  63. Ahhh Cmon! you get nothin' for winning????

  64. Fuck I have beaten this game, and I win nothing. Goddamnit.

  65. fk thm up

  66. this is for MORONS

  67. hi catch me up in my profile with a plesure...

  68. Hellow i'm the chile (: me encanto este juego es muy caliente y nada me dan ganas de masturbarme para darme plaser...

  69. rabbits are the best fuckers;)

  70. i dont understand y i miss

  71. do you want tomeet her then go gambling street in malaysia

  72. the firsl level was the hardest

  73. c est cool... venez sur mon profil les filles!

  74. this is a seriously goofy game

  75. stupid bitch always close her legs when im abt to get in >_

  76. acrobatic fuck)))


  78. i luv it's so fuckin good

  79. i luv sex i's so fuckin beautiful

  80. I'd give it a chance if the spacebar was fucking responsive for this, but it isn't, so I won't.

  81. too easy

  82. any girls want 2 trade pics or tlk txt me (219)381-1612. im 17y/o m

  83. how didn't he broke his dick?

  84. lol this game rocks my socks!!!

  85. i wanna suck a hard dick

  86. and i want you to stick it in my wet pussy

  87. difficult game...........oh fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. it was hard...but funny

  89. you have to get the gray bar up to jump

  90. funny but hard

  91. I beat it!

  92. number 1

  93. I really didn't find that the game was worth beating. I've beat all five levels and all I got was a message saying "Congratulations, you beat the game." After beating level one, you pretty much see all the action there is to see. There's better games than this to play.

  94. great i beat it... now what...

  95. let's fuck like bunnies:)


  97. I finished the game.

  98. the game is f#cking hard,but so funny!

  99. kinda sucked mostly cuz of that fucking bird tho

  100. i fucking love sex who eals dose

  101. The game description sounded better than what it was. It's quite humorous but a bit hard to do, meh!

  102. Jag har hela tiden av Lich King.

  103. I won, yeah~ Congratulation ! You won this game!

  104. wow jessica rabbit you are porn woman with sexy boobs and cute ass i have sex dream all about you

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